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Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Skills & Best Build

This Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Build Guide will teach you which skills are worth keeping on Yosuke and which you should forget in Persona 4 Golden.

If you’re playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you’re going to want to know which of Yosuke’s skills are worthwhile and which ones you can feel comfortable forgetting. You’re only allowed to keep 8 skills on any given character, so you’ll want to know which Persona 4 Golden Yosuke skills are really worthwhile.

This Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Build guide will teach you just that. It will also list all the possible skills the Yosuke is capable of learning so you have everything you need in order to customize it to your own liking.

Persona 4 Golden Character Build Guides

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The Build – Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Skills

By the end of the game, the build you’re going to most likely want on Yosuke, out of all his normal leveling skills, his available social link skills and his optional bike skills, is this:

MagarudyneWind Boost
Youthful WindWind Amp
Brave BladeEvade Elec

The only other skill that Yosuke learns which might be worth a spot is Auto-Sukukaja. If you want to use that, you could always dump Garudyne or Magarudyne (depending on which one you find to be more useful). Alternatively, you could dump Wind Boost if you plan on using the Shinatobe Vow (+50% Wind Damage) accessory.

Leveling Skills – Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Skills

Here are the skills that Yosuke learns as he levels up:

NameLevel LearnedDescription
GaruDefaultMinor wind damage to one enemy
BashDefaultMinor physical damage to one enemy
DiaDefaultMinor healing to one ally
Sukukaja5Increases Accuracy/Evasion for one ally
Makajam10Silences one enemy
Magaru18Minor wind damage to all enemies
Tentarafoo23Inflicts Panic on all enemies
Garula29Medium wind damage to one enemy
Power Slash34Medium physical damage to one enemy
Magarula40Medium wind damage to all enemies
Wind Boost44+25% Wind Damage
Wind Break49Reduces wind resistance for one enemy
Garudyne53Heavy wind damage to one enemy
Masukukaja60Accuracy/Evasion increased for all allies
Magarudyne64Heavy wind damage to all enemies
Brave Blade69Heavy physical damage to one enemy
Wind Amp73+50% Wind Damage

Social Link Skills – Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Skills

These are the skills that Yosuke can learn as he increases his social link (Magician).

NameSocial Link RankDescription
Trafuri2Instantly escapes from battle
Dekaja4Removes all enemy stat boosts
Auto-Sukukaja6Begins battles with an Accuracy/Evasion bonus
Diarama8Medium healing to one ally
Evade Elec10Triple evasion chance against electric attacks

Bike Skills – Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Skills

These are the Bike Skills available to Yosuke in Persona 4 Golden. For more information on Bike Skills, check the Persona 4 Golden Bike Skills Guide.

NameBike RidesDescription
Confuse Up1Increases chance of inflicting Panic
Megido2Minor almighty damage to all enemies
Green Wall3Increases wind resistance for one ally
Makara Break4Dispels Makarakarn from all enemies
Diarahan5Fully heals one ally

For Yosuke, these skills are mostly not useful, so there’s no real reason to take him on bike rides. You could make an argument that Diarahan has some value, but it’s definitely not worth wasting 5 afternoons to get, especially when Youthful Wind is so undeniably such a better skill overall.

Unique Skill – Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Skills

Each character’s unique skill is earned when they receive their 3rd Tier Persona. This happens in January when you spend an afternoon hanging out with a party member that has already achieved its 2nd Tier Persona by reaching their level 10 Social Link.

Yosuke’s unique skill is Youthful Wind, which heals all allies for a medium amount of health and also increases Accuracy/Evasion for the whole party. In effect, it’s Mediarama + Masukukaja.

That about covers it when it comes to the Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Build Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section and the Main Page for more game guides, and click here for more content related to Persona 4 Golden.


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