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How to Recover Lost Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon

If you’re playing Darkest Dungeon, unless you’ve sold your soul to the devil for video game superpowers, at some point things are going to go south, your favorite characters will die, and you’ll lose their trinkets.

That’s alright, you think. People are disposable. They’re meat golems wandering aimlessly through the endless void. Yes, you’re right. But you’re still going to want their stuff back, because in all likelihood those were your best dudes and they’re dead. You don’t have to feel anything, even after they gave so much to you, but you probably gave them your best trinkets and those are most likely pretty hard to get ahold of.

Don’t despair. You can get lost trinkets back in Darkest Dungeon. All you have to do is intentionally murder some more of your own people. Hire some oblivious mercenaries, deck them out in a handful of garbage trinkets, and send them to their deaths in the nearest dungeon.

Once you’ve lost 8 trinkets, an event appears telling you about a monster called The Shrieker, which is,it turns out, a big raven monster that hordes your dead characters’ lost trinkets. This monster is… not that hard, as far as Darkest Dungeon bosses go. He’s no Countess, he’s no Fanatic, he’s not even your run of the mill Crocodilian. But he does run away if you don’t kill him fast enough.

You’re going to want to target the Nest, not the Shrieker himself. That’s where the items are. Once you do this, you’ll be able to get your precious trinkets back. Your friends will still be dead and you’ll never be able to repair the hole in your heart, but at least you’ll have the fleeting happiness of owning more things.

That about does it for how to get lost trinkets back in Darkest Dungeon. For more game guides and content like this, be sure to check the Games Section. I also do movie reviews. Read them so Google pays me money. I saw Knives Out recently. It was pretty good.


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