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Best Endgame Bravely Default 2 Leveling & JP Grinding

This Bravely Default 2 Leveling Guide will teach you an easy way to level all characters to 99 and all jobs to level 15.

If you’re playing Bravely Default 2, you’re going to want to max out all your jobs and get all your characters to level 99, especially if you want to take down the secret super boss. This Bravely Default 2 Leveling Guide will help you do exactly that.

Leveling to 99 in Bravely Default 2 shouldn’t take more than a few hours once you’re strong enough to beat some of the repeatable high level encounters that give significant amounts of EXP and JP. There is some preparation required though.

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Bravely Default 2 Leveling Preparation

To really max out the returns for your Bravely Default 2 leveling time, you’re going to want to get your hands on all four growth eggs that are available from quests, which means you’ll have to see the second ending.

Growth Eggs double the amount of EXP and JP that each of your characters gain, and they stack with the Freelancer’s JP boosting skills. Each one adds 10 weight to your character, so you may have to juggle your equipment around a little to make room.

bravely default 2 leveling guide growth egg

Acquiring the Growth Eggs involves completing a quest to collect 20 Oberon Gems which you can acquire in Mag Mell, as well as a fetch quest that ends in a boss encounter that you get from Martha in the Serpent Grotto during late game.

For more detailed information on completing the quests to get the Growth Eggs, check out the Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs Guide.

Once you’ve got your party outfitted with their Growth Eggs, you should be ready to roll.

Best Bravely Default 2 Leveling/Grinding Location

Now, opinions on this may vary, but in my opinion the best Bravely Default 2 leveling spot available in the game is the Halls of Tribulation II, which is right outside Halcyonia.

bravely default 2 leveling grinding halls of tribulation 2

The Halls of Tribulation encounters are all repeatable boss fights against powered up Asterisk users, and Halls of Tribulation II has you facing off against Bernard (Thief), Orpheus (Bard), Anihal (Beastmaster) and Shirley (Gambler).

bravely default 2 leveling halls of tribulation 2

Of all the encounters that are great for Bravely Default 2 leveling, it’s probably the easiest one overall and once you get the hang of it, you should be able to make short work of them. You’ll simply leave the room and return, netting an easy 6,700 EXP every time.

Now, what makes this encounter better than other Bravely Default 2 leveling encounters that give a little more EXP is that each of the Asterisk bosses has a decent chance of dropping a Giant JP Orb. With a Growth Egg and the Freelancer JP abilities, you can master a job from 1-12 with a single Giant JP Orb, or max it out to level 15 for 2.

So not only will you be leveling quickly, you’ll also be stocking up tons of Giant JP Orbs to max out all of your jobs which would otherwise take much, much longer.

You can use any of the other Halls of Tribulations encounters for Bravely Default 2 leveling, but I like this one in particular because it’s so easy and you have four chances for Giant JP Orbs. This one, the easiest one gives 6700 EXP vs around 7700 EXP for the hardest one, but is much easier to do fast every time with no risk of dying.

Beating the Bravely Default 2 Leveling Encounter FAST

If you really want to beat this encounter fast, in my opinion the easiest way to do that is to set up two characters as Swordmaster/Freelancers and equip them with the best dual wield weapon setup you have available, as well as Indiscriminate Rage (Berserker).

Also consider bringing along a Freelancer/Red Mage with Sub-Job Specialty 2 and Surpassing Power to help with damage, and maybe bring a Spiritmaster/White Mage in case anything goes wrong… although at a certain point Bernard and his team will be basically a trash monster encounter.

You should equip Rare Talent (Gambler) on every character to increase the drop rate for the Giant JP Orbs, and obviously equip Growth Eggs on every character.

When the fight starts, just have your attackers enter Solid Stance and fully attack for 6 hits, which should do 20k-40k damage each to all enemies depending on your level and how good your equipment is. I recommend having the unique Thief and Phantom daggers on one attacker, and the Hellblade and Bravebearer swords on the other.

I like this method because it gets around the Counter Any Ability BP Boost that all the Asterisk bosses have. An added bonus is with the Thief dagger and Indiscriminate Rage, you’ll be stealing tons of high level equipment off these bosses that you can sell if you need any extra gold.

Then, you can just pick off whatever low health bosses remain with your mage. As you get stronger, you can easily end this fight in a single round or maybe two, making the leveling go all that much faster.

Using this method I was able to take my characters from level 75 to 99 and fully max out all jobs for every character in about two hours.

That about covers it when it comes to the Bravely Default 2 Best Weapons & Equipment Guide. Be sure to check out the Main Page for more game guides, the Bravely Default 2 section for more guides for this game and the Quizzes section for fun quizzes related to RPGs and pop culture.

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