Best Hades Shield Aspect TIER LIST

Wondering what the best Hades shield aspect is? This Hades Shield Aspect Guide is the guide for you. Best Hades Shield Aspects broken down & reviewed!

If you’re playing the wonderful new aRPG Hades, you’re going to want to learn everything you can about the various weapon aspects so you can know which weapons you want to focus on leveling up with your Titan Blood.

This Hades Shield Aspect Guide will cover all of the Hades Shield Aspects that are available so you can know the pros and cons of each one.

Best Hades Aspects Tier Lists

Hades is fairly well-balanced, so keep in mind while you’re reading through this list that some weapons may simply fit certain builds or playstyles better. Even if there is a weapon that’s generally better than the others, another weapon may be better for you. That’s why I’m putting a big focus in breaking down the pros, cons and potential build synergies for each of the Hades Shield Aspects.

Without further ado, here is the Best Hades Shield Aspect Guide.

S Tier – Best Hades Shield Aspects

Aspect of Chaos

best hades shield aspects chaos

The Aspect of Chaos is a little underwhelming until you rank it up to level 4 or 5, at which point is becomes one of the best weapons in the game. Defensively, it’s incredible, since like most shields it blocks incoming attacks while charging its Bull Rush ability, and its special ability encourages you to Bull Rush constantly.

Once the Aspect of Chaos starts throwing out 4-5 shields with every special, if you combine it with Dionysus or Ares, it can quicky clear rooms and rapidly melt bosses. If you find the hammer upgrade that speeds up your Bull Rush charge (Sudden Rush), all the better. I would avoid the hammer that allows your shield to bounce because it actually delays your ability to Bull Rush, since you have to wait longer for the shield to return to you.

In my opinion, Ares on attack and Dionysus on special is the way to go with this Aspect, especially with Privileged Status activated on your mirror.

The shields themselves don’t do a huge amount of damage, so you want Dionysus, Ares or Zeus, whose damage is independent of weapon base damage. Having tried them all multiple times, I’d recommend Dionysus. In fact, you should probably wear the Dionysus accessory when starting a run with this shield so you don’t have any chance of getting screwed by RNG. Without Dionysus special, Aspect of Chaos goes down probably 2 tiers.

A Tier – Best Hades Shield Aspects

Aspect of Beowulf

best hades shield aspects beowulf

Aspect of Beowulf is a bit wacky because you take additional damage and the mechanic is somewhat cumbersome. Still, the amount of burst damage you can output with this thing is insane, and you get your shards back instantly, which allows you to use Infernal Soul instead of Stygian Soul for more base shards.

This thing is perfect for a Hunting Blades build, which is mostly an Ares cast build with Artemis as the secondary priority to unlock the Hunting Blades duo. Trippy Shot from Dionysus is another good option, especially if you manage to get High Tolerance and the Zeus duo boon. However, it’s great with a variety of different casting abilities, including Aphrodite’s, which is typically underwhelming due to its short range. Poseidon is another good option.

The mechanic of charging the shield and Bull Rushing itself is a little clunky, and oftentimes it feels like you’d output more damage if you just equipped Aspect of Poseidon and ran around casting normally with the increased cast damage, but nevertheless, it’s hard to argue with the utility of the Beowulf shield when you watch Hades’s health melt rapidly from standing in a pool of blades.

B Tier – Best Hades Shield Aspects

Aspect of Zeus

best hades shield aspects zeus

What makes the Aspect of Zeus good is that you can continue attacking while the shield is out, so the idea here is to launch the shield on top of an enemy (or boss) and continuously attack, then recall the shield once it gets out of range, so it does even more damage on the way back.

Once you get the hang of that playstyle, it’s a powerful and satisfying way to play. Essentially it’s a free Slicing Shot. It’s also fairly versatile, as a wide variety of different attack and special boons can be effective. You can do Aphrodite/Artemis for Heart Rend, Demeter or Dionysus special to take advantage of the multiple hits, etc.

Demeter’s cast boon is a nice option to pick up as well because it adds even more sources of stacking damage.

C Tier – Best Hades Shield Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus

best hades shield aspects zagreus

Aspect of Zagreus is just… standard. It’s uninteresting. It gets slightly higher base damage on its attack, which is just a completely uncompelling reason to ever equip it or level it up once you’ve unlocked any of the other Hades shield aspects.

Because the shield aspect has some inherent knockback, it tends to work well with Poseidon since he gets a bunch of boons that increase the damage from slamming enemies into walls and each other.

Other than that, it’s just a very standard and somewhat boring playstyle. It doesn’t get anything special that can’t be done better with one of the other shields. Its focus is clearly on its normal attack, and Zeus is a much, much better option for that.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Hades shield aspects. Be sure to check out more Hades Game Guides, check out the Main Page for everything the site has to offer and click here to subscribe to my new Bright Rock Media YouTube channel where I’m posting game reviews, site updates and occasionally some other types of content.


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