photo 1536440136628 849c177e76a1 Ryan Night's Top 100 Movies: 80-71

Ryan Night’s Top 100 Movies: 80-71

Continuing the countdown of my top 100 movies, we move on to the third set.For 100-91, click here.For 90-81, click here.For 70-61, click here.For 60-51, click here.For 50-41, click here.For 40-31, click here.For 30-21, click here. For 20-11, click here. For 10-1, […]

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Reylo and the Myth of Persephone and Hades

The shipping of Rey and Kylo (Reylo) may have its roots in Greek mythology. As many people know, Star Wars was initially inspired by Joseph Campbell’s work “The Hero’s Journey” and to a lesser extent, […]