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ULTIMATE Octopath Traveler Stealing Guide – Best Equipment to Steal

This Octopath Traveler stealing guide will teach players the best equipment to steal in Octopath Traveler.

If you’re playing Octopath Traveler you’re going to want to steal all the best equipment as early as possible. Because Therion has access to the Steal path action, you can run around the world visiting towns as early as they become available and rob everyone in sight for all the best available stuff.

In Octopath Traveler stealing equipment early can deck your whole party out in top tier late game equipment that will last you throughout the entire game. This requires a lot of save scumming so it’s arguable that just playing through the game normally is actually faster but, hey, you’re probably going to want at least a few of these.

Necessary Skills

You’re going to want the Evasive Maneuvers from the Scholar class (1st skill) and Evil Wards from the Priest class (3rd skill). Why? Because you’re going to run through the trails to the highest level towns right after you get access to the world map and you’re… probably going to die a lot, but with these two skills you’ll die a lot less.

Weapons – Octopath Traveler Steal Guide

Golden Axe

octopath traveler stealing guide golden axe

The Golden Axe is the best axe available before endgame and it’s available to steal right at the start of the game. The Golden Axe is available in Clearbrook. All you need is Therion and either H’aanit or Olberic.

Go to Clearbrook, head on over to the left side of the screen and Duel the person guarding the door. Inside is an NPC you can pickpocket the Golden Axe from. You’ll probably have a 3% success rate (as with everything else on this list), so be prepared to save scum pretty aggressively.

Viper Dagger

Viper Dagger is the best dagger you can get before post-game.

If you can make it to Duskbarrow in the Northwest part of the map, the Viper Dagger is available to steal from a random NPC sitting right in the middle of the town. All you’ve got to do is get there, which, admittedly, is pretty dangerous, but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes and a handful of deaths.

Holy Longbow

Roughly the same power tier as the Golden Axe, but it’s the best bow you can steal, and it’s available in one of the mid-chapter towns (Saintsbridge). All you have to do is make your way to Saintsbridge and steal it from the guy in the Cathedral.

Wizard’s Rod

octopath traveler stealing guide wizard's rod

Wizard’s Rod is a hugely effective weapon for mages that you can get relatively early in Goldshore. It’s one of the Octopath Traveler stealing opportunities you’re not going to want to miss.

This is a pretty big one, considering how effective Scholars are in this game and what a huge power increase this weapon provides. Wizard’s Rod is a stunning +300 elemental attack weapon available for steal in Goldshore, which is roughly a Chapter 3 level town. It’s on the Eastern side of the lower half of the map and it should be pretty easy to reach.

Dragon Saber

This one is a 273 attack power sword available in Marsalim, which is the Chapter 4 level town at the far South of the map, in the middle. The good news about this particular town is it’s not really very far from Wellspring, the nearby Chapter 3 town, so there’s not too much of a risk of death-by-monster during the trek.

The Dragon Saber is available off of one of the easy to find NPCs in the town, and if you have a few moments it’s one of the Octopath Traveler stealing opportunities you should try to take advantage of.

Armor – Octopath Traveler Steal Guide

Force Shield & Adamantite Hat

In Northreach, the northernmost town, you can steal a Force Shield, which is one of the best shields in the game. I’m not sure I can recommend you do this just for the Force Shield, as the path to Northreach is particularly arduous and long, and the benefit for the Force Shield is not really that noticeable, however, you’ll also get the Adamantite Hat, which is the best hat for mages (highest defense and +88 elemental attack power)

Robe of the Flame

A very powerful robe, especially for a healer, which provides the highest elemental defense and a ton of extra SP. You can pick this up in Victor’s Hollow.

Dragonscale Armor

I wouldn’t recommend that you go to Marsalim for this item, but if you’re going there anyway to pick up the Dragon Saber, you might as well pick up the Dragonscale Armor as well, which is the second best armor in the game in terms of physical defense.

Accessories – Octopath Traveler Steal Guide

Elemental Augmentor & Mighty Belt

octopath traveler steal guide elemental augmentor

In Stonegard, there’s a guy in a house that’s being guarded who holds an Elemental Augmentor and a Mighty Belt. These items increase Elemental Attack (+100) and Attack (+50) respectively, and they’re well worth picking up as early as possible as, until post-game, this particular guy is the only way to get them.

Unerring Necklace

This +80 Accuracy accessory is better than you think. Since multihit skills have really low accuracy, buffing accuracy is actually a significant damage increase, and the Unerring Necklace is the best accuracy boosting accessory in the game. This is available in Saintsbridge, the same town where you picked up the Holy Longbow.

Stimulating Necklace

You might want this beefy +80 SP accessory on your mage early on. I wouldn’t go too far out of your way to get it, but luckily for you they’re actually pretty easy to come by. You can get one in Bolderfall, Marsalim and Northreach. Borderfall is the earliest, and if you’ve been picking up the other items in this guide, you’ll also be headed to Marsalim and Northreach anyway, so might as well grab some extras. You only probably need one though. I’m not sure getting multiples is worth the time investment in terms of save scumming.

That about does it for the Octopath Traveler Stealing Guide. Obviously there are more things you can steal in Octopath Traveler, but those are the best things you can steal.

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