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Final Fantasy 7: Best Most OP Materia Combos in FF7

In Final Fantasy 7 (FF7), you can link multiple materia together to make the best, most devastating possible combinations. There are all sorts of materia combinations, but some are better than others, and some are best. Here’s a list of FF7’s best materia combinations:

One thing that’s important to know about FF7’s materia combo system is that you can actually combo a single materia with multiple other materia by equipping multiple copies of it. For instance, you can have All+Fire in one slot and MP Absorb+Fire in another slot, and your Fire spell will target all and absorb MP..

1. Final Attack + Phoenix

This is the classic. Most people know about this one, but it doesn’t make it any less useful. If your character dies, they’ll summon Phoenix and resurrect your whole team. This is a popular strategy for beating Ruby Weapon, who dismisses two of your team members if they don’t start out dead. So, in response, you start with two team members dead and one party member equipped with this materia combo and you duel him until he kills you and then blammo, party-wide full heal.

2. Quadra Magic + Ultima, MP Absorb + Ultima

This is the ultimate crowd-clearing materia combo. Very few random encounters in the game survive this. What you actually want to do is have Quadra Magic + Master Magic and then MP Absorb + your favorite spell. Ultima is a good one because it does a lot of damage and it’s super expensive to cast. With this combo you can cast Ultima every battle to instantly win, and never run out of MP. But, keep in mind you can go nuts with this. With W-Magic, that’s 8 free ultimas. Nothing survives that. You can pile a ton of different added effects onto one spell, usually Ultima, Comet, etc — Added Cut, MP Absorb, HP Absorb, Quadra Magic, MP Turbo, etc. With that in mind, a dedicated mage can become pretty powerful and can do almost KotR level damage every turn without having to watch the ridiculous animation.

3. Added Effect + Contain on Weapon

This adds a chance to inflict Confuse, Stop and Petrify to all your physical attacks. There are other materia combos that inflict more statuses, but these are the top tier statuses to inflict, and the only one that may be better (Hades) is better used on your armor to make you immune to almost all status effects. Hades does inflict more statuses, but it doesn’t inflict Petrify, and Stop + Petrify is better than Stop + every other status except Petrify. Which brings me to…

4. Added Effect + Hades on Armor

If you use this combination, you’ll be immune to almost every status effect in the game. This is a big bonus for your mage, or however many characters you can manage to get a copy of Hades onto. Status effects are no bueno, so becoming immune to them without having to equip a ribbon is a huge benefit.

5. Added Cut + Deathblow

If your character has a 255% Hit weapon (like Vincent), Deathblow always connects. This is a popular combo for those characters, as it basically gives you 3x damage per round, almost on par with 4x Cut. I don’t like it quite as much as piling Quadra Magic and Added Cut onto a single spell, but it’s still a good combo.

6. All + Any Spell

This is not the strongest combo, but it’s the earliest combo and it’s incredibly useful throughout the game, so it’s worth mentioning purely to give credit to this massive workhorse combination. It’s one of the best materia combos in FF7 because of its reliability and versatility. You’re going to be using it all game.

7. Counter + Mime (multiple times)

With all the zany combinations you can make with the best materia in FF7, in all likelihood, the last thing your characters did is better than a standard attack. Therefore Counter + Mime tends to result in whatever devastating move you’ve just performed getting reproduced. Unless it was a limit break, then your character will just do a little dance. What you want to keep in mind is that your character will counter each time this combo appears on them. Just cast 4x Ultima with Quadra Magic? Well, if you have counter+mime 8 times on the next character, the enemy is going to eat 32 Ultimas now. Yikes.

8. Support Materia + Master Command

This is important to mention, because you’re going to be tempted to try to pair support materia with Double Cut/4x Cut, but you can’t. However, if you pair support materia with Master Command and then equip Double Cut, you’ll get the support effect on 4x Cut for some reason. One popular combo is HP Absorb + Master Command + 4x Cut to fully heal yourself every time you attack. I would not recommend that you combine Counter with Master Command as you’ll occasionally counter with Throw + a randomly selected weapon. Accidentally chucking the Apocalypse or something is going to feel pretty bad.

Altogether, basically what you want to understand is that in FF7, you can stack all the best support materia onto one magic spell/summon (specifically comet 2 or ultima) and then use W-Magic/W-Summon to double cast it. You can also do that with command materia but it’s usually not as… potent.

The other thing to understand is that Counter Materia goes off for every instance of Counter Materia you have equipped, so you can Counter 8 times if you equip 8 of them. Which is pretty silly. You don’t have to use Mime, you could use Deathblow, which is still probably overkill.

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