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Top 5 BEST Fae Tactics Summons

This Fae Tactics Summons Guide will teach you which summons out of all the available summons in the game are the absolute BEST of the BEST.

If you’re playing Fae Tactics, you’ll start collecting summons fairly early on in the game. There are a ton of Fae Tactics summons available to collect, so you’re going to start wondering which summons are the best and where to obtain them. This Best Fae Tactics Summons guide will help you do just that.

Some of the top 5 best Fae Tactics summons are the rank 6 elemental summons that you get from the various ??? battles you can access with Bike Rank 5. However, not all of the rank 6 summons are created equal.

I should note, though, that you’re going to want all of the rank 6 summons because even though some are better than others, due to the elemental mechanics of Fae Tactics, you want the top-end summons for each element.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 best Fae Tactics Summons:

5. Roc – Best Fae Tactics Summons

best fae tactics summons roc

Roc is the only electric elemental summon you have available to you, and both Arcane enemies and robotic enemies are only weak against electric. That means Roc, once you acquire it, is going to be your go-to summon against maps that have large amounts of Arcane or robotic enemies, and there are a ton of maps like that.

In addition to its rare elemental typing, it also has a chain attack on every attack, which makes it fairly powerful even though its actual attack power is middling. Its attack also has a fairly decent chance to apply paralysis, which fully incapacitates enemies.

The Roc is a rank 3 summon and in order to unlock it, you first need to unlock the Phoenix summon which starts appearing in the later areas of Doro. Once you’ve unlocked the Phoenix summon, Rocs throughout the rest of the game will drop their card.

4. Dhampir – Best Fae Tactics Summons

best fae tactics summons dhampir

A Dhampir is most likely to be your most powerful summon throughout the vast majority of the game. You unlock it fairly early on in a story mission in Doro involving your first run-in with the Succubus. It’s a rank 4 Arcane summon.

Three things make the Dhampir really special when it comes to summons. First, its attack power increases dramatically the further it moves in any given round. Second, it always attacks everything in its attack range. Finally, it starts off with the Vamp enchantment, which gives it 50% lifesteal.

Since it’s an Arcane type and can power-up with the Chain skill by waiting, that means you can often move your Dhampir into a clump of enemies and have it unleash projectiles at every enemies in range, each of which will chain, and have it deal jaw-dropping damage to everything around it.

3. Dust Lute – Best Fae Tactics Summons

best fae tactics summons dust lute

If you’re not using Chico or Tom Tildrum in your party as a tank, consider bringing along a Dust Lute. Dust Lute is the best available tanking summon and, in a lot of ways, is better than the dedicated tanks that are available to fill out your actual party.

The Dust Lute has a ton of health and defense, including the Burrow skill that increases its defense the further it moves. What makes the Dust Lute really exceptiohnal, however, is its 4-hit normal attack, which is not only a decently powerful ranged counterattack that activates fairly often, but also an excellent way to execute wounded enemy leaders.

Dust Lute’s element is Wind, which is only weak to Earth. It’s a great typing because Earth enemies are fairly rare and, outside of a few Earth-themed maps around 30% of the way through the game, don’t appear particularly often.

2. Anemone – Best Fae Tactics Summons

best fae tactics summons anemone

Anemone, the water-elemental rank 6 unit, is extremely powerful. Its attack power is actually fairly low, but what makes it so strong is it has a cascade attack that also knocks opponents back. That means its attack can hit an enemy 3-4 times if it’s not immune to knockback.

Combine that with its spirit link skill, which can increase its base attack power by 15 if you bring a team full of water types, its aquatic damage bonus that doubles its damage in water, and its leap skill which, like the Dhampir, gives it bonus damage the further it moves in a round, and the Anemone is a beastly summon that it hard to top.

It even excels defensively since its wait skill typically fully restores its HP.

To acquire Anemone, you need to defeat it in one of the daily rotating ??? battles that appear once you acquire the rank 5 Bike.

1. Mimic Doll – Best Fae Tactics Summons

best fae tactics summons mimic doll

Mimic Doll is, hands down, the most useful summon in the game. It’s a rank 2 summon that can be acquire in several stages (usually boss encounters), or can be gotten right from the beginning by choosing “Deer” as your zodiac (May 21 – June 20).

Mimic Doll takes on the form of any other summon unit when it casts its assist ability on them, effectively doubling your summoning power. That means by making use of the Mimic Doll, you can roll with 2 Rocs, 2 Dhampirs, 2 Anemones, 2 Phantom Dragons, or whatever else you want.

There is no reason to ever not use the Mimic Doll, paired with the best summon available for a given map. Since its summoning requirement is so low, it’s almost always better than any other possible option.

Once you get the Mimic Doll, it should pretty much be a permanent fixture in your summoning loadout.

That about covers it when it comes to the Top 5 Best Fae Tactics Summons. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more guides like this. Click here for more content related to Fae Tactics.


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