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Octopath Traveler – How to Unlock the Secret Classes

There are 4 secret classes to unlock in Octopath Traveler. If you’re playing Octopath Traveler, you’re probably well acquainted with the 8 classes associated with each of the main characters, but there are also 4 additional secret classes: Runelord, Warmaster, Sorcerer, and Starseer. All of these classes are unlocked late game, typically after completing the Chapter 4 for at least a character or two.

So how do you unlock the 4 secret classes in Octopath Traveler, and are they any good? Read on to find out.


Sorcerer is almost assuredly the first of Octopath Traveler’s 4 secret classes that you’re going to unlock, because the boss fight is the easiest. Luckily for you, once you unlock Sorcerer, the game gets infinitely easier, because Sorcerers are experts at clearing trash mobs in one turn.

In order to unlock Sorcerer, you need to go to the Shrine of the Archmagus, which is in the Northwest region in the area East Duskbarrow Trail. There’s a little path to the North along the trail, and you’ll find the Sorcerer dungeon along that path.

Once you reach the boss, the way to punch above your weight and easily win the fight is to have Ophilia with the Dancer subclass, and have Ophelia use the Dancer Divine skill to allow her to all-target buffs. Then, use the Priest’s Reflective Veil skill on your whole party, fully boosted as much as possible. This reflects the boss’s spells back on him, which not only deals a ton of damage (~12-14k per action), but also can potentially break him.

Once you have Sorcerer, not only have you unlocked one of the most powerful classes in the game (it completely overshadows the Scholar class), you’ve unlocked the best possible class for grinding monsters, so get ready to go farm those optional dungeons because now you can plow through them.


The next advanced job you’re going to want to pick up is Runelord. The Shrine of the Runemaster is located just outside Everhold in a fairly easy to find location to the East.

The boss of this dungeon is significantly harder than the boss of the Sorcerer dungeon. The main reason being that he can apply sleep and unconsciousness to your whole party, which almost always spells instant death. You’re going to want either Resist Ailments on your main healer or, barring that, accessories that prevent sleep and unconsciousness to prevent them from getting taken out of the fight.

Beyond that, Balogar is not particularly hard, although he does hit hard and is capable of hitting in an AoE as his health depletes. If you’re got a party that’s been working for him, you should be able to take him out. Once you do, slap that Runelord class on Tressa right away, because she gets pretty wacky with it.


You’ll want to save Warmaster for after you obtain the Runelord class and, hopefully, put in on Tressa.

The Warmaster dungeon is located just outside of Riverdale. The area just outside of Riverdale is pretty small, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating the dungeon.

The Warmaster boss is probably the most difficult of the 4 bosses that unlock Octopath Traveler’s secret classes. Not only are her physical attacks insanely powerful, she can multi-hit, target all, inflict a ton of different statuses and, as her HP depletes, get more and more turns per round. At a certain point she’ll be getting 6+ turns a round.

There are a couple things you can do to make her less of a threat. First, bring Runelord Tressa. That’s the main one. Tressa is important specifically because you can combine the Rune Transfer skill of the Runelord class with the Merchant’s Sidestep skill, which gives a guaranteed chance to dodge a physical attack.

Next, bringing a Dancer (I like Ophilia as a Cleric/Dancer), who can Mole Dancer your party. Runelord Tressa can buff your party’s defense as well, so that’s not entirely necessary, but Tressa’s going to have her hands full Sidestepping and pumping out big number damage with ice rune follow-ups, so you might want to take that off her plate.

Finally, you want debuffs. A Thief can apply Shackle Foe, reducing physical attack. A Hunter can apply Leghold Trap, making the boss act last, and if you have the Battle-Tested Spear, it has a chance to apply blind, which is immensely valuable in this fight. I would suggest Therion subclass Hunter and Olberic with whatever as your remaining party members for this fight, or you could do Therion/Dancer, Tressa/Runelord, any healer and any Warrior. You should be able to make it through.

Once you do, you’ll unlock Warmaster, which is a powerful physically oriented class.


The last class is Starseer, which is located just outside Wispermill. Just leave the town and hug the North wall of the area heading West and you’ll get into the dungeon.

This battle is not particularly hard, especially in comparison to the Warmaster battle. You can employ the same strategy that you used for the Sorcerer fight: full party reflective veils. You shouldn’t have too much trouble, especially since you have Sorcerer and Tressa Runelord by now, pumping out ridiculous damage numbers. The Starseer boss doesn’t have a lot of HP and should go down relatively quick.

After you’ve beaten her, you’ll unlock the Starseer class which, as far as secret classes in Octopath Traveler go, is probably the most underwhelming of the bunch. It’s a dedicated support role class that offers some nice options (full party regen, increased BP) but like… eh. That’s just not incredibly exciting.

That about does it for unlocking the 4 secret classes in Octopath Traveler. Once you’ve unlocked them, you’re going to want to know which character should use each of the classes. I’ve got you covered for that with my advanced subclass guide.

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