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Top 10 Persona 5 Royal Tips for Veterans

If you’re playing Persona 5 Royal, there are a number of tips you’re going to want to be aware of ahead of time, even if you’re a veteran of Persona 5. From one Persona 5 veteran to another, knowing these tips in advance will save you a lot of time, headache and regret, and will help you achieve a perfect playthrough without doing much additional research or backtracking.

10. Get the Persona 5 Legacy DLC – Persona 5 Royal Tips

If you get Persona 5 Royal, all of the original game’s DLC is available for free, but you have to go into the Playstation Store and download it. The game won’t prompt you to do this in any way, but you’re going to want it, especially so you can get your free Kaguya and all the DLC accessories.

Among the items available to you are all the costumes, all the original DLC Personas (Kaguya, Izanaki, Messiah, Thanatos, etc), and a number of accessories that are going to come in handy, especially the S.E.E.S. Armband, which is the best-in-slot accessory for Futaba, and increases your income from battles by 15%. It’s all free, and it’s all available at the start of the game. There’s no reason not to get it. So get it, the sooner the better, so you can start working on your perfect Kaguya almost immediately when the game starts.

9. Bring Futaba to the Jazz Club on Sundays

There’s a new location you can visit called the Jazz Club, which increases your allies’ Persona stats and, on Sundays, have a new move available to them to learn. Mostly the moves on offer are one of the party-wide buffs and, rarely, high-end buffs like Charge, Concentrate and Heat Riser, which you can certainly take advantage of if you want to. However, if you bring Futaba here, it unlocks two unique skills for her that she wouldn’t otherwise get.

First, she gets a skill that casts stat downs on all enemies. It takes 3 visits to power this skill up to its full potential, but once it’s at level 3, it’s a free debilitate that activates randomly. Then, if you visit with her a fourth time, you’ll get a skill that just improves her overall contribution to the party by increasing the chance for her to show up in the fight and cast any of her abilities. The increase is a notable amount, so I definitely recommend you carve 4 Sundays out of your calendar to power up Futaba, preferably before the more useful Jazz Club skills show up in the bonus semester.

8. Visit the Jazz Club/Gym in Your Free Time

Speaking of the Jazz Club, every in-game night that you have free, you should visit the Jazz Club. Every night they serve a special cocktail that increases your allies’ stats. These bonuses carry over in New Game+, and it’s really the only way to make them even modestly useful toward the end of the game, since at max level, your main characters’ Persona stats are likely maxed out, and each other party member’s best stat is hovering around 70. You’ll want to visit the Jazz Club as much as possible and get started early so that at the end of the game, your party members don’t feel like buff bots or dead weight.

Similarly, every in-game day that you have free, you’ll want to visit the gym. The gym gives you bonus HP and SP that also carries over in New Game+. If you start doing this early enough, you can get close to max HP on your main character and 500+ SP by the end of the game, and start any subsequent playthrough with a ridiculous amount of HP and SP.

7. Buy Imported Protein/Moist Protein

When you visit the gym or train in your room, you have the opportunity to use protein to increase your stat gains. First, don’t train in your room on free nights unless you absolutely have to. The Jazz Club is a much better use of your nights, and the Gym gives much better stat gains. Second, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to buy Imported Protein and Moist Protein whenever you can. These items are sold at the Underground Mall, but only under certain conditions, and you’ll want to pick them up whenever possible. Imported Protein significantly increases your gains, and Moist Protein moderately increases your gains.

Imported Protein is available for purchase once a month, so make sure you stop by the mall every month to pick it up. Moist Protein is available every day it rains, so make sure you swing by the mall every in-game day that the weather is rainy. This doesn’t use up your in-game time, so there’s absolutely no reason not to do it, and it’ll increase your stat gains significantly.

6. Make Use of Incenses Regularly – Persona 5 Royal Tips

While you can still use the Strengthen Persona function in the Velvet Room to manipulate your stat gains and make sure certain Personas max their stats, there’s now an additional feature in the Train Persona function that allows you to burn incense to increase Persona stats, even for Personas at max level. This means you can get a Satanael with all stats maxed. You can get a Lucifer with max Magic. As soon as you start getting access to those endgame Personas that can’t naturally max their stats through leveling, start burning through all your incense on them to max out the ones you want. You can buy more Incense from Jose in Mementos.

Each Incense takes 2 in-game days to take effect, so just make sure you return to the Velvet Room every 2 days to light another. If you start doing this earlier enough and keep it up, your Personas can get a roughly 30-point stat increase between each dungeon, no tedious RNG manipulation required.

5. Secure Drain Elec if You Get It – Persona 5 Royal Tips

Various Personas naturally learn an ability to absorb different elements, which you can pass on to your other Personas to increase their immunities. However, no Persona learns Drain Elec. This skill does exist in the game. The way that you acquire it is through fusing personas while the alarm is active. If you fuse a Persona that has any of the drain skills, there’s a chance the alarm will activate and chance it to Drain Elec. If this happens to you, make sure you pass it on to a few other Personas in your registry so you can come back and spread it around if you want it, because it’s a rare occurrence and there’s no other way to get it.

4. Do Shido’s Palace ASAP – Persona 5 Royal Tips

When you reach Shido’s Palace, you’re getting toward the end of the game. Your instinct is most likely to try to complete all your confidant levels before you enter the palace. This is a tremendous mistake, because although the game never explicitly tells you this, if you start getting close to the infiltration deadline, confidants no longer appear to interact with, presumably to force you to infiltrate the palace. So by putting off Shido’s Palace to complete confidant levels, you’re actually making it more likely that you’ll be unable to complete them. Do the palace first, then focus on the confidants.

3. Kaguya is Still the Best Persona

Kaguya, who you now get for free in the Legacy DLC, was the strongest Persona in the original, alongside Yoshitsune. Even though the high level Personas are much, much stronger than in the original due to incenses, Kaguya and Yoshitsune are still by far the best Personas due to their unique skills being more powerful than the skills any other Personas can learn. Kaguya tends to be better than Yoshitsune because it’s more common for enemies (except in a few areas) to resist Physical than it is for them to resist Bless. Kaguya is available incredibly early, so you’ll want to start working on your perfect Kaguya ASAP. Just make sure to manipulate her stat growths yourself via Incenses and Strengthen Persona instead of leaving it to random chance via leveling naturally. You’ll want to max her magic, agility and endurance as early as possible. You’re going to want Bless Boost, Bless Amp, Magic Ability, Drain Fire, Angelic Grace, Ali Dance, Repel Phys and of course, her signature move, Shining Arrows.

2. Make a Choice Early Between Orichalcum and Crystal Skull

There are two accessories that compete for Joker’s best-in-slot item, and those are the two endgame Treasure Persona accessories, Crystal Skull R and Orihalcum R. Crystal Skull gives +6 all stats and Angelic Grace. Orichalcum R gives +7 all stats and Evade Phys. Crystal Skull clearly has the better skill of the two, but Orihalcum has more stats. You want to decide which accessory you plan to equip early on so you know how to build your Personas. If you’re using Orichalcum, you only need to get Persona stats to 86 for those stats to hit the stat cap when equipped with Orihalcum and Joker’s best gun. If you’re using Crystal Skull, you’ll need to hit 87, but you’ll be able to replace Angelic Grace on all your endgame Personas, which frees up an additional slot on a lot of Personas. You want to decide ahead of time because it’s much easier to plan ahead than trying to fix a Persona that was built around one of the accessories if you decide to change your mind later.

1. Max Out Chihaya Early

This is something you would have wanted to do in the original Persona 5 as well, but it’s no less important here. Even though you have a lot more free time to max out your Confidants in Persona 5 Royal, maxing out Chihaya as early as possible is integral to maxing out all of your Personas by the time you reach the final dungeon before the bonus semester. I can’t stress enough how much in-game time it ends up saving you, especially now that you can use her Affinity Reading during the day as well. Every time you run into a Confidant and it tells you that your bond won’t deepen yet, swing by Chihaya and 9 times out of 10, you’ll come back and be ready to gain the next Confidant level without having to waste an in-game afternoon taking them fishing for a few extra confidant points.

Anyway, that about does it for the Top 10 Persona 5 Royal Tips for Veterans. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Persona 5 Royal.


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