Westworld Season 3 Review: Full On Cyberpunk Dystopia

This is the official Bright Rock Media Westworld Season 3 Review. Westworld season 3 completes the transformation of Westworld from an enigmatic, thought-provoking, philosophical thriller to the cyberpunk action movie it was always destined to […]

spiritual nihilism
Philosophy & Spirituality

Digital and Spiritual Nihilism Official Media Canon

These are artworks that have embedded themes, concepts and messages that reflect the philosophies of digital and spiritual nihilism. I’m going to split them into different sections, based on the terms we use to discuss […]

picard My Thoughts on Star Trek: Picard So Far

My Thoughts on Star Trek: Picard So Far

Star Trek: Picard just released its fourth episode and since I’ve been keeping up with the show, I think it’s time for me to offer my thoughts so far. It is certainly a departure from […]