Best Hades Rail Aspect TIER LIST

Wondering what the best Hades rail aspect is? This Hades Rail Aspect Guide is the guide for you. Best Hades Rail Aspects broken down & reviewed!

If you’re playing the wonderful new aRPG Hades, you’re going to want to learn everything you can about the various weapon aspects so you can know which weapons you want to focus on leveling up with your Titan Blood.

This Hades Rail Aspect Guide will cover all of the Hades Rail Aspects that are available so you can know the pros and cons of each one.

Best Hades Aspects Tier Lists

Hades is fairly well-balanced, so keep in mind while you’re reading through this list that some weapons may simply fit certain builds or playstyles better. Even if there is a weapon that’s generally better than the others, another weapon may be better for you. That’s why I’m putting a big focus in breaking down the pros, cons and potential build synergies for each of the Hades Rail Aspects.

Without further ado, here is the Best Hades Rail Aspect Guide.

S Tier – Best Hades Rail Aspects

What prevents the Hades rail aspects from reaching S Tier, for me, is that the build options for them are so limited. They don’t make great use of casting builds, they don’t get very much out of most attack or special boons, and regardless of your weapon choice, they’re almost completely reliant on Zeus’s attack boon and hammers.

Artemis is good on a few of them, but most weapons you can pretty much make the best of whatever you find. With rails, you’re pretty much looking at Zeus or Artemis, depending on your weapon, or you’re going through your run on hard mode.

A Tier – Best Hades Rail Aspects

Aspect of Eris

best hades rail aspects eris

The bonus damage buff this weapon provides is significant, easy to activate and lasts for a fairly significant amount of time. If you get in the rhythm of reloading by launching the special when your clip gets empty, which is not difficult to do, this weapon basically offers a permanent 75% damage bonus. Nothing to scoff at.

Unlike the Aspect of Lucifer, you have some amount of choice when it comes to your build, since you don’t need Zeus’s bounces to activate the special attack. You could go Aphrodite special/Artemis attack to get big crits with Heart Rend activated. As with all of the Hades rail aspects, Zeus attack is phenomenal due to the high rate of fire on the weapon.

Also unlike the Aspect of Lucifer, Eris can take advantage of the many excellent hammer upgrades that are available to rails like Concentrated Fire, Flurry Fire and Triple Bomb, and there is a lot more versatility of choice there as well.

Aspect of Lucifer

best hades rail aspects lucifer

Aspect of Lucifer is an incredible weapon if, and only if, you roll with the Zeus attack boon and manage to pick up some of the better Lucifer-specific hammers during your run.

Zeus’s attack boon is even more necessary on Lucifer than it is on any of the other Hades rail aspects because its chain lightning effect sets off the Hellfire orbs that the Lucifer launches as its special attack.

If you don’t get Zeus’s attack boon, this weapon goes from being incredible to being garbage very quickly. The hammer upgrades Flash Fire (fasting startup time) and Concentrated Beam (faster damage ramp-up) are also pretty much necessary. For your special your have a little more leeway. I like Ares. Artemis can also be good.

Altogether, that means that unlike most of the best weapons in the game, Aspect of Lucifer basically has one build. It’s a great build, don’t get me wrong, but where a weapon like Aspect of Guan Yu can decimate enemies regardless of the RNG you get for boons, Lucifer needs 3 specific boons or its effectiveness is dramatically reduced.

B Tier – Best Hades Rail Aspects

Aspect of Hestia

best hades rail aspects hestia

Hestia is an excellent weapon and I put it beneath Eris simply because the Eris buff is so easy to keep active if you embrace the playstyle it encourages. Hestia is a little more user-friendly in the sense that you can stay at range and blast away. It also gets tremendous utility out of Artemis attack, because the empowered base shot, which is very strong, can also crit.

Reloading manually is also kind of a chore if you’ve gotten used to dashing or throwing the special as your primary means of reloading, but that’s not a huge deal.

Unlike the other rails, Hestia gets a bigger benefit from attack boons that increase damage by a percentage (namely, Artemis, but also Athena, Poseidon and Aphrodite) rather than taking advantage of the Hades rail aspects’ high rate of fire to rapidly activate procs (Zeus, Dionysus, Demeter).

If you’re specifically looking to do an Aphrodite/Artemis heart rend build with the rail, Hestia should probably be your first choice.

C Tier – Best Hades Rail Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus

best hades rail aspects zagreus

There’s nothing terrible about the default rail, it’s just that bonus ammo capacity is more of a luxury than an actual damage increase. Because the gameplay of Hades encourages so much mobility via dashing even when you’re equipped with a gun, reloading is not such a big deal.

Having the extra ammo is actually very convenient, since it halves the amount of time you spend reloading, but it just doesn’t compare to the damage increases that Eris and Hestia get, nor does it compare to the complete kit upgrade you get from Aspect of Lucifer.

Still, the amount of blood required to max out a Zagreus weapon aspect is miniscule so why not max this one out while you’re working on collecting the blood for your other weapons?

That about covers it when it comes to the best Hades rail aspects. Be sure to check out more Hades Game Guides, check out the Main Page for everything the site has to offer and click here to subscribe to my new Bright Rock Media YouTube channel where I’m posting game reviews, site updates and occasionally some other types of content.


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