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Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark BEST Classes Tier List

This Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes Tier List will teach you everything you need to know about all the different classes in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark so YOU can make the best team possible.

If you’re playing Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark, you’re going to be shocked at the sheer number of classes they’ve managed to squeeze into the game. For an indie game created by a small team, Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark is full of interesting classes. Altogether there are 32 different classes in the game. 20 normal classes, 6 special classes only available to non-story units, and 6 unique classes for story characters.

When it comes to ranking the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, I’m judging it holistically, not just based on whether or not being in that class is the best option. So if a class learns a particularly good skill, it may rank high on the list even if it’s not the best class to make use of that skill, for example.

S Tier – Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes gunner

Gunners are so. freaking. irritating. In Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark, range is a huge factor, and Gunners not only get tremendous range, they also deal great damage and can inflict debilitating status effects. They’re fantastic at every stage of the game, from the second you unlock them.

Mid-game, you can easily snipe enemy mages with Silencing Shot to take them out of commission right off the bat. Late-game, they’re capable of outputting ridiculous amounts of damage by means of either using Battle Magic or the Knight’s All for One skill. When it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, it doesn’t get much better than Gunnter.

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Vampire (Generic-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes vampire

Vampire is in S tier primarily for the same reason Gunner is: late-game they can dual wield guns with Battle Magic or All for One. Vampire’s skillset is no slouch either. It features a number of high damage skills, including an AoE skill that inflicts bleed and an execution skill that deals 3.2x damage.

Its skillset is also considered magic, so it can be cast along with a physical attack through Battle Magic. Vampire gets slightly lower attack growth than Gunner, but gets more SPD and MND, making it a stronger unit for Battle Magic overall. Vampire’s passive abilities (Bat Form and Execute) are generally more useful than Gunner’s.

The only reason it’s below Gunner is you simply get a lot more use out of Gunner than you do out of Vampire. You can make a Gunner within a handful of battles after starting the game. To really optimize a Vampire, you’re going to be looking at late mid-game at the earliest.

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fell seal arbiter's mark best classes sorcerer

Magic in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark is already fairly decent, but what the Sorcerer is capable of doing when paired with Blood Magic or Economy is downright dirty. Even moreso if you’re making use of Doublecast (Druid) or Doublecast II (Princess). Doublecasting the Sorcerer’s fullscreen Lay Waste spells from the safety of the starting position is one of the more broken strategies available to you in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark. It’s a bit cheesy but, hey, whatever works.

Note that you typically don’t want to actually use the Sorcerer class. Its stat growths aren’t great and it doesn’t get very good passive skills. What you want to do is use Lay Waste as a secondary skillset in one of the endgame magic classes, specifically Princess or Lich.

As far as the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes go, Sorcerer has probably the best secondary skillset in the game.

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Princess (Generic-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes princess

While any endgame caster in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark is going to take advantage of the Sorcerer’s Lay Waste skillset, Princess has a fantastic skillset of her own and also gets great passives in her class (Doublecast II and Equip All), making her the ideal class to make use of Lay Waste.

Regality, the Princess skillset, is an upgraded version of the Mender that includes a stronger Mass Heal, all 3 tiers of Holy elemental spells, and Quicken. While Lay Waste takes care of all your AoE offense needs, Regality covers support, healing and single target damage. A Princess / Sorcerer leaves little to be desired. If you’re looking at Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, it’s pretty much the ultimate magic user.

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Lich (Generic-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes lich

Lich isn’t as good as Princess simply because its skillset doesn’t have the same amount of utility as Regality. It’s all offense-oriented, and since Lay Waste is going to comprise the vast majority of your offense, the whole skillset goes to waste. Still, if you’re not using Lay Waste, Malevolence can be pretty strong. But, let’s be real. If you’re using a Lich, you’ve almost assuredly mastered Sorcerer on that character, and you’re going to be using Lay Waste.

What makes Lich such a great class is its extremely high MND growth and its great passives, Chilling Touch and Blood Magic. Once you get Lich unlocked, you can really start laying down the hurt by casting Sorcerer spells right off the bat, powered up with Lich’s crazy stat growths. His spells also inflict Slow thanks to Chilling Touch.

While the versatility of the Princess’s skillset gives her the edge in terms of Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Lich / Sorcerer is a close second in terms of magical utility.

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A Tier – Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes duelist

Of all the many, many melee-oriented damage classes in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark, Duelist is hands down the best. Its attacks are usable every turn, cost 0 MP, do great damage, inflict potent debuffs and can take advantage of elemental weaknesses. It also gets a medium-damage ranged attack for good measure.

It’s both a great class to main and a great skillset to use on a melee character. As a main class, it gets strong growths and a surprisingly useful passive in Leech Life, which works with a lot of attack skills (i.e. Fellblade and Mercenary skillsets), as well as counterattacks.

One of the things that makes the skillset so good is that it’s completely independent of MP, which means you can use Duelist’s 1.5x damage attacks every round while you’re building up enough MP to use one of the big finishers, like Blood Trophy, Righteous Blade, or Assassinate.

When it comes to Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Duelist is the premiere melee attacker.

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fell seal arbiter's mark best classes warmage

While using the Warmage’s skillset, Battle Magic, on a dual wielding Gunner or Vampire is pretty much the single most broken thing you can do in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark, outside of that, it’s still an exceptionally useful class. Battle Magic works with almost all magic, including a ton of things you wouldn’t expect to be classified as magic, so it basically lets you get a free attack off every round in addition to any spell you’d normally cast, all for a measly 4 MP.

It’s also not a terrible class to use as a main class. It gets Leech Mana, which, combined with the mechanics of the class, generally makes sure you’re overflowing with MP, so you can use high level spells like the Locus spells almost every round. It’s really a sight to behold. This actually does more damage than the Gunner build, but it lacks range. Still, you could give a Warmage Dual Wield and Equip All and get the best of both worlds if you like.

When it comes to secondary skillsets among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Warmage is second to none.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes ranger

Ranger is probably the biggest bread-and-butter class of all of the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes. It’s exceptionally good the second you unlock it, and it stays good for the entire game, tapering off just a bit toward the end when the S-Tier insane class combos really start to come into play. Even then, it can still hold its own. Sniper Shot gives an insane damage multiplier, and Ranger is capable of getting 90%+ crit chance.

Ranger and Scoundrel are kind of a package deal. At some points in the game Ranger/Scoundrel is better. At other points, Scoundrel/Ranger is better. At the very end it’s kind of questionable. Ranger gets better equipment (+15 crit very powerful bow), and Scoundrel gets better passive abilities (+50% crit damage, innate attack bonus based on level).

Because Ranger is accessible early and is good from start to finish, it’s among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes assassin

When it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Assassin gets a little bit screwed. It’s fantastic for a huge part of the mid-game, but it can’t really hold its own late-game. It gets excellent stat growths, so it’s great to level your ranger in, but its passive skills aren’t any good for a Ranger/Scoundrel unit, which can’t make use of Dual Wield, and Assassin itself doesn’t make particularly great use of Dual Wield either, since skills don’t use both weapons.

The only skillset that makes use of Dual Wield is Battle Magic, so it’s a lot better to use it with a character invested in that. Otherwise Dual Wield is just double damage on regular attacks which is only really useful for Gunners, since most melee builds can use things like Duelist Flourishes every turn to achieve a comparable amount of damage.

The Lethality skillset is actually pretty good. It can inflict AoE Sleep and it has a powerful finisher in Assassinate. The problem here is that almost anything you’d want to pair it with also gets an excellent finisher. Lethality is probably most compatible with Duelist.

The reason Assassin gets to be in A-Tier is just that it… is an A-Tier unit. It’s not optimal, but it’s quite good at everything. It’s a very strong Archer, but not the best, it’s a strong melee attacker, but not the best, it has a great skillset, but not the best. It’s very good in every category, but not the best in any category.

Bounty Hunter (Katja-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes bounty hunter

Bounty Hunter is among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes pretty much just because it’s another gun user. Its skillset isn’t as strong as Gunner’s, but it’s a better class to main than Gunner when dual wielding guns because it gets Know Weakness II as a passive, so it’s very easy to stack up extremely high (70%+) crit.

As a unit, in the endgame, Bounty Hunter is probably stronger than Gunner overall. It probably goes like this, for dual wielding gun users: Vampire > Bounty Hunter > Gunner.

The reason Bounty Hunter is in A Tier and not S Tier is you get Katja extremely late and she’s not going to have the class mastery stat bonuses your generics get and, as a special character, she’s not capable of getting all the extra class mastery bonuses you can get from the generic-only special classes. Still, Katja’s Bounty Hunter class ranks highly among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.

Lord (Generic-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes lord

Lord, like Assassin, is just a great unit. It gets exceptionally high growths, it gets a well-rounded skillset that has AoE and range options, which are usually limited for a melee unit. It gets probably the best best support skill in the game in Rally, which casts ATK Up, MND Up and Haste in an AoE for a relatively low mana cost. It gets great passives in Cleave and Equip All.

Lord is a fantastic class to main, and it’s a pretty good skillset to use on any melee oriented character that doesn’t have good range or support options. Lord / Duelist is great for a melee attacker. Lord / Gadgeteer or Lord / Peddler is great for a support character. It’s really hard to go wrong with Lord. It’s just overall a very powerful and versatile class, easily among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes peddler

Peddler is an awful, awful class. Its skillset is not good. Its growths are not good. However, thanks to a single skill, Patented Usage, and a single passive, Item Potency, it’s one of the best support units in the game, since it can give your whole team 40 MP to start off a battle, which is just bonkers.

You don’t need to be a Peddler to do that. As I mentioned above, you could be a Lord with Peddle and Item Potency and still be able to do that, but you would need to wait until turn 2, whereas Peddler/Gadgeteer or Gadgeteer/Peddler can do that right off the bat before any unit has a chance to get a turn thanks to Gadgeteer’s Mana Expert passive and Initiative (Gambler).

Once you’ve used your Mana Stone, Peddler is pretty much useless for the entire rest of the fight but… starting a fight off with 40 MP for your units is extremely good. It’s hard to overstate how good that is. Peddler only really does one thing, but that one thing is good enough to secure it a high spot on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes gadgeteer

Gadgeteer/Peddler is pretty much the best support character in the game between its healing abilities from Peddler and all the buffs available to Gadgeteer. Late in the game Lord’s Rally skill starts to outpace some of what the Gadgeteer is capable of, but for most of the game, Engineering skills, especially Speed Generator (AoE Haste), Energizer (+20 MP) and Molecular Infuser (ATK/MND Up) are the best support spells you can get.

Being a Gadgeteer is not terribly exciting, but Engineering is probably the single most versatile secondary skillset in the game. It gives a huge variety of tools that have very reasonable MP costs for the effects that they produce. In one of my playthroughs, my Lord / Engineer became one of my most invaluable characters.

So why is Gadgeteer below Peddler? Basically, the combination of them is what’s really good, since they both make great use of each other’s passives, so it’s hard to say which is better. Peddler kind of needs Initiative and Mana Expert to do his broken +40 MP AoE thing but… it’s really broken. That’s why Peddler is higher.

Still, because Gadgeteer gets so many fantastic support skills, it deserves a spot among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes scoundrel

Scoundrel is an interesting class because it’s very strong early game, it loses out to Ranger and Assassin as a ranged character throughout the mid-game and late-game, and it becomes arguably better than Ranger in the very late game. Nevertheless, you’re going to be making use of the Scoundrel’s passives, Attack Expert and Exploit Weakness, throughout the game.

It’s extremely likely you’re going to have a Scoundrel who becomes a Ranger/Scoundrel, then a Gunner/Ranger, then an Assassin/Ranger, etc., until you finally wrap back around to Scoundrel/Ranger. The reason? Once you’ve done the majority of your leveling and Scoundrel’s bad growths don’t matter anymore, Scoundrel has the best passive attack skills for a character to take advantage of Sniper Shot.

Since Scoundrel gets Attack Expert and Exploit Weakness on its own, that means it can equip Versatile and Know Weakness in its free slots. As any other ranged class, you’re going to be wasting 1-2 ability slots that could go to supporting Sniper Shot damage. It’s arguable whether Ranger with Know Weakness/Exploit Weakness/Versatile and the Dominator (+15 crit Bow) is better than Scoundrel with Attack Expert/Exploit Weakness/Know Weakness/Versatile, but in my experience the Scoundrel build outperformed the Ranger build in endgame

Still, you don’t want to level as a Scoundrel. Its growths are terrible. Come back to it after you’ve mastered all the other classes you want to master. It’s only because of its innate abilities that it gets to be among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.

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B Tier – Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes reaver

When it comes to Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, if you haven’t unlocked Lord yet, Reaver is probably the best melee class you can access. It gets nice AoE damage and ranged options. What it’s lacking is a really powerful nuke or finisher, which makes it great to pair with Werewolf or Templar, which get fantastic nukes.

There’s nothing to really complain about when it comes to Reaver. It’s a solid unit with a solid skillset. Its passives aren’t exceptionally useful since they’re situational, but when they are activated they increase its power by quite a bit. The main problem with Reaver is that Lord is better than Reaver in just about every way. If Lord didn’t exist, Reaver would probably be in A-Tier as the most well-rounded melee class.

When it comes to melee classes, Reaver is a great class for any character, either as a main class or as a secondary skillset. Definitely a very solid showing among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.

Werewolf (Generic-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes werewolf

Werewolf is a very strong melee class with great skills and a fairly powerful mobility skill in the form of Leap. Its passives, Know Weakness II and Focused Rage, are pretty good. It’s capable of inflicting status effects, and it gets a fairly strong finisher in Blood Trophy that can be used every other turn since it only costs 18 MP.

All that said, Werewolf is just a B-Tier unit. It’s not bad by any means, but range in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark is a big deal, and Werewolf doesn’t have any range. It’s purely a melee attacker, and Duelist is much better when it comes to that role since its Flourishes do so much damage.

That’s not to knock Werewolf, though. If you made, say, a Werewolf/Reaver, you’d have a very strong unit that could certainly hold its own in a fight. It’s really cool looking, as well. Certainly worth a mention when it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.

The Exiled (Kairu-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes kairu

Kairu is kind of a ready-made character when it comes to Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes. He doesn’t get any unique skills or anything, but his Water-elemental themed hodgepodge skillset contains a fair amount of useful abilities. He gets Water 1 for a low-MP cost ranged AoE. He gets Leap and Dash Strike for mobility. He gets great passives (Hallowed Body and Chilling Touch). He gets a few good AoEs, and he also gets the Water-elemental Sorcerer spell.

Kairu is just an all-around good unit. The main problem with him is that you get him extremely late in the game, so you don’t get too much use out of him and you’re not able to max out a lot of other classes for him to really give him a nice, customized build without grinding. He comes as an Exiled/Mender and Exiled/Mender is probably the best way to go with him.

Because he’s good to go right out of the gate, he deserves his spot among the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes templar

Templar is relatively mediocre except for two things: Righteous Blade and Emboldening Chant. Righteous Blade is a finisher that does 2.8x damage, usually resulting in a one-hit kill. Emboldening Chant grants ATK Up to the Templar and all nearby units. Those two skills alone justify its position on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.

I wouldn’t suggest using Templar as a main class any longer than is necessary to master its abilities, but for the vast majority of the game, Holy Justice is probably the best option you have for a secondary skillset on whatever character you’re taking down the melee route, right up until it’s eventually outclassed by Lord.

Because Templar’s Holy Justice skillset is so useful for so many characters as a secondary skillset, it definitely deserves a spot on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes fellblade

Fellblade is a nice little class. It’s very reliable, but not exceptional. It does decent damage, but not exceptional damage. It applies some really desirable status effects. The main problem with Fellblade is once you start getting into late game, it’s hard to imagine why you would use Fellblade skills instead of other skills.

Why would you use Fellblade skills to apply statuses when Assassin skills apply the same statuses in an AoE? Why would you use Fellblade skills for damage when Warmage skills and Duelist skills do so much more damage?

Ultimately, in practice, Fellblade’s main utility is that it gives a unit the ability to do a physical attack from two panels away, as though they were equipped with a spear, and the status ailments are a nice little bonus.

It’s not a terrible class by any means. Solid B-Tier when it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list. It gets the Versatile passive which is useful on a lot of different characters.

Vessel (Generic-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes vessel

If Sorcerer didn’t exist and you weren’t able to do Princess / Sorcerer shenanigans, Vessel would probably be the most powerful attack mage. It’s a suped up version of the Wizard with all the same elemental coverage, but more AoE variety and overall more powerful spells.

Vessel really loses out because of its competition. It’s just hard to make any kind of compelling argument why you’d want to use Vessel over Lord or Princess, and it doesn’t partner well with Sorcerer since it does the exact same thing Sorcerer does (elemental AoE damage), but worse.

Hallowed Soul is an alright passive ability, but Hallowed Mind is not very good unless it’s being used by a Warmage. Speaking of Warmage, Vessel is probably at its best when it’s equipped with a crossbow and given Battle Magic and Leech Mana, so it can really get the most out of its skillset.

Vessel is a little overshadowed by other magic classes, but it’s still a strong class that deserves a mention on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes wizard

When it comes to Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Wizard does exactly what you’d expect it to do. Elemental damage in a small AoE. It’s a competent class that you’ll be using as a bread-and-butter class throughout most of the game. It gets Smart Casting and Boon, which makes your next spell crit after you get a kill.

It’s a pretty potent unit for most of the game. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t one of your most valuable units for the vast majority of the game until it eventually evolves into the devastating cheese-unit like Princess / Sorcerer or Lich / Sorcerer. As far as the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list goes, definitely a very solid B-Tier on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes druid

When it comes to mage units that aren’t super broken, Druid is probably second best after Wizard. What it lacks in damage output, it makes up for in versatility. Since 90% of the time your mages are casting level 1 spells due to mana restrictions, the fact that the Druid can only cast level 1 spells doesn’t feel that prohibitive, especially since it’s able to increase its damage output with Dualcasting.

Dualcasting isn’t as useful as it sounds, though, due to the aforementioned mana restrictions. In late early game and mid-game, where you’re most likely to be using Druids, it’s unlikely you’ll ever have the mana to Dualcast anything other than the Druid’s level 1 spells and… I don’t want to bore you with the math, but casting a level 2 Wizard spell for 14 mana does the same damage as casting 2x level 1 spells for 16 mana with the Dualcasting penalty.

When it comes down to it for Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, a Wizard/Mender is a slightly stronger unit than a Druid/Whatever, but it’s not a huge different. You’ll want to master Druid for the stat bonus and to unlock Sorcerer anyway. Not one of the strongest classes when it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list, but respectable.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes mender

Mender is a necessary class to have in your party for almost the entire game. For a lot of the game, you’re going to want to have the Mender skillset on at least two characters. So you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of the Mender class.

In the end, though, Mender is just not great. All you really need is Heal 1 and Mass Heal 1, and a ton of other classes get those or skills that are equivalent to those. Resurrecting characters except for Kyrie is almost never a good idea because of the Injury mechanic. Once you get a Druid, or a Princess, or a Gadgeteer, or Yates, or Kairu, there’s just not much reason to use a Mender anymore except maybe as a secondary skillset on a backup character.

Because a Mender is indispensable for the vast majority of the game, it definitely deserves a spot in B-Tier on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.

C Tier – Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes

Marked (Kyrie-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes marked

Marked is your main character’s special class and, honestly, it’s just ok. It gets decent growths. It get some nice light/dark elemental ranged and AoE skills. It’s kind of like a Reaver in terms of the utility it provides, although Reaver gets a cross-shaped ranged attack which I prefer to the line skills that Marked gets.

The reason Marked is all the way down in C-Tier instead of up in B-Tier with the Reaver is because Kyrie is a special character, she’s locked out of Werewolf and Lord. A generic unit can just be a Reaver and get basically all the benefits of Marked, but also Cleave and Know Weakness II.

A Duelist / Marked is probably a slight upgrade over a Duelist / Reaver, but a Duelist / Lord is definitely an upgrade over a Duelist / Marked and Kyrie isn’t able to access that. Kyrie is pretty strong, so you’re probably not going to complain about her but, all things considered, Marked is not one of the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes alchemystic

Alchemystic is an interesting character, because it can provide a lot of useful buffs while also providing a fair amount of healing. You’ll see them around a lot during mid-game, and they are fairly useful for a while. The main problem with the Alchemystic is that by late game, the only buff you really need is Rally from Lord. That one skill replaces the entire Alchemystic skillset completely, except for Mass Renew, not even accounting for any of the other cool stuff Lord can do.

Even in the mid-game, where Alchemystic really shines, it feels like it’s a lot more useful for enemies than it is for you. It makes a nice secondary skillset for a Wizard or Druid so you can cast Mass Renew if you’re out of range of any enemies, but other than that, it’s not a priority.

Since you can generally do without an Alchemystic, it’s hard to rank it much higher than C-Tier on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.

Anatomist (Yates-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes anatomist

Anatomist is Yates’s special class and it’s basically just a watered-down Lich. Its signature ability, Reanimate, is kind of a cool gimmick, but it’s not very practical. In fact, the worst thing about this class is that it prevent Yates from accessing the much more powerful Lich class.

It’s not terrible, though. Since it gives 3 levels of Dark magic and 2 levels of Heal, it’s kind of like a Wizard / Mender all by itself without the elemental variety. If it didn’t come at the expense of access to Lich and Blood Magic, it’d be a perfectly fine class.

Yates is useful, but not exceptional. He’s at his best during early game and mid-game. Beyond that, his utility it limited to healing and not much else. Still, not the worst character. Solid C on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes mercenary

Mercenary is Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark’s starting class and, as far as starting classes go, it’s pretty good. It gets some stat downs and a slowing attack. It gets fairly decent attack and health. It’s not a weak starter class like you often see in class-based strategy RPGs. Still, I think the likelihood that you’ll be using any Mercenaries, the Mercenary skillset, or any passive Mercenary skills at the end of the game is extremely low.

Mercenary does shine in early game through maybe mid-game where Sturdy Grip is useful for some characters who haven’t replaced it with a better ability yet. War Craft has some decent offensive utility until you upgrade to Fellblade and then eventually Duelist, Werewolf, Reaver or Lord.

It serves its purpose. When it comes for the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list, solid C-Tier.

Spymaster (Reiner-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes spymaster

Spymaster gets good equipment options (innately, but also from its Equip All skill), which means it can dual wield guns which, as you probably know by now, is extremely powerful. It also gets Shadowstep, which is a nice teleportation ability. Other than that, though, it’s a big dud. It’s main shtick is you can copy abilities from other classes. Why don’t you just equip an actually useful skillset in the first place?

Like all the other story character classes, Reiner’s special class locks him out of all the much better generic-only special classes. Spymaster, at its core, is just a poor man’s Vampire. It gets an abysmal skillset compared to Vampire’s nice skillset. They both get teleportation passives, and both are most likely dual wielding guns. Equip All is pretty useless since the only reason you’d ever want Equip All is to equip guns, and Vampire can already do that without eating up a passive ability slot.

Scoundrel is better than Spymaster. The only really good thing about Spymaster is the stat bonus you get from mastering the class. For all the work it takes to unlock, you’d think it’d be higher on the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list. But it’s not.


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes knight

When it comes to Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Knight is just bland bland bland. It only gets one really good skill, All for One, and that skill is only good on a dual wielding Gunner. Having said that, if you do have a dual wielding Gunner, All for One is ridiculous. But outside of that specific build, Knight just doesn’t have much to offer except for the fact that it can equip spears.

Early game equipping spears is nice because it gives a little bonus to range for a melee character, but once you unlock Fellblade, that’s no longer useful at all. Knight doesn’t get great passive abilities. It doesn’t have a great skillset. It doesn’t even get very desirable stat bonuses for mastering it. Its main utility is All for One on a Gunner and unlocking Templar. Once you’ve got Templar unlocked, you’ll probably never look at the Knight class again.

Definitely not one of the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes.

D Tier – Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes

Demon Knight (Anadine-Only Special Class)

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes demon knight

The main problem with Demon Knight is that it has no mobility whatsoever. Everything it does is melee range only. That, combined with the fact that it’s slow and has low movespeed, means the enemies are all probably almost dead by the time Anadine gets into a position where it can actually attack. Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark has a ton of huge maps, maps with extreme height changes, maps with dicey topography, etc. Being a unit with low movement range that can only attack one panel away is trouble.

Any way you’re going to make the Demon Knight good involves turning it into a better class, like Reaver. Demon Knight isn’t even particularly good at its own thing, which is extreme close-range melee damage. Duelist Flourishes do more damage than Demon Knight’s strongest skill and have no drawbacks. Werewolves have higher mobility, do more damage and have a better finisher.

When it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Demon Knight is a real loser.

Plague Doctor

fell seal arbiter's mark best classes plague doctor

Plague Doctor is nothing to write home about. In a game where there are a ton of magic classes that are capable of great things, Plague Doctor is just a class that has a weak heal and a single-target poison spell. Now, if Plague Doctor got some kind of spell that landed multiple status effects, like Poison, Bleed and Blind in one go, it’d probably be pretty good. But it doesn’t get that. It gets a weak heal and a Poison spell that is functionally identical to the Bleed spell that Druids, a much better class, gets access to.

The only thing you’re going to want to use a Plague Doctor for is unlocking Warmage and Lich, since those are both stellar classes. When it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes tier list, Plague Doctor is only D Tier.

F Tier – Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes


fell seal arbiter's mark best classes gambler

Gambler is the single most forgettable class in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark. The only thing it gains of any value is Initiative, which is only useful in a single very specific circumstance (letting a Peddler with Mana Expert use a party-wide Mana Stone at the start of a battle). Even then, Initiative is not super integral to making the Mana Stone thing work. Outside of that, Gambler provides nothing.

Its skills are useless. They have the potential to backfire, which makes them bad to begin with, but even when they’re critically successful, they still pale in comparison to anything a Gadgeteer or Lord can do when it comes to support. Gamblers get limited equipment options, terrible skills and don’t even unlock any better classes.

Among all the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark best classes, Gamblers are the absolute bottom of the barrel.

That about does it when it comes to the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Best Classes Tier List. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more guides like this, and visit the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark page for more guides related to this game specifically.


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