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Best Fae Tactics Characters TIER LIST

This Best Fae Tactics Characters Tier List will break down the strengths and weaknesses of all 10 Fae Tactics party members so you know who’s worth a slot in your party.

If you’re playing Fae Tactics, you’re going to come across multiple party members that are available to include in your party. There are 10 Fae Tactics characters you can use and only 3 available slots on any given map. As a result, you’re going to want to know which Fae Tactics characters are the best and which ones you’re generally going to want to leave on the bench.

Note that this list is only for leader characters and doesn’t count the various summoned monsters you can add to your team. If you’re interested in the summons, check out the Top 5 Best Fae Tactics Summons list.

I should also note that because of the nature of the elemental mechanics in Fae Tactics, there are certain maps that encourage you to switch up your character roster. Still, certain characters are definitely better than others.

With the introduction out of the way, here is the Best Fae Tactics Characters Tier List:

S Tier – Best Fae Tactics Characters


best fae tactics characters claudia

Claudia is a pretty much a must-have for a lot of the game. She makes every fight she participates in infinitely easier. Every aspect of her arsenal contributes to her being by far the best character in the game.

She has two convenient auras, each of which comes in handy in every battle. She has a healing aura that passively heals and revives all nearby allies every round, and she also has a passive damaging aura that deals decent damage and reduces the death counter for wounded enemies every round.

Claudia’s auras alone would make her the best character in the game on their own merit, but then in addition to that her weapon choices are exceptional. She has an Arcane gun that deals damage in a splash AoE, a Fire gun that bounces, and a fairly standard Water gun that rounds out her elemental coverage.

Her offensive special ability and her assist special ability are both probably the best special abilities in the game. Her offensive special ability attacks all enemies in a huge AoE, activates her weapon effects (i.e. Chaining for the Fire Gun or Splash for the Arcane Gun) and has a high chance to inflict the relevant elemental curse (i.e. Haunt or Burn).

Claudia’s assist special ability heals and permanently increases the maximum HP for all party members and it’s probably the best defensive ability in the game. It’s indispensable during boss fights.

All of this combines to make Claudia easily the best of the best when it comes to the best Fae Tactics characters. She has no rival.

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A Tier – Best Fae Tactics Characters


best fae tactics characters erisolde

Erisolde is kind of a one-trick pony, but her trick is to do a lot of damage from huge range and attack 3 times per round, so it’s a pretty good trick.

Erisolde’s weapon selection is fairly lackluster. She has 2 physical elemental guns with her default gun being objectively the better weapon of the two. She also has access to an Earth Elemental gun, but it’s only useful on maps where most enemies are weak to Earth and even then, arguable.

All you really need to do is give Erisolde the Stigandr scroll that increases movement by 1/2 and have her pick off enemies around map and she’s good to go.

Because almost every boss fight features infinitely spawning trash mobs that Erisolde can usually kill in one hit and ranged attacks activated followups from melee units, combining Erisolde with a handful of melee attackers is usually the best way to burn down bosses.

Erisolde’s ultra does have a pretty ridiculous orb requirement (15), but when it is available, it can seriously chunk off a boss’s HP. I’ve seen it casually deal 1800+ damage.

Out of all of the best Fae Tactics characters, it’s hard to argue that Erisolde isn’t top-tier.

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Tom Tildrum

best fae tactics characters tom tildrum

Among the 3 hidden Fae Tactics characters, Tom Tildrum may seem like a bit of a joke character at first, but he is by far the tankiest character you have at your disposal. When equipped with his second weapon, he’s capable of covering your entire team with the Protection wait skill.

His HP and defense are both exceptional and although his attack power is fairly low, the counterattacks he performs when guarding allies are capable of freezing enemies, which is one of the most useful curses you can apply to enemies because it takes them totally out of the fight.

He’s not a lost cause offensively either, because his ultra is powerful and is almost always available due to its low orb cost and the rate at which Tom accumulates orbs while protecting.

Tom’s special ability unleashes a cascade of icicles that bounce enemies backwards and can hit up to 3 enemies multiple times. It outright kills most enemies in the game if you use it at close range and the enemies aren’t immune to knockback.

Finally, Tom has an aura that unlocks as he levels up that permanently increases all nearby allies’ defense, including his own, by 3 every round, even further increasing his tankiness.

Among the Fae Tactics characters, Tom is definitely a good choice for a teammate, especially on maps where enemies are weak to Ice.

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B Tier – Best Fae Tactics Characters


best fae tactics characters red

One of the 3 hidden Fae Tactics characters, Red is probably the most powerful melee attacker. In addition to that, he’s fast, he’s fairly sturdy, and he’s capable of sustaining himself because his ultra ability heals him and raises his max HP if it’s used to finish off an enemy.

Between a max rank Hopeless Scroll and his Special stat attributes, he can get his ultra orb requirement down to 5, meaning he can be throwing out his ultra attack pretty much every other round. Sometimes multiple times per round.

Red snowballs exceptionally well. If you’re able to kill multiple enemies with his ultra in a single map, he becomes the sole character who can chunk off huge amounts of a boss’s health bar. Kill 5+ enemies with his ultra on a boss map and watch him whack that 12000 HP boss for 400-600 damage while your other characters struggle to break into triple digits.

Because he’s a melee attacker, he also performs followup attacks on any enemy he’s standing next to, further increasing his utility for chunking huge amounts of HP off of bosses and leaders.

To top it off, Red also has a fairly good spread of elements, including Fire, Ice and Electric weapons. His electric weapon isn’t melee, but it does have a unique pull mechanic.

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best fae tactics characters matilda

Matilda is one of the 3 hidden Fae Tactics characters.

Her normal attack is not particularly strong, but it’s capable of hitting multiple enemies in a line since it’s a beam attack. Combine that with the fact that her elemental coverage is very strong (Wind, Electric and Arcane) and she’s usually capable of getting a fair amount of crits.

Matilda is also uniquely capable of dropping totems, which absorb ~4 attacks for your team. These defensive totems are a strong defensive option, especially in boss fights where bosses are routinely capable of one-shotting at least one of your characters every round.

Where Matilda really shines, though, is her ultra. The AoE on her ultra ability is massive, and it hits every enemy in the AoE multiple times. This ultra will kill most low level enemies, will probably kill leaders, and will absolutely execute any wounded leaders waiting around. To top it off, it doesn’t have a huge orb requirement so it’s regularly available.

Matilda is kind of a pain to recruit, but she’s worth it. Definitely one of the better Fae Tactics characters.

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C Tier – Best Fae Tactics Characters


best fae tactics characters chico

Chico is one of your starting Fae Tactics characters and he remains decent throughout most of the game. He’s the only tank you have through much of the game and he’s useful purely for that reason for a long time.

Once you have other (better) tanks available in the form of Tom Tildrum or the Dust Lute summon, Chico remains fairly capable as a damage dealer, especially once he gets his hands on his Lightning elemental Stormwulf weapon.

Lightning is a fairly rare element to have access to and it give Chico a niche he wouldn’t otherwise have, but ultimately it’s difficult to think of a reason why you’d ever want Chico in your party.

If you’re looking for a tank, Tom Tildrum is almost always better except on Fire-heavy maps, in which case Dust Lute is better since its counter hits 4 times.

If you’re looking for a damage dealer, it’s hard to make a case for Chico over Red unless it’s a map with lots of Arcane or Robotic enemies, in which can Matilda is probably the stronger option.

Out of all the Fae Tactics characters, Chico lands somewhere around the middle. Not great, not horrible.

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best fae tactics characters peony

Peony, despite being the main character and being required in every battle, is not great. If you don’t count Talismans and Summons (both of which require Peony), she’s a mediocre fighter.

Peony’s main saving grace is her elemental versatility. She can change the element of her default weapon by equipping scrolls, which means you can always outfit Peony to have an elemental advantage on every map.

Her ultra is decent — nowhere near as good as Claudia’s or Matilda’s, but decent. She’s average or slightly above average in every category, but nothing to write home about.

Her offensive isn’t great, but it’s not terrible. Her defense isn’t great, but it’s not terrible. Her weapons are decent, but not exceptional. She gets a fairly useful Ice elemental spear and a somewhat useless Earth elemental tanking hammer. Why you’d want Peony to be your tank when Tom Tildrum and the Dust Lute summon exist, I have no idea.

It’s kind of a shame Peony is among the most mediocre Fae Tactics characters, because you have to use her in every fight.

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best fae tactics characters payachin

Payachin is your standard healer. It’s almost required to equip a Friendship scroll on him so that his assist skill (a powerful heal) can have an effect on your whole team.

Outside of that healing utility, which pales in comparison to Claudia’s heals even with a Friendship scroll, Payachin pretty much exists to deal low damage with his standard attacks and to reduce enemy defense.

The defense-reduction is fairly useful, but you could always just equip Claudia with a Ruinous scroll and that eliminates Payachin’s entire utility as a character.

Payachin’s elemental coverage is horrible. He’s only Water elemental, which has the most weaknesses of any element, and his final weapon, which makes him a melee attacker is straight up bad. He does get the aquatic bonus, which drastically increases his stats in water, which is nice. Water is available on almost every map. He can use his EX skill to change his element to Electric, which is nice, although I question how often you would really make use of that skill.

The reason Payachin is in C Tier and not lower is because even though Claudia outperforms him in every way, he’s still the second best healer/support option when it comes to Fae Tactics characters. He’s not terrible. If you use him, he’ll feel useful. He’s just way worse than Claudia and deals low damage, even after his evolution.

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D Tier – Best Fae Tactics Characters


best fae tactics characters pichon

Pichon is a pretty cool character and is actually a fairly decent physical attacker. Because his physical attack is a combo attack, he generates ultra orbs fairly quickly. Unfortunately, his ultra requirement is pretty high (12), and his ultra has no additional effects besides bonus damage.

He feels exceptionally powerful when you first get him, but he quickly tapers off. He’s nowhere near as strong as Red, and his elemental choices (Wind and Fire) aren’t as strong as Chico’s (Fire and Electric).

Pichon is fast and has good movement range, but this tends to mean he tends to bite off more than he can chew and dies a lot. His defense is bolstered by high evasion and a good chance to parry attacks, but if he gets surrounded, which he tends to, it’s still lights out for him. Bosses love to one-shot Pichon.

All-in-all, Pichon tends to be more of a liability than he is an asset. He’s not like Red who can manfight half the map and come out of it with full HP and +150 extra attack from his ultra. Pichon, instead, will run into a group of enemies, get one to half HP, and then die.

But he’ll look good doing it. In my opinion, he has the coolest battle animations of all the Fae Tactics characters.

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best fae tactics characters orowantus

Orowantus may be the lowest rated team member on this Fae Tactics characters tier list, but she’s not horrible. She has good range and is capable of inflicting useful curses with a high affliction rate. Her damage is fairly high as well.

The main thing Orowantus has going against her is that her core element, Earth, is not generally very useful except against Electric enemies, which are fairly rare. Her other weapons are underwhelming. As an Arcane element, she’s just a weaker version of Claudia without any healing utility.

Her final weapon, an Ice elemental weapon with starfall (100% bird’s eye bonus on every shot) is fairly powerful but you have so many options for Ice between Peony, Red and Tom Tildrum that it’s hard to justify a spot for Orowantus even on Ice-heavy maps.

Altogether, she’s mostly outclassed by Erisolde when it comes to being a ranged damage dealer, and her elemental coverage is outclassed by other party members as well. When your roster is still small at the start of the game, Orowantus is pretty good.

While I do think she’s the least useful of the Fae Tactics characters, I don’t think she’s horrible. Just generally outclassed.

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That about covers it when it comes to the Best Fae Tactics Characters Tier List. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more guides like this. Click here for more content related to Fae Tactics.


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