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Symbols of Spiritual Nihilism

When we’re talking about Spiritual Nihilism, one of the things we discuss with regards to religion in the nihilistic framework is how every religion or major philosophy humans have adopted or popularized contains a series […]

ryan night
Philosophy & Spirituality

Digital Nihilism – Breaking Reality

Starting in the late 20th century, we began to see the popularization of discussion among philosophers of simulation theory, spurred on by advancements in technology that informed pop culture. This, the idea that we’re within […]

alan watts quotes
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Top 5 Most Important Alan Watts Quotes

These are the top 5 most insightful, beautiful, thought-provoking and elegantly stated Alan Watts quotes. Alan Watts was a theologian who studied Zen Buddhism extensively and melded it, along with psychedelic insight, with traditional Christianity. […]