Trials of Mana Remake: All Details for New Game Plus

trials of mana

If you’re playing Trials of Mana Remake, you might be wondering what carries over in New Game Plus. This article will tell you everything you need to know about New Game Plus in Trials of Mana Remake so can plan not only your first party, but your parties for subsequent playthroughs of the game.

Here are the things that carry over in New Game Plus in Trials of Mana:

  • Your Lucre (Money)
  • Your inventory, including weapons, armors and all items
  • Your chain skills
  • Any class change items you’ve acquired
  • All levels for characters you had in your party
  • All Map Exploration
  • Li’l Cactus Sightings

In addition to that, you unlock a number of chain skills depending on which characters you completed the game with:

  • Love of Mana: 300% Increased EXP
  • Spirit Bond: Duran Chain Ability – Base defense increased by 50
  • Passion Bond: Angela Chain Ability – Base magic attack increased by 50
  • Faith Bond: Riesz Chain Ability – Base HP increased by 200
  • Fellow Bond: Hawkeye Chain Ability – Base luck increased by 50
  • Instinct Bond: Kevin Chain Ability – Base attack increased by 50
  • Sincere Bond: Charlotte Chain Ability – Base magic defense increased by 50

Keep in mind that you keep all of your chain abilities, including Obsidian Power (nothing costs any mana), if you managed to defeat the Black Rabite on your first playthrough. This makes Angela, and to a lesser extent, Hawkeye, extremely powerful on subsequent playthroughs. Secondly, the Love of Mana chain ability is absolutely bonkers, so if you play using whichever 3 characters you didn’t select on your first playthrough, you can expect to reach level 40+ by the time you reach the first mana crystal in Gusthall.

You do not keep your key items, your 4th class change items, or your costumes.

You cannot equip endgame equipment that carries over until you class change into the appropriate class.

That about does it for what carries over in New Game Plus in Trials of Mana Remake. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more Trials of Mana Remake content.

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