Why YOU Should Watch Good Mythical Morning

good mythical morning

Good Mythical Morning is YouTube’s answer to TV’s pervasive morning shows like Good Morning America, hosted expertly by Rhett, a man who is slowly turning into a human/lion hybrid, and Link, who is clearly an escaped clone of Dana Carvey.

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Instead of discussing softball fluff piece news or giving Corey Feldman an opportunity to viciously self-immolate on live television, Rhett and Link do the most wholesome and valuable thing a YouTube morning show could possibly do: have 40 year old men play homemade games that center around fast food products and snacks.

In addition to its two charismatic odd couple hosts are a small rogue’s gallery of supporting characters.

First, there’s the disembodied voice who announces all the game information, Stevie, who it turns out is a very, very attractive skater-chic strawberry blonde redhead named Stevie.

good mythical morning stevie

There’s also Chase, a somewhat effete man who is their Vanna White, and who seems to be Rhett and Link’s prisoner that they threaten to throw darts at every once in a while.

good mythical morning chase

Finally, there’s Josh, the chef who whips up all the inventive snacks that Rhett and Link use in their games.

good mythical morning josh

Speaking of games, Good Mythical Morning features a number of recurring segments. As I mentioned, most of these involve snacks. Some of my favorites include March Madness style snack review competitions, blind taste tests comparing similar fast food items from different locations, and a game where they attempt to discern what country a particular international fast food item originated from.

Good Mythical Morning as a whole has a sort of slacker charisma. An engineered, highly produced underproduction. Since that’s a bit of a word salad, let me explain what I mean. They have inventive animated graphics, a significant staff, a chef, a music department and a set, but it intentionally feels thrown together last minute, which gives the show a lot of character.

The real star of the show is Rhett and Link’s ability to host. Both of them are expressive and charismatic in their own way, but together they combine a wholesome, best friends vibe, with an entertaining odd couple dynamic that serves the show well. Not just anyone could turn trying 5 different snacks into a successful show with millions of viewers; that the show is so popular is a testament to Rhett and Link’s innate charisma.

Rhett embodies the fun-loving, B-type, easygoing crazy/lazy uncle stereotype, whereas Link embodies the buttoned-up, particular and picky A-type stereotype. Together they create a hosting dynamic that leaves other such famous duos like Regis & Kelly/other boomer favorites in the dust.

At 1.6 million average daily viewers, Good Mythical Morning gives most corporate daytime live shows a run for their money. If you’re not already a mythical beast (which is what they call their audience, I’m not sure why), you’re really missing out.

If you’re looking for something new to binge during quarantine, how ’bout 10 years of backlog of episodes of Good Mythical Morning? You could certainly do worse.

My personal favorite segment of Good Mythical Morning is the March Madness style snack review competition, so you could start there. The international food tasting is another great place to start. Of course, you couldn’t go wrong with the blind food tastings either.

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