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Draconis: Log Entry 3

by ryan in Fiction

From Andromeda Prime, I set off for Oneiros, the moon of Djevika 9 deemed uninhabitable by every publicly available star chart. Since Djevika was and continues to be an underdeveloped system, there was no transwarp relay, so I had to strap in for a 9 month journey in stasis. I could only imagine that everyone who’d followed the trail of clues, as I had, endured the same pilgrimage. I hate stasis. The persistent, unending dream. Most people pipe in some reality from VENTURE and spend that 9 months running a reality where your dead dog is alive, you can fly and surf rainbows, your AI girlfriend is real. I can’t do it. Not with the things I’ve seen. When I close my eyes, all I see are war victims. Burnt bodies. Surprise amputations with no anesthesia. The reality is etched [...]