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Best Hades Aspects TIER LIST – ALL Aspects

Trying to figure out which Hades aspects to invest in? This Best Hades Aspects Tier List will give you the pros and cons of all the aspects available in Hades.

If you’re playing the wonderful new aRPG Hades, you’re going to want to learn everything you can about the various Hades aspects so you can know which weapons you want to focus on leveling up with your Titan Blood.

Hades is a fairly well-balanced game that caters to all sorts of different playstyles and builds, so while a particular Hades weapon aspect might not be ‘the best’, it may be the best for you. Still, there are definitely major difference in power between the various weapon aspects and you acquire Titan Blood fairly slowly, so it’s worth taking a look at them to decide which are really worth the investment.

This is the Best Hades Aspects Tier List.

S Tier – Best Hades Aspects

Aspect of Chiron

bow aspect of chiron best hades aspects

Surprisingly, the best aspect in the game isn’t a legendary aspect, it’s the modest second aspect available for the bow. This weapon isn’t perfect. The regular bow’s special attack does slightly more damage if you get in enemies’ faces with it and shotgun the special attack into them.

Still, equipping the Aspect of Chiron feels like switching the game to easy mode in a way that no other weapon does. It does incredible damage, its range is huge, you can pick practically whatever flourish boon you want and blow up monsters with it, and it doesn’t cost much to upgrade.

When push comes to shove, it’s hard to imagine another weapon being in the #1 slot when it comes to the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Chaos

shield aspect of chaos best hades aspects

Aspect of Chaos isn’t very good until it’s fully upgraded, and even then it practically requires you to use the Dionysus flourish boon, the Ares attack boon and the faster Bull Rush hammer upgrade to get the most out of it, but once you do that, there’s not much in the game that can compare to the damage output, room clear ability and invincibility frames that the Aspect of Chaos provides.

Definitely deserving of a spot in S-Tier when it comes to the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Guan Yu

spear aspect of guan yu best hades aspects

Like the Shield of Chaos, Guan Yu is difficult to make use of until it’s fully upgraded but, again, once you’ve gotten it built up, it’s beastly. Thanks to its powerful spin attack that makes use of your attack boon and it’s exceptionally strong special attack, you can fearlessly go on runs with the Pom Blossom equipped and make use of whatever Gods you find along the way.

If you find Poseidon early, focus on your special. If you find the faster spin charge hammer upgrade early, focus on your spin attack. If you find Artemis early, take your pick.

A Tier – Best Hades Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Bow)

bow aspect of zagreus best hades aspects

What makes the standard bow good is dashing next to monsters and unloading the special attack into them at point blank range. Few things in the game compare to the level of damage output that comes from doing that, and it works with pretty much any special flourish boon you choose.

Perhaps the best thing about it is you don’t even need to invest any blood in to reach this weapon’s full potential. The critical attack chance has no effect on your special attack, so just use the basic bow.

Aspect of Hera

bow aspect of hera best hades aspects

The Aspect of Hera can do everything the default bow is capable of, which is amazing, but what makes it worse in my opinion is just simply that you have to unlock it via blood.

If you get the cast from Ares or (particularly) Dionysus, the added effect can be extremely strong, especially since you can use the bow special in between casts, whether you’re using Infernal or Stygian soul. Shotgunning the standard bow special is as powerful as it ever was, whether you do it on Zagreus or Hera.

Aspect of Poseidon

sword aspect of poseidon best hades aspects

Aspect of Poseidon gives a straightforward cast damage bonus and its special ability pairs incredibly well with Artemis’s Exit Wounds ability, which deals damage whenever blood shards are dislodged from enemies. If you’re planning on a cast build, particularly an Artemis focused one, this weapon tears enemies to shreds.

With its bonus cast damage, you can watch every enemy in the game rapidly melt in the face of any of the major duo boon upgrades spells, like Hunting Blades or Blizzard Shot.

Aspect of Beowulf

shield aspect of beowulf best hades aspects

Beowulf is similar to Poseidon in terms of its ability to make use of casting boons, but it’s much more well suited towards the Dionysus/Zeus upgraded Trippy Shot or a Hunting Blades build.

It’s slightly lower on the list because its mechanic is a little clunky to use. Its downside isn’t terrible, but it is noticeable and Exit Wounds empowered Poseidon does more damage than the Dragon Rush bonus damage in my experience.

Still, this weapon is wild and definitely one of the best Hades aspects.

B Tier – Best Hades Aspects

Aspect of Gilgamesh

fist aspect of gilgamesh best hades aspects

Aspect of Gilgamesh is not only super fun because it allows you to dash all over the place like a rocket, but it also works incredibly well with damaging dash boons, allowing you to create power, unconventional and creative builds like Poseidon dash/Zeus attack or Athena dash/Ares attack that aren’t available to other weapons. Tag an enemy with Maim and then dash attack around it in a big circle. So fun.

The uniqueness of this weapon really adds to the experience, making it one of the better aspects available in terms of the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Eris

rail aspect of eris best hades aspects

Eris gives a lot of bonus damage and between the length of the buff and how easy it is to activate if you launch your special every time you run out of ammo, it’s pretty much always active. It’s hard to go wrong with that. There’s not much to it other than that, so it’s not as interesting from a gameplay perspective as, say Gilgamesh, but damage is damage.

Somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Arthur

sword aspect of arthur best hades aspects

Arthur gets a lot of extra health and damage reduction, which is nice, but what really pushes this weapon over the edge is the obscene amount of base damage it gets. The downside, of course, is that its attack is extremely slow, but some of that slowness can be mitigated by mastering its somewhat unique ability to dash in between the hits in its attack string.

If you combine this weapon with various healing buffs, damage reduction buffs and some nice percentage based attack and special boons, you can feel great as you watch this sword chunk of huge amounts of a boss’s health in a single swing.

Aspect of Zagreus (Spear)

spear aspect of zagreus best hades aspects

The default spear is probably one of the first weapons that’s worth maxing out. Since it’s an Aspect of Zagreus, the blood investment is relatively small and what you get for that investment is very good. At max level, the Aspect of Zagreus becomes one of the easiest weapons to beat the game with for the first time, especially if you pick up the Chain Skewer and Charged Skewer hammer upgrades.

Definitely deserves a good spot among the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Zeus

shield aspect of zeus best hades aspects

Aspect of Zeus takes some getting used to, but it can pump out a lot of damage. It’s basically a free Slicing Shot that you can somewhat control and has no cooldown. Since you can attack while the Blitz Disc is out, the idea here is to pick up some stacking curse/proc effect for the special like Demeter, Dionysus, Ares, Aphrodite or Zeus and the complementary duo God for your regular attack.

For example, having Ares on the special and Athena on the attack (or vice versa) and the duo boon that ignites Doom effects every time a deflect skill hits puts out insane amounts of damage very quickly.

C Tier – Best Hades Aspects

Aspect of Lucifer

rail aspect of lucifer best hades aspects

Aspect of Lucifer is extremely powerful if you get the Zeus attack boon immediately. Otherwise it’s slow and clunky and the unique special attack becomes somewhat difficult to use. But, if you go full Zeus with this weapon, the results speak for themselves. Aspect of Lucifer + Zeus boons breezes through runs with ease, and it’s definitely a strong showing among the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Zagreus (Sword)

sword aspect of zagreus best hades aspects

What makes the default sword good is basically just the ridiculous attack speed you can achieve between its ability, the attack speed hammer upgrade and the attack speed Hermes boon. With that much attack speed, if you rock the lifesteal hammer upgrade on Zagreus, you heal yourself far more quickly than any monster is capable of damaging you, including Hades, even on high heat.

If not for that, this weapon would be a little lower, but that build is very fun and somewhat silly so I feel like this weapon deserves to get bumped up a tier among the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Talos

fist aspect of talos best hades aspects

Aspect of Talos gives a nice damage bonus and lets you spam the excellent fist special attack from a distance. Since it also works with casting damage, it pairs well with a secondary cast boon like Crystal Beam. Crystal Beam + Artemis flourish is a good option to unlock Crystal Clarity, but any powerful flourish boon will make this weapon usable.

It’s not insanely OP like some other weapons, but it’s definitely a solid choice among the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Nemesis

sword aspect of nemesis best hades aspects

Nemesis gives a ton of crit chance that stacks with Artemis, allowing you to crit constantly. It’s tailor made for Aphrodite special/Artemis attack with Heart Rend. What I don’t like about this weapon is that 3 seconds is basically a single attack string, and the special attack doesn’t get any advantage from the crit chance bonus, meaning every 4th attack is a weak debuffing attack. If it was 6 seconds it’d probably be a tier higher.

Aspect of Achilles

spear aspect of achilles best hades aspects

After you perform the Raging Rush special, you get a significant amount of bonus damage for your next 4 attacks or casts, which is great for casting builds. The Raging Rush attack itself is not amazing, but the bonus damage is very strong.

Achilles is decent amongst the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Hestia

rail aspect of hestia best hades aspects

Hestia is an extremely solid weapon that does a lot of damage. It pairs well with Artemis thanks to its big burst shot at the start of every clip. Like Eris, there’s not much to it other than extra damage, and if these two were to duke it out, after all the dust settles, they’re probably about equal. Like Eris, it’s in the middle of the pack in terms of the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Rama

bow aspect of rama best hades aspects

For a legendary aspect, Aspect of Rama is somewhat underwhelming. Its normal shot definitely does huge damage, especially if you tag enemies with its unique special first, and the slow charge time is somewhat mitigated by using dash attacks, but even if you put in all the extra effort to utilize Rama to the peak of its potential, it still doesn’t come close to just equipping the default bow and spamming its special into enemies’ faces.

Not horrible. Taken on its own it sits around the middle of the pack in terms of the best Hades aspects.

D Tier – Best Hades Aspects

Aspect of Hades

spear aspect of hades best hades aspects

Unless you’re using Guan Yu, the spear’s spin attack is not a very efficient or safe way to inflict damage. However, the Aspect of Hades’s spin attack does inflict a fairly powerful debuff, especially if you get the hammer upgrade that speeds up spin attack charge time. This encourages an attack focused build such as with Artemis.

Not horrible when it comes to the best Hades aspects, but not mindblowing either.

Aspect of Demeter

fist aspect of demeter best hades aspects

Aspect of Demeter requires you to rely on the fist’s attack as opposed to its special which doesn’t feel nearly as powerful as just spamming the special on most of the other fist aspects. If you use this weapon, you’ll find yourself spamming dash attacks a lot and while you’re doing that you’ll be wondering why you’re not using the infinitely more fun Aspect of Gilgamesh, which deals more damage and gives you more dashes.

Not my favorite weapon when it comes to the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Zagreus (Rail)

rail aspect of zagreus best hades aspects

The rail is inherently good because it’s a rapid-firing long-range weapon with lots of interesting hammer upgrades. Still, the ammo capacity bonus Zagreus gets just doesn’t stand out when you compare it to what’s available on the other rail aspects. It’s convenient, and it definitely adds a little bit of DPS, maybe about 15% as a guesstimate, but it’s not gonna blow you away.

When it comes to choosing where to spend your blood in terms of the best Hades aspects, you’re better off investing in any of the other rails.

F Tier – Best Hades Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Shield)

shield aspect of zagreus best hades aspects

The shield relies on the unique mechanics that are available to the other aspects in order to be good. The vanilla shield moveset is not very impressive and Aspect of Zagreus does nothing to change that. Slightly higher attack damage is not worthwhile compared to picking a different aspect to invest in that could unlocking gamebreakingly OP build options.

I’d stay away from investing in this one. Not among the best Hades aspects.

Aspect of Zagreus (Fist)

fist aspect of zagreus best hades aspects

While the fist moveset is inherently pretty good, especially the special, dodge chance is just not an attractive trait and certainly not one that you’re going to feel good spending blood to level up. It’s not horrible, but also keep in mind by the time you have the blood to upgrade the less desirable weapons like this one, you’re going to be able to dodge most dangerous attacks in Hades anyway, so a purely defensive stat like dodge is that much more unattractive.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Hades aspects tier list. Be sure to check out more Hades Game Guides, check out the Main Page for everything the site has to offer and click here to subscribe to my new Bright Rock Media YouTube channel where I’m posting game reviews, site updates and occasionally some other types of content.


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