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Best Triangle Strategy Characters TIER LIST

This Best Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List will tell you which Triangle Strategy characters are good and bad so you can build the best Triangle Strategy team.

If you’re playing Triangle Strategy, you’re going to want to know which Triangle Strategy characters are the best and which ones are the worst so that you can build the most effective squad that you can.

In Triangle Strategy characters have unique skillsets and fill specific roles so it’s also important to know which roles the best Triangle Strategy characters fulfill.

This best Triangle Strategy characters tier list is intended to give you a rundown of all the characters and their strengths/weaknesses. As with all character tier lists it’s somewhat subjective. I can tell you I played through Triangle Strategy 4 times to collect all the characters and leveled all characters to max level. I used even the weakest characters in at least several battles.

In Triangle Strategy characters kind of fulfill one of five roles: soldiers, tanks, archers, mages and support. That’s not official in any way, that’s just my view. I think that’s important to keep in mind as we go through the list. For example, Erador is the best tank, even though he’s not the best character. It’s important to keep things like that in mind.

With all that out of the way, let’s go ahead and get into the best Triangle Strategy characters tier list. There are a ton of them, so stay with me.

S Tier – Best Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List


best triangle strategy characters tier list frederica

Triangle Strategy is a game where mages tend to dominate and Frederica, in my experience, is the best of them. She has powerful, ranged nukes that tend to make her the lead damage dealer in most battles. Additionally, once you upgrade her enough, she gets TP back on every kill, making her able to cast nukes every turn without the help of a TP support character. She doesn’t have any flashy gimmicks. She’s just a reliable high damage mage, and she tends to be the MVP in terms of damage dealt and kills secured.


best triangle strategy characters tier list milo

Milo is a fantastic character who has a lot of mobility, survivability, damage and status effects. The main thing that gives her both mobility and survivability is that she can move twice each turn, meaning she can move in to attack and then retreat back to where she started on the same turn. Her bread and butter attack does comparable damage to most physical attackers’ mainstay attack, but also poisons. Finally, her weapon skill, an area of effect charm skill, is enormously useful.


best triangle strategy characters tier list avlora

Among the best Triangle Strategy characters is Avlora, who is also the most difficult character to unlock. You won’t be able to get her unless you get the golden ending. Avlora simply stands out as the all-around strongest of what I would call the ‘soldier’ type units (Serenoa, Maxwell, Travis, Roland, etc). She has high health, the highest damage and high defense. Getting her on your team takes a fair amount of pre-planning, but once she joins she definitely holds her own.


best triangle strategy characters tier list cordelia

There are only a handful of healers in Triangle Strategy and Cordelia is the best of them. Unlike the other healers, Cordelia has a full healing toolkit including a regen spell, a standard heal and an area of effect heal, as well as a passive that lets her generate TP quickly. Geela, the other main healer, lacks most of these tools. Cordelia is pretty much a straight upgrade for Geela.

She appears at a decision point in Chapter 15 where you can optionally recruit 1 of 4 characters (Milo, Cordelia, Travis or Trish). Milo and Cordelia are the real prizes and I highly recommend picking up Cordelia on your first playthrough unless you’re going for the golden ending (in which case you’ll get Milo). Definitely among the best Triangle Strategy characters.

A Tier – Best Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List


best triangle strategy characters tier list serenoa

Serenoa is another one of the ‘soldier’ units, like Avlora, and he’s consistently strong. His utility is largely owed to his long distance nuke, Hawk Dive, which deals a large amount of damage from a safe distance. He also has an area of effect skill in Sweeping Slash that’s useful.

Serenoa’s toolkit isn’t particularly flashy but it is effective. I found in my playthroughs that he pulled his weight. He can stand on the frontline and absorb damage with his high health and defense, and he tends to chunk enemy health off every time his turn comes up. Definitely among the best Triangle Strategy characters.


best triangle strategy characters tier list corentin

As I mentioned with Frederica, a lot of the best Triangle Strategy characters are mages. The game is just tuned in such a way that mages feel powerful. In my opinion, Corentin is the second best of the mages, mostly because once he unlocks the ability, he gains an extra TP every round if he’s standing on a frozen panel.

If you’re using Corentin, freezing panels is effortless, and most of the time finding a frozen panel to end Corentin’s turn on is a piece of cake, making him able to dish out high damage nukes every turn. His magic power isn’t quite as high as Frederica’s, who has passive damage-boosting skills, but he’s still a powerhouse. Definitely among the best Triangle Strategy characters.


best triangle strategy characters tier list maxwell

Maxwell is one of the characters you recruit once your conviction gets extremely high, usually you’ll get him on your second playthrough. He’s basically a better version of Roland. He’s slightly stronger than Roland and has more mobility since he has a movement skill like Milo.

The reason Maxwell really stands out, though, is his passive Revive ability, effectively making him the most high-health character in the game because he gets two health bars. He also has a ranged option, unlike Roland, which comes in handy. Definitely among the best Triangle Strategy characters.


best triangle strategy characters tier list geela

Geela is, for most of the game (or the entire game, if you don’t recruit Cordelia) the only reliable, dedicated main healer you’re going to get and that alone makes her one of the best Triangle Strategy characters. You need a healer, and Geela tends to be your only option.

As far as healers go, she’s pretty good. She’s great at reliably healing a single character to full every turn. She also gets a haste spell that’s of questionable utility, but it gives her something to do when no one needs any healing.


best triangle strategy characters tier list narve

Mages tend to rank among the best Triangle Strategy characters and Narve is no exception. His spells are more powerful than Corentin’s, but he doesn’t have a way to reliably self-sustain his TP, so every couple of turns he needs to sit out to recover TP.

For that reason, it’s hard to rank him above Corentin. Still, his lightning spell does a ton of damage and tends to paralyze enemies regularly, taking them out of the fight completely. His Whirlwind spell also has a gigantic area of effect and an interesting secondary effect of turning enemies around. Definitely among the best Triangle Strategy characters.


best triangle strategy characters tier list medina

Medina may seem like a bit of a gimmick character at first since she’s your typical RPG item-focused gimmick character. The problem with the item focused characters in Triangle Strategy is that money tends to be tight and you’re more likely to sell items to pay for upgrades than delay upgrades to pay for items.

However, in practice Medina is useful even with the most basic healing items. Not because of her healing, but because she generates TP whenever she uses an item on an ally. If you have the money for it, she’s also a better healer in general than Geela or, arguably, Cordelia (both can heal an AoE to full health so it’s hard to argue one is ‘better’), but that’s the main issue with Medina — her heals cost money.

B Tier – Best Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List


best triangle strategy characters tier list roland

Roland is alright, as far as soldier units go. He has a decent skillset that includes single target nukes and the ability to hit enemies in a line. He also has high mobility but I’m not sure how much value that really has; unlike Milo, Groma or Anna, Roland really can’t survive if he gets out in front your squad.

His damage output is only medium, with the exception of Four Dragons which does tend to either one-hit kill enemies or put them in critical condition. Still, he’s a reliable unit and decently strong. I think he ranks among the best Triangle Strategy units.


best triangle strategy characters tier list anna

Anna is a fun unit to use. She gets to take two actions every round and has access to stealth, poison, sleep and a solid single-target nuke. Her versatility and survivability make her rank among the best Triangle Strategy units.

Her damage output tends to drop off towards the end of the game or on the second playthrough. She fills a very similar niche to Milo and, in my opinion, Milo is better, but Anna is quite strong as well.

She may not do quite as much damage as some other character, but her damage is decent and she tends to be able to take on small groups of enemies by herself since she can put them to sleep and take them on one by one. Anna is useful and I think deserves a spot in B Tier among the best Triangle Strategy characters.


best triangle strategy characters tier list hughette

The best Triangle Strategy characters tend to be mages, not archers, but archers are decent enough as well. They deal less damage and tend to only hit single targets, but don’t have to rely on TP to deal damage so they can reliably deal damage every turn.

Hughette is the best of the archers due both to her ability to fly and to her weapon skill Shooting Star, which is a high damage nuke. Hughette tends to be able to get very good positioning. It’s a blessing in disguise that her attack skills are lackluster because that means she just saves up TP every turn for Shooting Star.

Since she reliably deals damage every turn, it may not appear to be much, but it adds up. I’d rank her among the best Triangle Strategy characters.


best triangle strategy characters tier list decimal

Decimal is an interesting little character who’s clearly an homage to Final Fantasy Tactics’ Calculator class. He’s actually pretty good among the best Triangle Strategy characters even though his shtick is kind of a gimmick. He can usually deal medium-high damage to, on average, about 3 enemies every other turn.

He has to rest to build up TP, which is a bit different, and that’s why he’s not higher tier. It’s because of his mobility. If the map you’re on requires your team to advance, Decimal will end up far behind your front line and need a few turns to catch up. Still I think he’s one of the better characters among the best Triangle Strategy characters.


best triangle strategy characters tier list erador

Erador is the best of the tanks available in this game and that makes him among the best Triangle Strategy characters all on its own. He may not be as useful early on where tanking is not particularly necessary, but later on when enemies start being able to swarm your frontliners to take them down, Erador’s usefulness skyrockets.

He has everything you’d want in a tank. He has an area of effect taunt, high defense, the ability to make himself invincible. He even does decent damage in the form of counterattacks. His weapon skill, which taunts everything around him and gives him invincibility, is amazing for a tank. Definitely worth a slot on your team, probably among the best Triangle Strategy characters.

The only reason he’s not higher is that most of the time you just don’t need a tank at all in this game, but when you do need one, Erador is the one to choose.


best triangle strategy characters tier list rudolph

Aside from Hughette, who can fly, the remaining Triangle Strategy archers are all pretty much interchangeable. They’re somewhat different but they accomplish the same things as one another. They all attack with bows and have a medium-damage single target nuke. It’s useful to have archers on your team, but not as useful as mages.

I’d rank the archers as being roughly the same in terms of ranking among the best Triangle Strategy characters, with Hughette slightly above the rest. Rudolph is no different. He has the ability to put enemies to sleep, which is somewhat useful, and a mediocre area of effect attack.


best triangle strategy characters tier list archibald

Archibald is probably the strongest of the archers, strictly speaking, from a pure damage perspective. His toolkit isn’t very well-rounded, though. He basically has a collection of single-target nukes at varying TP levels. Edged Arrow for 2 TP, Inescapable Arrow for 3 TP, Piercing Arrow for 4 TP. However, his mobility is bad and while he may seem to do more damage, I think Hughette does damage more consistently and her one big nuke is better than Archibald’s overly redundant skillset.


best triangle strategy characters tier list trish

Trish is alright as far as archers go. The main problem with her is that you have to choose between her and Milo, Cordelia or Travis, all of which are arguably better units than her. She does decent damage and she gets to act twice every so often once you unlock her weapon skill, but other than that she’s just another archer with little to differentiate her from Rudolph or Archibald. There’s nothing special about her that would really make you want to go out of your way to recruit her. If you happen to get her, though, she’s alright.


best triangle strategy characters tier list julio

Julio is a deceptively good unit. His ability to grant TP to allies not only gives him something to do every turn, but is also convenient. If you have Julio around, that means your mages will be swimming in TP, able to get off their spells every turn without issue. He’s also one of the ‘soldier’ type units and, while he’s more of a support/soldier hybrid, he’s able to dish out decent damage.

He doesn’t have the dedicated attacker toolkit of Roland or Serenoa, but he does have a bread and butter single target attack, and it’s magic damage so it penetrates physical defense. Julio’s a pretty good unit, probably worth a spot on most teams.


best triangle strategy characters tier list ezana

As a mage, you’d expect Ezana to be among the best Triangle Strategy characters, but she lags behind the other mages. She has Narve’s lightning and wind spells, but her toolkit isn’t quite as versatile as Narve’s and she’s not quite as strong. Her weapon skill is really interesting because it hits all enemies on the map, but it takes forever to set up, has abysmal accuracy and requires support characters to pull off in a reasonable amount of time.

First she needs to build up 5 TP, then you need to cast Rite of Rain for 2 TP, then you need to build back to 5 TP before Rite of Rain wears off, then you need to channel for a turn. It takes roughly 7 turns for Ezana to pull off this move by herself, and then when it finally goes off, it unimpressively misses 75% of all enemies, since its base accuracy is only around 25%.

The damage is also mediocre, even with buffs. You can boost the efficacy of this move by using Medina or Julio or another TP-granting support character, but I think it’d really be better to just use a different mage that can do more damage without so much hassle.

C Tier – Best Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List


best triangle strategy characters tier list groma

Groma is one of my favorite units, but objectively she’s not one of the best Triangle Strategy characters. She’s another of the soldier-type units like Serenoa or Roland. In a nutshell, she does decent single target damage and can also deal damage at range. She’s similar to Serenoa in that way, but lacks Serenoa’s area of Effect skills and deals lower damage.

What makes Groma interesting is her high evasion, which gives her a surprising amount of survivability. That’s why I like her, she just tends to not need very much babysitting since she doesn’t need to get up close an personal and dodges a lot of attacks.


best triangle strategy characters tier list travis

Travis is one of the units you can choose from at the big branch in Chapter 15. He’s another one of the soldier type units, and a pretty decent one. He’s very tanky and does a lot of single target damage. He’s also able to help you get more items that you can use to sell in a game where money is somewhat scarce. Still, he’s not very versatile and I wouldn’t rank him among the best Triangle Strategy characters. He has no ranged attacks or area of effect attacks, and taking him means passing up on Milo and Cordelia. He’s also just yet another melee fighter. By the time you get him you’ll already have 4-5 of those.


best triangle strategy characters tier list lionel

Lionel pulls his weight mostly because of his charm skill. Like Travis he’s able to help generate more treasure for you to sell. I found that when I used him he had a pretty decent impact on fights, but definitely not on the same level as Frederica or any of the best Triangle Strategy characters. He’s alright, and I think he deserves a solid spot in C tier.


best triangle strategy characters tier list quahaug

Lots of people love this character, but I think he’s just ok. In practice he’s a haste-bot with a decent heal (the time reversal thing, in practice, is basically just a single target heal), and his stop time ability is mostly used to cast his time bomb skill twice, which is about equal in terms of damage to Frederica casting her big single target nuke once.

I am sure there are some shenanigans you can do with his toolkit involving other characters, but there is such a thing as effort vs. reward. Frederica can kill most units in the game in one hit with 0 setup or assistance. Quahaug is not capable of doing that. He mostly just casts haste.

D Tier – Best Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List


best triangle strategy characters tier list benedict

Benedict is important to the story, but in battle his presence barely makes any difference at all, and definitely not among the best Triangle Strategy characters in my opinion. He’s a support/fighter hybrid like Julio and he specializes in buffs. He’s an awful fighter, just absolutely awful, so he’s mostly a buff bot. His buffs, however, aren’t that impactful.

You have to keep in mind taking Benedict means not taking someone else, so increasing some unit’s damage by a barely noticeable amount comes at the cost of bringing an actually useful unit with you. I used him a lot and every battle I used him in I felt like I wouldn’t have noticed if he wasn’t there at all.


best triangle strategy characters tier list hassabara

Hassabara is a fighter unit with a healing skill. However, in practice, that’s not a particularly good thing to be in this game and definitely not something that would rank her among the best Triangle Strategy characters. The problem is Hassabara can’t be a healer and a fighter at the same time. If she’s healing, she’s not fighting, and vice versa. So, in practice, you use her as either a mediocre healer who can hit things or a mediocre fighter who can heal in between fights. Most of the time you just use her standard physical attack unless you need to heal. Or just don’t bring her with you at all and bring an actual fighter or an actual healer.


best triangle strategy characters tier list jens

Jens is a character with one single really cool skill, which is that he can construct a turret which automatically counterattacks enemies that attack your allies in its range. The turret is actually pretty cool, and useful. The other skills in Jens’s toolkit are awful. Just awful. He has a trap skill, which is a really roundabout and unreliable way to deal a pitiful amount of damage.

He has a ladder, which is supposed to be useful in some situations but is in fact useful in no situations. In fact, he has two useless ladder skills. He has the ability to waste his entire turn to partially delay a single enemy’s turn. He can put enemies to sleep which is somewhat useful. The turret also, while cool, really doesn’t do that much damage, isn’t available until late in the game, and costs 4 TP to cast.


best triangle strategy characters tier list piccoletta

Piccoletta, like Medina, is an item-based character, except in Piccoletta’s case her specialty is attack items. Attack items are expensive, so outside of her weak ‘Ball Toss’ skill, her damage costs money. However, she does have an interesting skill in the form of Decoy, which produces a clone. Decoy is helpful because it legitimately does tank a few hits and enemies tend to target it. Other than that, there’s not much about Piccoletta that would make her a contender to be one of the best Triangle Strategy characters.

F Tier – Best Triangle Strategy Characters Tier List


best triangle strategy characters tier list flanagan

Flanagan is… just awful. Which is a shame because he’s one of the late-game characters you get from maxing out one of the conviction branches. He’s a tank like Erador, but he’s dramatically inferior. He is very tanky, with high defense, high health and excellent mobility.

However, his toolkit isn’t a tanking toolkit. It’s a support and mobility toolkit. So he’s able to get himself into a crowd of enemies, who can completely ignore him while he tickles them with his pathetic damage output. He can raise an ally’s defense or shield a single ally. That’s about it. He would be the worst character in the game, in my opinion, if not for Giovanna.


best triangle strategy characters tier list giovanna

Giovanna is an interesting character with a cool design and a neat concept that harkens back to Final Fantasy Tactics’ Geomancer class. However, she’s terrible, just terrible. The skills available to her are completely dependent on the tile she’s standing on, which is largely outside of your control.

Depending on what tile she’s standing on, she’s either the weakest mage in the game or the worst healer in the game. Without the tile mechanic she’d at least have a little versatility, but the way it plays out in-game, on some maps she’s a terrible mage, and on others she’s a terrible healer. Definitely not one of the best Triangle Strategy characters.

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