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Philosophy & Spirituality

Digital and Spiritual Nihilism Official Media Canon

These are artworks that have embedded themes, concepts and messages that reflect the philosophies of digital and spiritual nihilism. I’m going to split them into different sections, based on the terms we use to discuss […]

screen shot 2017 01 05 at 2 59 08 pm Review: Yvette Young & Covet

Review: Yvette Young & Covet

This is a review of Yvette Young and her band Covet. If you’re not familiar with Yvette Young and her band Covet, I’m not entirely sure what to tell you. Internet… better. Yvette is a […]

of monsters and men a melodic odysseynbsp 1 Top 5 Best Of Monsters and Men Songs

Top 5 Best Of Monsters and Men Songs

Here are the top 5 best Of Monsters and Men songs. Of Monsters and Men are a great band, easily in my top 5 bands currently. I’ve listened to most of their discography multiple times […]