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Final Fantasy X Best Characters Definitive Tier List

This Final Fantasy X Best Characters Tier List will teach you who the best characters are and who are the worst so you can make the best party possible.

Final Fantasy X (FFX) features a ton of characters, some the very best, and some not so much. If you’re playing the game you’re going to want to know who’s most worthwhile to invest in. This article will help you separate the strong from the weak.

Keep in mind that it’s possible for every character to activate every node on the sphere grid with enough time investment, so what really separates each character from one another is their individual overdrives and unique abilities. However, that kind of maxing of the sphere grid doesn’t happen during a casual playthrough, so I’ll be keeping that in mind for the tier list.

S Tier – Final Fantasy X Best Characters


ffx best characters tier list wakka final fantasy x

Wakka may be goofy, stupid, racist and sporting a very silly haircut, but Attack Reels is no joke. It hits up to 12 times if you’re able to nail the slots down. As far as his other skills go, his status inflicting skills have some situational utility, but they’re not something you’re going to be using on a regular basis.

He’s kind of meh until you get Attack Reels, at which point he becomes unbeatable in terms of damage output. Because of Attack Reels, Wakka definitely earns the top spot among the Final Fantasy X best characters.


ffx best characters tier list tidus final fantasy x

Tidus is useful throughout the game. He’s fast, has high damage output, has multiple multi-hit Overdrives, including Blitz Ace, which hits 9 times.

He’s not able to pump out the same amount of damage as Wakka with Attack Reels, but he’s a solid second. More importantly, he’s the first character to get access to Quick Hit, which is nearly game-breaking in how good it as.

It’s a good thing Tidus is among the Final Fantasy X best characters, because you’ll be using him a lot.

A Tier – Final Fantasy X Best Characters


ffx best characters tier list rikku final fantasy x

The sheer amount of utility that Rikku can provide with her Mix overdrive is unbeatable. Early in the game the damage output is something other characters struggle to live up to with Trio of 9999 (before you get the Break Damage Limit skill) and Sunburst.

However, where she really shines is in her ability to put basically every major beneficial status on the whole party at once with Hyper Mighty Guard and Ultra Null-All. Other skills like Eccentrick and Chaos Grenade are also useful. Finally, she’s the best healer throughout most of the game by making use of Al Bhed potions.

B Tier – Final Fantasy X Best Characters


ffx best characters tier list yuna final fantasy x

Yuna may not hit hard, but her summons are extremely powerful during the main game and in FFX International and FFX Remaster, where Anima’s Overdrive hits 16 times and can do over a million points of damage.

Of course, you have to get to that point, and Yuna, while useful, is just average for most of the game. Even in the endgame, you’re likely to drag her out only to use Oblivion or Magus Sisters and then swap her back out immediately.


ffx best characters tier list auron final fantasy x

Auron makes a big impact when you first get him because he looks cool and hits hard. Unfortunately, for most of the game he’s just a slow character that hits about 20-30% harder than Tidus while getting turns about half as often.

His Overdrives are alright in the sense that they apply secondary effects like Delay and Full Break, but he doesn’t have any attacks that hit more than two times, unlike Wakka and Tidus who both have insane multi-hit Overdrives.

C Tier – Final Fantasy X Best Characters


lulu final fantasy x best characters

Lulu isn’t bad, she’s just not as good as the other characters. Because FFX’s combat makes use of a rock-paper-scissors kind of gameplay mechanic for most of the game, every party member is useful for the toolset they’re able to provide, so you’re sure to be swapping Lulu in to take care of those pesky Flans and Elementals but magic begins to taper off when you get access to things like Quick Hit and characters start finishing their own sphere grids and heading into other characters’.

Lulu does have a multihit Overdrive, but it’s a pain to perform and even at max hits it doesn’t compete with Attack Reels or Blitz Ace. Plus her ultimate weapon’s requirements are completely unreasonable.

F Tier – Final Fantasy X Best Characters


ffx kimahri final fantasy x best characters

I realize that I skipped a D tier, but in terms of Final Fantasy X best characters Kimahri is useless to the point you wonder why he’s in the game at all. He makes no impact on the game’s story. He speaks a grand total of like 5 lines of dialog in the entire game.

His Overdrives are awful. His character doesn’t make any sense gameplay wise (a weird mashup of a Dragoon and a Blue Mage with low stats across the board). His sphere grid is just wacky — the best he can hope to be is a 2nd best version of any other character you choose. Seriously, there is no point to Kimahri. If he was deleted from the game, the game would be no different at all.

That about covers it for the Final Fantasy X Best Characters Tier List. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more game guides like this, and click here for more game guides for Final Fantasy X.


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