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Best Super Mario RPG Characters RANKED

If you’re playing Super Mario RPG you’re going to want to know who the best characters in the game are. Obviously you have great taste in video games since you’re playing Super Mario RPG, so hopefully you’ll have great taste in characters by using only the very best. Super Mario RPG is a game where characters are not balanced super well, so there are definitely winners and losers when it comes to gameplay considerations.

5. Bowser

super mario rpg bowser

Bowser suckkkkkkkkkkkkkks. It’s unfortunate, because Bowser is actually pretty cool, and he seems quite powerful when you get him, but unfortunately, his skills are terrible and his weapon options are weak, so he quickly falls behind other characters. He doesn’t even have a unique ultimate weapon. You just… find it.

4. Mallow – Best Super Mario RPG Characters

super mario rpg mallow

Mallow is decent during most of the game because his lightning spell allows him to clear enemy groups pretty fast, but he falls off in terms of usefulness when characters start getting all their best equipment. His low level AoE lightning stops being very effective against enemy groups, his HP and defense are low, and his physical attack is weak. To be effective he needs to burn through FP, but even burning through FP he’s not really much more effective than anyone else in either random battles or boss fights.

3. Princess Toadstool – Best Super Mario RPG Characters


Toadstool is the only real dedicated healer you have available and in that role she excels. Additionally, when she gets her best weapon, the frying pan, she actually becomes capable of holding her own in a fight and really contributes some nice physical damage. Since Mallow is the only other character capable of healing, and he only has one weak single target heal, Toadstool tends to be a character you want to have in your party all the time.

2. Geno – Best Super Mario RPG Characters


Geno is second only to Mario in terms of effectiveness. His physical attacks are very strong, his magic is on par with Mallow’s (another reason why Mallow is bad), and he stays consistently powerful throughout the entire game from the moment you get him to the very end. He even has the ability to one-hit kill multiple bosses who aren’t flagged correctly to be immune to his Geno Whirl skill.

1. Mario

super mario rpg characters mario

I mean, his name is in the title so you’d expect he’d be good, and he is. Mario is far superior to every other character in almost every way. He’s got the strongest physical attacks consistently throughout the game, and he’s got the strongest magical attacks, as well as above-average defense. To make matters even better for Mario, he gets access to the best equipment in the game by far. Mario decked out with the Lazy Shell weapon and the Super Suit armor will breeze through the game without even having much need for other teammates at all.

RANDOM OPINION, I wish they’d made Johnny the Shark a playable character.

That about covers it when it comes to the best characters in Super Mario RPG. I hope you enjoyed this article. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this.


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