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Best Class Combo in Trials of Mana

Talking about the best, most broken Trials of Mana classes combo. Trials of Mana is the new Secret of Mana game that’s coming out next year, but actually it came out in the 90s on […]

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Review: Pokemon Sword and Shield

I’m thankfully done with that pokemon game. I just… had to finish it because I started it. There’s something about the problem solving involved with composing a team and then collecting it that I find […]

pokemon sword and shield starter evolutions leaks Best Starter in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Best Starter in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In Pokemon Sword and Shield you have the typical choice between three different pokemon to start your adventure with. Your choice is between the energetic Scorbunny, the sensitive Sobble, and… Grookey, which is a green […]

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Game Review – Legrand Legacy

I was excited to play Legrand Legacy, the debut game of an Indonesian studio called Semisoft Studios. I was excited because this game rings back to the PS1 era of jRPGs like Legend of Dragoon, […]

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Final Fantasy 15 Is Not a Good jRPG

Now that I’ve had some free time, I’ve finally dusted off Final Fantasy 15 and given it a fair shake. It’s not very good. As Conan O’Brien laid out when he first reviewed the game […]