William Harper was a veteran of the second Iran-Afghan War in the mid 2030s. Serving his country as an Apache helicopter pilot, he was honorably discharged after developing PTSD and severe nightmares from seeing his entire unit die in an ambush. During his time in the war, his wife cheated on him and took the kids — he returned to his life in Montana and the Dakotas with nothing. Unemployed and unemployable, no family, only the bitter torments of the past keeping him awake at night. Fighting against his mental agony, he lost himself in substance abuse, until he found himself taken in by Cheyenne Shamans keeping their traditions alive in an isolated part of North Dakota. Eventually finding peace and self-acceptance of his animalistic instincts, he began to become able to control them and access the adrenaline and the inner beast inside him that had previously been released in times of immeasurable stress.

Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Eyesight, Reflexes, Able to Assume Wildlife Traits