chris stuckmann
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YouTuber Review: Chris Stuckmann

This is a review of Chris Stuckmann on YouTube, where he reviews all the latest movies. Except he hasn’t reviewed The Gentlemen yet. Beat you to the punch, Chris! Anyway, alongside Grace Randolph and Jeremy […]

jeremy jahns
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YouTuber Review: Jeremy Jahns

After reviewing Grace Randolph, I feel compelled to review one of my other favorite film critic YouTubers, Jeremy Jahns. I don’t want anyone to think I’m playing favorites. Like Grace, Jeremy has a signature style […]

grace randolph
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Review: Grace Randolph – Reliable Movie Insights

Continuing my segment on YouTuber Reviews, next up is a review of Grace Randolph. Grace is a prominent film critic who makes regular videos with trailer reactions, trailer breakdowns, film reviews and insights about the […]

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Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

Let’s do this YouTube crushes list in order, I guess. Note, I haven’t reviewed all of these… yet. I may not. This list is subject to change, and other legal disclaimers. I realize the order […]

maxresdefault 12 YouTuber Review: Lana Blakely
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YouTuber Review: Lana Blakely

I’m surprised I took this long to review Lana Blakely, who, overall, I think is a top tier YouTuber. She’s extremely intelligent. She strikes me as the type of person who probably could climb the […]