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Getting the Best Elden Ring Early Staff (Meteorite Staff)

This Best Elden Ring Early Staff Guide will explain exactly how to get the powerful Meteorite Staff within minutes of starting Elden Ring.

If you’re playing Elden Ring, you want to have the best equipment possible. This is even more important when you’re an Astrologer, since so much of your effectiveness relies on the power of your staff and the spells you have equipped. Well, there’s a great endgame level staff called the Meteorite Staff that you can find pretty much immediately when the game starts. This best Elden Ring early staff guide will explain how.

Why You Want the Meteorite Staff – Best Elden Ring Early Staff

The Meteorite Staff has S-tier Intelligence scaling, meaning every point you put in Intelligence will boost the attack power of your spells way more than you would with any other staff.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

S-tier Intelligence scaling isn’t common even among late game staffs. The Meteorite Staff is probably the 3rd best staff overall and frankly will be the best staff for most players through 70-80% of the game. There are only two, arguably three, staffs that are stronger than the Meteorite Staff and all of them require being upgraded to +7 and above to even begin matching what the Meteorite Staff provides.

Additionally, Meteorite Staff boosts Gravity spell damage. Gravity spells are overall kind of just alright, but Rock Sling, which I’ll also tell you how to get in this guide because it’s right next to the Meteorite Staff, is a powerful spell that will most likely be your go-to move against bosses and bulky enemies you want to nuke down fast.

So, if you’re playing as a mage, you’d be totally out of your mind to not get this staff as early as possible, especially when you learn how easy it is to acquire.

Acquiring the Meteorite Staff – Best Elden Ring Early Staff

You can get this staff immediately after leaving the tutorial dungeon, but you should probably progress through to the Gatefront waypoint, which is 2-3 waypoints North of where you start the game. You want to unlock the ability to level up and you want to unlock the horse.

Check here for a guide on the Limgrave Sites of Grace locations if you don’t know how to get to the Gatefront waypoint.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to travel to the Burnt-Dragon Ruins, which is located on the Southern shore of the lake in the middle of Limgrave.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

In the Burnt-Dragon Ruins, you can find a chest down some stairs near the large enemy group in the middle. Once you open this chest, it’ll teleport you to a high level dungeon called the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and you’ll be trapped there.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

Getting out of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel can be a pain because the weird centipede things here will almost certainly kill you in one hit. Still, all you have to do it run out of the shack you start in and run down the hill through the tunnel leading out of the room. The grace site is only one room away.

By the way, this is a great place to farm runes early. The trash soldiers drop 200 runes or so and go down easily, and when you die you’ll start right in that shack. You can kill a few soldiers and then get killed by a centipede and rinse and repeat. If you come back here after leaving you’ll have to be able to kill the centipedes to get back to the soldiers.

Anyway, once you get the Sellia Crystal Tunnel site of grace unlocked you’re well on your way to acquiring the best Elden Ring early staff, the Meteorite Staff. Take a few steps forward and you’ll find yourself in the Swamp of Aeonia.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

From here, head Southeast until you encounter the Street of Sages Ruins. This is a collection of broken down buildings. The best Elden Ring early staff, the Meteorite Staff, is not here, but we’re going to make a quick stop here and it’s a good landmark.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

In the middle of the Street of Sages Ruins is a relatively intact building with a few enemies inside and a staircase leading down.

best elden ring early staff rock sling location

If you take that staircase, you’ll be able to find the Rock Sling spell, a powerful Gravity-elemental spell that will be able to take advantage of the Gravity-damage passive bonus on the Meteorite staff you’re about to grab.

best elden ring early staff rock sling

Now that you have the Rock Sling spell, let’s head straight for the staff which is just a few feet away. You’ll want to go Southwest of the Street of Sages Ruins to the location pointed out on this map:

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

There you’ll see a tower. I am looking at it from South of it to give a better view of the tower.

meteoritestaff6 Getting the Best Elden Ring Early Staff (Meteorite Staff)

On the North-side of this tower is a corpse hanging out of a window holding the Meteorite Staff. I’ve already grabbed the staff off of him, but it’s the guy in the picture below. Head up the stairs to the tower and just swing around the side of it, and you’ll find him.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff location

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be the proud owner of an endgame level staff that will last you at least until the second major dungeon and probably a fair bit after that. If you’re playing as an Astrologer, I highly, highly recommend you take a few minutes and swing by this place to pick up the best Elden Ring early staff, the Meteorite Staff.

That about covers it for the Best Elden Ring Early Staff Guide. Be sure to check the main page for more RPG guides, and check out the Elden Ring section for more guides for Elden Ring.


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