moonlighter Game Review - Moonlighter

Game Review – Moonlighter

Moonlighter is an indie roguelike created by Digital Sun, released earlier this week. The conceit of the game is that your character, Will, runs a shop in a town reminiscent of the Harvest Moon franchise, […]

stories2 Game Review - Stories, Path of Destinies

Game Review – Stories, Path of Destinies

Stories, Path of Destinies is a delightful indie aRPG from Spearhead Games with a choose-your-own-adventure narrative structure that came out in 2016. I went to go pick up Spearhead’s newest game, Omensight, when I noticed […]

Legrand Legacy Banner Game Review - Legrand Legacy

Game Review – Legrand Legacy

I was excited to play Legrand Legacy, the debut game of an Indonesian studio called Semisoft Studios. I was excited because this game rings back to the PS1 era of jRPGs like Legend of Dragoon, […]

maxresdefault 2 Final Fantasy 15 Is Not a Good jRPG

Final Fantasy 15 Is Not a Good jRPG

Now that I’ve had some free time, I’ve finally dusted off Final Fantasy 15 and given it a fair shake. It’s not very good. As Conan O’Brien laid out when he first reviewed the game […]