Caroline Konstnar is the Funniest Person on YouTube

caroline konstnar

Who is Caroline Konstnar? Caroline Konstnar is a teenager on YouTube who does post-ironic standup and sketch (?) comedy and is also an award winning ballerina for some reason. She’s got a natural talent for wit, irony, sarcasm and deadpan delivery that I’ve rarely seen in professional comedians, let alone precocious teens on YouTube.

Not only that, she’s got a soft spot for nihilism, cults and obscuring the lines between what is serious, what’s too over-the-top to be serious, and what’s sincere but delivered as too over-the-top to be serious. As a result, she has this ability to deliver comedy with layer upon layer of irony and sarcasm that has you asking yourself if she’s making fun of megalomania, or if she really is a megalomaniac… or is she?

This type of humor is also very similar to my own natural sense of humor, which has definitely gotten me in trouble, especially when you say something absurd and that’s the joke, but people don’t grasp it and think you’re being totally serious. I feel your pain, Caroline.

Somewhat bizarrely, she’s also an accomplished and award winning dancer.

She is very young, which is quite obvious from watching her videos. She has this very evolved, cutting wit that makes her formidable and makes it easy to forget she’s like 10 years old or something, but fairly often she does or says something that makes you remember that behind all the layers of irony there’s a teenager there who still hasn’t quite figured things out and hasn’t accrued that life experience that really gives a person a sense of wisdom and maturity. She has a bit of meanspiritedness which I sort of hope she grows out of, or at least… learns how to apply judiciously instead of indiscriminately.

That said, in terms of natural talent, when I stack her performances, her approach and her natural talent up against heavy hitters in comedy, like Taylor Tomlinson, Dave Chappelle, and Louis CK, she measures up pretty well, despite lacking their experience, which speaks volumes to her potential.

Influence-wise, I see a lot of Sarah Silverman and Dave Attell influence, but I think she’s better than both of those comedians, albeit not as experienced.

I love her low budget style, I love her layers of irony and her deadpan delivery, I love her shtick that masks self-deprecation behind megalomania and megalomania behind self-deprecation.

I do not like Caroline Konstnar’s current haircut.

But I do like Caroline Konstnar.

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