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How to Get the Best Wasteland 3 Weapons EARLY

Are you playing Wasteland 3 and you want the best Wasteland 3 weapons way before they’d normally be available? Then this is the guide for you.

If you’re playing Wasteland 3, you’re definitely going to want to get all the best Wasteland 3 weapons so that your squad can reach its peak performance.

Normally, the best weapons in the game wouldn’t be available until you reach Yuma Speedway at the very end of the game. But what if I told you that you can acquire most of the best Wasteland 3 weapons much, much earlier than that?

best wasteland 3 weapons cheebus
See that Jackhammer? That’s the best Shotgun in the game. I got it at level 11.

It’s true. You can get the best shotgun, SMG, melee weapon and arguably the best sniper rifle and brawling weapon long before you reach the end of the game. In fact, you can get those weapons as soon as you finish the Bizarre with a party around level 10.

When the Best Wasteland 3 Weapons Become Available

You need two things in order to access the shop that sells the best weapons. First, you need a level 2 radiation shield. That should become available in the Ranger HQ shop as soon as you complete the refugees quest and unlock the mechanic.

Second, you need to meet certain reputation requirements. I was able to access the shop right after finishing the Bunker in Broadmoore Heights with Fame: Renowned and Hundred Families: Liked.

You might be able to have a lower Fame score. Either way, you should hit both of those reputation benchmarks around the same time you finish the refugees quest.

You can certainly acquire these weapons before getting to Denver, because I was able to do just that.

You’re also going to want $10,000-$12,000 on you so that you can buy all of the equipment you want when you find the shop.

Where to Get the Best Wasteland 3 Weapons Early

Around the Colorado wasteland you might see parked campers from time to time. These are faction merchants that randomly spawn in certain areas.

There is a merchant that spawns in the Eastern Plains named Cheebus who sells most of the same best Wasteland 3 weapons that get sold at the endgame shops. There’s nothing preventing you from just driving over there and finding him, even at level 10.

Well, there’s not nothing preventing you from doing that. There is radiation. Still, despite parts of the Eastern Plains requiring a level 3 radiation shield, a good half of it only requires level 2, and Cheebus can spawn in multiple locations that are safe to drive through early on.

The biggest danger would probably be the random encounters, which will almost certainly slaughter you at a low level, and you shouldn’t skip those because they provide a lot of experience and they only spawn a limited number of times.

Long story short, you should go to the Bizarre and save, then head back into the world map and drive to the East and then South across a bridge to the Eastern Plains and look around for Cheebus. You may have to reload a few times for him to spawn in an accessible part of the plains or to find him before you get murdered by roaming Payasos, but it’s worth it.

It’s better to go East from the Bizarre and then South than it is to go South and then East, because the northern bridge into the Eastern Plains is level 2 radiation and I believe the Eastern entrance is level 3.

In any case, keep looking and eventually you’ll find your guy.

best wasteland 3 weapons cheebus

Which Best Wasteland 3 Weapons Are Available from Cheebus?

Cheebus has a pretty nice stock of some of the best Wasteland 3 weapons. Here’s what you should buy from him:

  • Jackhammer
    This is an incredibly powerful, somewhat OP shotgun and it’s the best shotgun in the game by a huge margin. Definitely buy this.
  • Eliminator
    This is the strongest Sniper Rifle that doesn’t deal energy damage. The energy rifle that’s more powerful is kind of a specialty weapon. You should pick this up.
  • Chainsaw Sword
    If you have a melee weapon user, you’re going to want a Chainsaw Sword, which is the best bladed melee weapon.
  • Ripper
    If you haven’t already looted the Ripper from the roaming Scorpitron outside the Tellurium mine, you’re going to want to get one here. It is a massive power upgrade over every other Automatic Weapon.
  • Power Gauntlet
    You can get a Power Gauntlet for free by completing Slaver’s Bounty, but if you decided to let Hallie go or you haven’t done that quest, you can pick one up here. It’s tied for the best Brawling weapon.

That about covers it when it comes to getting the best Wasteland 3 weapons early. Be sure to check out the Main Page or the Game Guides section for more gaming content, or click here for more content related to Wasteland 3.


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