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Why YOU Should Watch Steve1989MREInfo

Hey there. Yeah, you. Have you seen Steve1989MREInfo on YouTube? Why not? You’re missing out man. Steve1989 has one of the best shows on YouTube. Let me start out by asking you a couple of […]

good mythical morning
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Why YOU Should Watch Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is YouTube’s answer to TV’s pervasive morning shows like Good Morning America, hosted expertly by Rhett, a man who is slowly turning into a human/lion hybrid, and Link, who is clearly an […]

mxr plays
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Why YOU Should Watch MxR Plays

MxR Plays is a YouTube channel where a charismatic couple reviews memes. Or, I don’t know. They browse reddit in front of a camera. But I’ve just spent the last two weeks of quarantine binging […]

juliana boho beautiful
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Juliana Spicoluk aka Boho Beautiful Interview

I recently had an opportunity to interview Juliana Spicoluk aka Boho Beautiful, who reached out to me after she read my review of the Boho Beautiful YouTube channel. During my conversation with Juliana Spicoluk aka […]

kelly stamps
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Kelly Stamps: Hilarious, Talented, Weird

Kelly Stamps is a midsized YouTuber with a growing platform. Her videos cater to a variety of topics including New York vs LA, fashion, YouTuber advice and more, but they all have one thing in […]

lauren chen
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Instagram Models Wish They Were Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen is a political commentator on YouTube… which is not the main thrust of this article at all. This is not a political site, and I’m not here to review her opinions. I’m here […]

lex fridman
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YouTuber Review: Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman is an AI-specialized technologist who hosts a popular and insightful podcast on YouTube. What separates Lex from the rest of the researchers in his space is his humble demeanor, quiet intelligence and, most […]

top youtubers
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Top 10 YouTubers I Could Be Friends With

These are the top 10 YouTubers I think I could be friends with. In this bizarre age of navigating the online world where it’s important to simultaneously avoid unhealthy one-sided parasocial attachments to public figures […]