Andromeda began as Amanda Ray, the illegitimate child of the mistress to the powerful CEO of an international corporation. The mixed race daughter of a white mother and a Japanese father, she was raised with financial support from a father she never met but for his company’s name on the header of the checks delivered to her mother. She grew up in relative isolation, reading every day, and she became enthralled by the romance and optimism of outer space. As she grew older, she excelled in school and was able to achieve advanced degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Physics, eventually becoming the director of a project to develop a new interstellar engine. Unbeknownst to her, Andromeda had been an early experiment of both genetic engineering and symbiotic AI. Upon the completion of the interstellar engine, the AI in her head interfaced with it and merged with her programming, augmenting her with the abilities of space manipulation present in the drive.

Abilities: Controlling the Fabric of Space, Creating Black Holes, Manipulating Gravity