of monsters and men a melodic odysseynbsp 1 Top 5 Best Of Monsters and Men Songs

Top 5 Best Of Monsters and Men Songs

Here are the top 5 best Of Monsters and Men songs. Of Monsters and Men are a great band, easily in my top 5 bands currently. I’ve listened to most of their discography multiple times […]

86D65B96 AA22 4E6C 8FDA 8E8F47719C5F 1024x1024 Top 5 Best Grunge Songs of All Time

Top 5 Best Grunge Songs of All Time

We’re all familiar with the big grunge bands from the 90s, but what are the best grunge songs of all time? We’re not going by radio play, but by the quality of the songs themselves, […]

Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder, an Aggressively Wholesome Band

Usually, I like hard rock that’s weird and a little off the beaten path, like Bring Me the Horizon, Billy Talent, Coheed and Cambria, Grimes. However, one band I’m really vibing on these days is […]

The Japanese House Website Review: The Japanese House

Review: The Japanese House

The Japanese House is a gen z band. They play a sort of droning, melancholy rock that I find to be very relaxing. It’s a unique style and it’s well done. My only gripe with […]

prog Prog Rock 101 - Intro to Prog

Prog Rock 101 – Intro to Prog

Gather ’round, students of rock. There’s no doubt you’ve been exposed to classic metal like AC/DC and the pop rock stylings of bands like Incubus, but have you gone down the prog rock rabbit hole? […]

childish gambino this is america lyrics This is America - An Analysis

This is America – An Analysis

On Saturday night, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino released a new track and an accompanying music video. The song is called “This is America”, and it’s the song of the year, so far. If it […]