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Top 5 Best Individual DotA Underlords Units

Alliances are important in DotA Underlords, but there are a lot of individual DotA Underlords units that are good regardless of what team they’re on. These are the top 5 best individual DotA Underlords units.

If you’re playing DotA Underlords, you’re going to want to know everything you can about the DotA Underlords units, as picking which DotA Underlords units you want on your team is basically the point of the whole game.

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For those who don’t know, I have almost 600 hours of play time in DotA Underlords, so I feel like I know a little bit about which DotA Underlords units are good and which ones are bad. DotA Underlords tends to be a game I play regularly, throw on a podcast, listen to that in the background. Currently I’m enjoying Lex Fridman’s podcast as well as Russell Brand’s and Andrew Huberman’s, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, DotA Underlords and podcasts go together like peanut butter and jelly.

best dota underlords units playtime

I tend to end most DotA Underlords matches at this point at #1 or #2, and I’m rarely outside of the top 4. Now that DotA Underlords is no longer being updated and readjusted constantly, I feel like I can safely write more guides about it without having them become obsolete a few weeks later.

Now I want to make it clear that this article is not about ALLIANCES or FULL BUILDS. For that, be sure to check out my Top 5 DotA Underlords Builds Guide. This is about the best individual DotA Underlords units. The units that, even if you have no alliance bonuses, are capable of wacky nonsense that other DotA Underlords units just aren’t capable of.

So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s get into the list. These are the Top 5 Best Individual DotA Underlords Units.

5. Spectre – Best DotA Underlords Units

best dota underlords units spectre

Let’s start off the best DotA Underlords units list by talking about Spectre. Spectre is good for mainly two reasons. First, she almost always gets a kill or two. Second, you can throw her into pretty much any alliance if you have room for an extra unit. She fits well in an Assassins build, she can fit well in a Knights build, you can just toss her in, beef up your team, and then get rid of her if you don’t need her anymore.

As a 3-star unit, she’s also fairly common, so you tend to be able to 2-star her very quickly and very early. What makes Spectre really good, though, is mainly that she does a lot of damage and she’s almost guaranteed to have a high kill count, meaning if you get a Stonehall Pike (+damage based on kill count), she tends to get the maximum +120 damage by the end of the mid-game.

Another thing that makes her great is that she’s just overall a strong unit. High damage, decently tanky, great ability. She goes behind enemy lines and just decimates the squishiest units.

Spectre doesn’t provide much in the way of Alliance bonuses (Void is an endgame build that’s fairly impractical to achieve), but as an individual unit she brings a lot to the table, which is why I’m placing her at #5 on my list of the best individual DotA Underlords units.

5. Puck – Best DotA Underlords Units

best dota underlords units puck

Puck comes in at #4 for several reasons. First, he’s a mainstay of two of the best builds you can go for, the Mages/Humans build and the Brawny build. But even if you’re not going for one of those builds, if you get Puck and one other dragon (usually Snapfire), and manage to get your hands on an Octarine Essence, Puck is just ridiculous.

With the cooldown reduction provided by an Octarine Essence, a 3 star Puck’s phase shift will go off almost every single second, giving him absurd survivability. Not to mention that his Illusory Orb will shoot off one after another with basically no delay in between whatsoever. Its cooldown will be 0.3 seconds.

As a 3 cost unit, he’s also one of the easiest units to 3 star. While 1 and 2 star units become more rare as the game goes on, and 4 and 5 star units are always rare, 3 star units tend to be the most common units across the game as a whole.

I have won entire matches with Puck’s shenanigans. Matches I absolutely should have lost, but won because Puck refuses to die and machine guns out high damage, large AoE Illusory Orbs repeatedly.

Puck can become absolutely insane, and for that reason he’s my #4 pick for the top 5 best DotA Underlords units.

3. Lifestealer – Best DotA Underlords Units

best dota underlords units lifestealer

Now we’re getting into some of the really heavy hitters. Lifestealer doesn’t have much in the way of abilities, it’s just an incredibly strong unit overall. Once you 2-star Lifesteal, it starts just whacking away at enemies, dealing high damage, healing itself, and staying alive. It’s just a great, rock solid unit, and at 3 stars, unless it gets seriously ganged up on, it tends to just tear through enemies.

Also, given the meta of DotA Underlords, where Juul is generally considered to be the best underlord, Lifestealer almost always has value as a direct counter to Juul.

Lifestealer is also pretty flexible with itemization. Unlike most units which have one specific item that really synergizes with them to unleash their potential, all you really need for Lifestealer is attack speed. Give him a Mask of Madness or a Butterfly or a Moon Shard and watch him go to town.

Lifestealer may not be flashy, but he gets the job done. It’s a solid, reliable unit and while you usually see it just on Heartless/Hunters or Heartless/Fallen, it can work well no matter what team you drop it into. I feel like I should point out also that abusing Lifestealer is pretty much the key to beating the single player map, especially after you’ve gone through it once or twice and the damage penalty starts ramping up.

For all those reasons, Lifestealer is my pick for #3 when it comes to the best individual DotA Underlords units.

2. Slark – Best DotA Underlords Units

best dota underlords units slark

I’m sure Slark will come as no surprise to any DotA Underlords veteran who happens to read this article. Perhaps the only surprise will be that he’s #2 and not #1. If you get a 3-star Slark, you’ve pretty much won the game. At 2 stars, Slark is very, very good. At 3 stars, I’ve seen Slark take down entire endgame teams by himself as long as he has some kind of lifesteal.

The thing about Slark is, once he gets a few hits off, his attack speed starts shooting through the roof and he starts tearing through the enemy like a hot knife through butter.

Pretty much the only thing you can do to stop a rampaging 3 star Slark is crowd control it early on and hope your units focus fire him down before he really gets going, but that can be a difficult strategy to execute as Slark goes into your back line and tends to murder all your support units before they can get their spells off.

You have to specifically rework your whole unit placement to try to get the AI to focus fire Slark, and hope your opponent doesn’t just move his Slark somewhere else before the next matchup.

Perhaps the best thing on Slark is that while, yes, he’s most ridiculous on an Assassin team, he’s ridiculous, no matter what team you put him on. Warriors, Knights, Brutes, whatever. Just toss a Slark in there and at 3 stars it’ll rip everything to shreds.

The best in slot item for Slark tends to be a Mask of Madness, but Butterfly or Satanic tend to work pretty well, too.

Getting Slark to 3 stars pretty much means you’ve won the game and for that reason I’m going to have to give #4 on the best DotA Underlords units list to Slark.

1. Meepo – Best DotA Underlords Units

best dota underlords units meepo

My #1 pick for the top 5 best DotA Underlords units has to go to Meepo. Meepo is just… silly.

For most of the game, Meepo is just a very strong unit. It fits in well with a lot of different alliances, especially Rogues/Assassins and Savages/Shamans/Summoners, but honestly you can drop this guy into pretty much any build and he’ll perform. He’s just an excellent unit.

That’s before you get 3 stars. Before 3 stars, Meepo is already a top tier unit, given the way he can completely overwhelm enemy forces by summoning piles of Meepos with seemingly no cap on how many Meepos can be introduced to the field.

After 3 stars, Meepo just completely and utterly breaks the game. The reason for this is that 3 star Meepo’s bonus ability, which allows summoned Meepos to get the benefits of Meepo’s item, works on items that are balanced around a single use per fight, particularly Horn of the Alpha, which summons a Thunderhide Lizard, and Shiva’s Guard, which emits a powerful frost nova that damages and slows enemies in a huge AoE.

If you have 3 star Meepo and either of these items, the resulting shenanigans are so powerful it almost feels like cheating. Constant Shiva’s Guard novas or a battlefield with 6 Thunderhide Lizards on it are powerful to the point of being just silly.

The sheer clowniness of Meepo’s endgame strats is why I’m going to have to vote him as my #1 pick for the best DotA Underlords units, even above Slark.

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That about covers it when it comes to the best individual DotA Underlords units for 2021. Since the game seems to no longer be updated, this guide will probably still be applicable forever until the game eventually gets shut down. Be sure to check out the main page for more RPG game guides. Also best sure to check the DotA Underlords section for more guides for this game.


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