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Borderlands 3 Bloodletter Farm & Location Guide

If you’re playing Borderlands 3, you may have heard of the Bloodletter, widely considered to be Moze’s best legendary class mod for anyone investing heavily into her Shield of Retribution tree. This guide will tell you all you need to know about what the Bloodletter is capable of and where to farm it.

Borderlands 3 Bloodletter Traits

borderlands 3 bloodletter

Bloodletter’s bonus is purely defensive. It gives her a big bonus to her shield delay and recharge rate, and it makes any source of healing refill her shields as well. This may seem like a pretty milquetoast bonus, but if you’re specced heavily into Shields of Retribution, what you do is you pair this thing with a Deathless artifact, which sets HP to 1, doubles your shield capacity and gives a ton of health regen (which is shield regen with this mod).

That equipment setup, when combined with several of Moze’s red tree skills (Thin Red Line, Selfless Vengeance, Desperate Measures) creates a very strong synergy that vastly increases not only Moze’s damage but also her survivability. It just so happens, as well, that many of the skills that work well with the Bloodletter/Deathless combo are given bonuses by Bloodletter: the aforementioned Thin Red Line and Desperate Measures, as well as Phalanx Doctrine.

In my opinion this setup still isn’t as strong as her Blast Master setup no matter how clever it feels to put it together, but it’s probably a close second for Moze. Moze isn’t like the other Vault Hunters where she has one incredibly broken thing that’s immeasurably better than everything else. She tends to be the least powerful character overall, but her typical builds, mods, etc., are all pretty similar in power, with Blast Master being probably 5% better than Bloodletter/Deathless and maybe 10% better than everything else.


Almost all of the non-DLC class mods drop in the option Eridian Proving Grounds trials you can pick up late in the game on various maps. Bloodletter is one of these Proving Grounds drops, and the trial it drops in is the Trial of Survival, which you unlock in Devil’s Razor.

trialofsurvival Borderlands 3 Bloodletter Farm & Location Guide

If the quest marker isn’t available yet, just keep playing through the game. It’ll show up eventually. Once it’s there, interact with it to give Sanctuary the option to travel to the Gradient of Dawn Map. Bloodletter drops off the boss of that area, the Skag of Survival.

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Skag of Survival also drops Zane’s Executor mod which is pretty good if you don’t have the Moxxi’s Heist DLC. You can’t chain farm the Eridian Trials bosses, so you’ll have to go through the trial every time you want a shot at some drops, but it doesn’t take too long to knock out a trial. You should be able to get your hands on that Bloodletter in no time. Good luck!

Anyway, that about does it for how to get the Bloodletter legendary class mod in Borderlands 3. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this and also check out the Borderlands 3 Section for game guides for Borderlands including builds, tips, best guns, character reviews and more.


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