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11 Best Octopath Traveler Support Skills

In Octopath Traveler you have the opportunity to equip support skills that you learn from each of .the different classes to your characters, and you’re going to want to use the best ones. This guide will help you know which support skills are winners.

This list of the best Octopath Traveler Support Skills is in no particular order. These are just the most valuable support skills overall. Why 11 and not a clean 10? Because there just so happens to be 11 top tier Octopath Traveler Support Skills. These are in no particular order.

octopath traveler support skills guide

Surpassing Power (Warrior) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

Completely useless for much of the game, and then totally indispensable in the endgame. Surpassing Power allows your character to break the damage cap. Once you have a few of the secret classes (especially Sorcerer and Runelord), you’re going to be dying to break the damage limit. Surpassing Power is a must have on all your serious DPS characters.

Second Serving (Hunter) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

Second Serving gives you a 50% chance to add an extra attack whenever you physically attack. It doesn’t get any advantage from boost (it’s 50% for one extra attack per attack command), but it counts as a completely separate attack, so it does activate a second elemental follow-up if you have a Runelord augmentation active. Because Runelord augmentations are ridiculous (especially on Tressa), this ends up being a hugely important DPS skill, especially for any Runelords themselves.

Patience (Hunter) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

Another Hunter skill making its way onto this list, Patience gives you a 25% chance to get a second turn at the end of each round. This is good for pretty much any class, but especially for classes that don’t make great use of BP, like supports and Runelords.

Saving Grace (Priest) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

Probably the best defensive support skill in the game. You probably won’t use this on most of your DPS characters because you’ll want to gear them out to do damage, but this skill is worthwhile for whoever you decide to use it on. If you’re at or below max HP, you can get healed beyond your max HP. This means a lof of things, but here are two of the things it means: Alfyn can start any fight adding 3000 to the whole party’s max HP and you can use the strongest olive revive item on any character with this ability to bring them back with 9999 health.

Second Wind (Dancer) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

This skill recovers a percentage of your max SP automatically each turn. If you combine it with a big SP boosting accessory, you’ll never have SP problems again. You’ll probably want this on your healer, if you’re using a Priest instead of Alfyn, and you may want it on your Sorcerer if you can stand to remove a DPS skill to have make room forit.

Evasive Maneuvers (Scholar) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

This skill lowers the chance for random encounters, which is incredibly useful if you’re trying to unlock all the towns early in order to steal all the best equipment. Otherwise, it’s still pretty useful because Octopath Traveler’s random battle rate is tuned way too high.

Extra Experience (Warmaster) / Hard Worker (Starseer) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

These are pretty standard grinding skills that grant substantial bonus experience and JP, respectively. If you’re going to do any grinding in this game (and you will be, since benched characters don’t level along with your active party), you’ll want to speed things up by equipping both of these skills in your party.

Physical Prowess (Warmaster) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

A must-have for any physical attacker. It automatically and permanently grants the equipping character the dancer buffs for physical attack and physical defense. It sort of invalidates the Dancer class but, hey, who cares about Dancers?

Elemental Edge (Runelord) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

The same concept as Physical Prowess, but for elemental damage. Again, invalidates the Dancer, but provides a very reliable damage increase for Runelords and Sorcerers.

Augmented Elements (Sorcerer) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

Augmented Elements, not to be confused with Elemental Augmentation (Scholar), dramatically increases the damage done by elemental attacks. If you have a Sorcerer with BP Eater, Surpassing Power, Elemental Edge and Augmented Elements, that Sorcerer is going to kill every single conceivable random encounter in the game in one hit and make short work of bosses.

BP Eater (Starseer) – Octopath Traveler Support Skills

Last but not least is BP Eater, which is a very potent damage increase for any character (except Runelord). It increases the effectiveness of Boost, and the increase is substantial. A max-boosted attack with BP Eater will hit extremely hard, making this skill one of the best support skills in Octopath Traveler.

That about does it for the best Octopath Traveler Support Skills. Be sure to visit the Games Section for more content like this and click here for more game guides for Octopath Traveler.


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