frostpunk winterhome nolazy

How to Beat Frostpunk Fall of Winterhome

Frostpunk came out with a new free DLC campaign called The Fall of Winterhome yesterday. It’s more of what makes Frostpunk great, defying death in the arctic wilderness, but it’s also easily the most difficult […]

Shadowrun Hong Kong nolazy

The Most Broken Build in Shadowrun Hong Kong

Shadowrun Hong Kong is an amazing indie game by Harebrained Schemes. The whole Shadowrun series is great. I’ve played through Dragonfall and Hong Kong both a number of times. I want to say… probably about […]

stories2 Game Review - Stories, Path of Destinies

Game Review – Stories, Path of Destinies

Stories, Path of Destinies is a delightful indie aRPG from Spearhead Games with a choose-your-own-adventure narrative structure that came out in 2016. I went to go pick up Spearhead’s newest game, Omensight, when I noticed […]