Rhys was a young man with an average life, beset at all times with self-criticism for his inability to achieve his ambitions. Unknown to Rhys, he had immense telekinetic power and as his situation in life deteriorated, the desperation began to allow his power to manifest. As the power manifested, he found that suddenly his luck began to change — women who ignored him now found an interest in him; people who dismissed him suddenly kowtowed to his authority; and as a result, he had no reason to come to terms with the personal troubles that had held him back or recognize the gratitude and love he felt for the people who supported him before he was special. Rhys was split between two visions of his own identity: an honest, honorable and sensitive man who failed, and a powerful psychic ruled by youthful ego, beloved by the world. His telekinetics advanced to the point where he could manipulate individual cells and control latent energy in the environment.

Abilities: Telekinesis, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Heat Manipulation