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BEST Battle Chasers Nightwar Characters TIER LIST

If you’re playing Battle Chasers Nightwar, you’re going to be trying to figure out who the best Battle Chasers Nightwar characters are in order to make the best possible party.

Battle Chasers isn’t terribly difficult, but it’s more difficult than your average RPG, so you’re going to want to optimize.

There are 6 Battle Chasers Nightwar characters to pick from in order to form the best party: Gully, Calibretto, Garrison, Knolan, Red Monika and Alumon.

I’m going to give you a rundown of each party member so you have an idea about how good they are and if they’re worth using, and then at the end I’ll give you my recommendation for the best party in the game.

S Tier


best battle chasers nightwar characters garrison

Garrison is an insane character for a number of reasons. First, he gets a skill that scales with overcharge and it’s bananas. Second, he gets an AoE nuke that does a huge amount of damage and can be talented to ignore armor. Third, he’s pretty much the only character, along with Knolan, whose power really multiplies substantially in New Game+ by being able to fill up both talent trees.

While New Game+ Gully may be able to tank and do a bit of damage, and Calibretto may be able to specialize in healing while still being able to output some nice DPS, both of Garrison’s trees increase his DPS by a ton.

In terms of Battle Chasers Nightwar characters, Garrison is miles ahead of every other character for damage. Once you have the gear for it, all you have to do is open up every battle with Rage Wave 2 and oops you won the battle. If any high health enemies come around charge up a little bit of overcharge and hit them with Warblade 2 which I’ve seen just casually crit for like 60000 damage.

At a certain point, you don’t even need to worry about overcharge on Garrison. With the right talents and equipment, he starts every fight with 30 overcharge, enough for a free Rage Wave, and gains 25 overcharge for everything that dies from it, easily setting him up to slam dunk whoever’s left standing with Warblade.

DPS-wise he’s neck and neck with Monika for most of the game, but then, in the end, he just pulls so far ahead she could never hope to catch up.

My ranking for Garrison has got to be S. He is the best character in the game, by a huge margin. If he’s not one of the Battle Chasers Nightwar characters you’re using in your party, it’s not the best party.

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A Tier


battle chasers best party gully

Gully is a dedicated tank and in that role she excels. To the extent you need a dedicated tank, there is simply no replacement for her, even if you’re just using the same handful of skills over and over again.

She has a taunt skill and a party-wide damage reduction skill among her basic toolkit (abilities that don’t cost any MP). You will pretty much use her for those defensive buffs and then, when she has time, maybe use her skill to reduce enemy AP, maybe use her medium-low damage attacks.

Gully is an excellent character on harder difficulty dungeons and on New Game+, where things outlevel you and they will one-shot characters and possibly your entire party.

If you’re breezing through the game on normal difficulty and haven’t reached New Game+ yet, you’re probably not going to see much use for Gully. If none of the monsters are testing the limits of your survivability and you’re not seeing any game overs, there’s just no reason for a tank. Run with damage dealers.

I’d point out though that Gully’s not a terrible damage dealer though, compared to other Battle Chasers Nightwar characters. She can’t pump out the numbers of Red Monika or Garrison but some of her skills do decent damage, especially in New Game+ where you can have her fully talented for tanking and still get the attacker tree bonus of scaling attack power with armor.

If you find you’re dying a lot, Gully is indispensable. She’s so much more survivable than any of the other Battle Chasers Nightwar characters.

To give you a sense of scale, at max level in endgame gear Gully will have around 26000 HP, more than double what other “tanky” Battle Chasers Nightwar characters like Calibretto and Alumon get. What will instantly gib most party members may barely make a dent in Gully’s shields.

Definitely go the tanking tree with her. Don’t bother trying to turn her into a damage dealer. It’s a waste of time. She’ll never be a good damage character.

Overall rating, Gully is an A. If you’re trying to choose the best Battle Chasers Nightwar characters to make the best party, she’s definitely worthy of a team spot.

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alumon best battle chasers nightwar characters

Alumon is probably the coolest looking take on a classic Priest party member I’ve seen in a video game. Mace, shield, the whole thing. Plus he’s got that whole vampire theme. Very cool party member.

As far as gameplay goes, he’s very good. He pretty much competes for a spot with Calibretto and, as I explained in the Calibretto section about, his ability to put shields on party members and to cast fast nuke heals is just more useful given the nature of this game.

HoTs are great for like… mana efficiency, but Alumon just casts one AoE nuke heal with everyone at low health and suddenly everyone is back to 150% health with a big damage shield.

This is sort of an intangible but it made a huge difference to me: Alumon’s attack animation is nice and quick whereas Calibretto’s is excruciatingly slow. Speaking of attacks, Alumon’s attacks tend to do more damage than Calibretto’s and, also, can be talented to heal party members for a pretty hefty amount on a crit.

Alumon has some decent DPS tools and thankfully, unlike Calibretto or Knolan, they’re sort of baked in together so Alumon can be healing and doing damage at the same time whereas Knolan and Calibretto have to pick one or the other on any given turn.

That said, Alumon doesn’t output a ton of damage. He does alright. Mostly you’ll use his heal nukes, which come in three flavors: fast AoE with no shields, fast single target with a shield, and slow AoE with shields. That’s pretty much all you need, though. The only thing Calibretto or Knolan have on Alumon is that their resurrection spells are better.

For a ranking, I’d give Alumon an A. A healer is very necessary and Alumon’s shield-granting nuke heals are pretty much your best option throughout the entire game. Definitely one of the best Battle Chasers Nightwar characters.

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B Tier

Red Monika

best battle chasers nightwar characters red monika

Honestly, unless you’re dying a lot (or on New Game+ where the difficulty spikes), running Garrison and Red Monika together is probably the way to go for the majority of the game.

Until Garrison becomes capable of wrecking every encounter by himself with ease, partnering these two together just makes everything go so much faster. Wild Shots does roughly double what any other regular attack is capable of.

Once Garrison breaks through to that higher tier, though, it’s hard to justify saving a place for Monika in your party. The name of the game really becomes “make sure Garrison doesn’t die before he can get his instant win move off.”

Anything that survives is usually just a leftover than can easily get picked off by a medium/medium-low damage dealer or by Garrison just hitting them again on his second turn. Monsters also get a lot stronger as the game goes on, making a 2 DPS party more and more difficult to keep alive.

When it comes to the best Battle Chasers Nightwar characters, for the majority of the game, let’s say 80% of the game, Monika and Garrison are roughly equal with Monika actually probably being a little better. In that last 20% though, Monika just has no tools that can do what Garrison can do.

Monika’s AoEs do not clear random encounters like Garrison’s, and her two high damage single target attacks don’t compare to Warblade. Execute doesn’t output the same level of damage (we’re talking like 10-12k damage vs 30-60k damage) and Ambush takes two turns to set up.

When it comes to the best Battle Chasers Nightwar characters, you should probably roll with both Monika and Garrison until things start getting hard and then ditch her for Gully.

Ranking-wise, I think she’s an A- for the first 80% of the game and a B at the end. So I guess that averages out to a B+. She is one of the better Battle Chasers Nightwar characters.

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C Tier


battle chasers best party calibretto

Calibretto is a dedicated healer with a few damaging abilities. Between the two Battle Chasers Nightwar characters who are dedicated healers – Calibretto and Alumon – I find Calibretto to be the less useful of two, mainly because Calibretto focuses on heal over time skills and Alumon focuses on shields.

Where Calibretto does shine over Alumon when it comes to Battle Chasers Nightwar characters is his support utility when he’s not healing. He can remove debuffs and DoTs without charge time, he can cleanse the whole party and heal simultaneously and most importantly he can give the party overcharge regeneration.

The main problem with HoTs vs shields is that the problem in Battle Chasers isn’t sustaining through consistent damage, it’s surviving massive burst. HoTs don’t help when you die in one hit. Healing to 150% max HP with shields does.

If you want to keep your Battle Chasers Nightwar characters from dying, Alumon just plain does a better job.

Damage-wise, Calibretto isn’t terribly impressive. That’s not a dig. Bretto, Alumon and Gully all basically output about the same amount of damage. All that said, you wouldn’t be gimping yourself too badly if you chose to take Calibretto over Alumon if you liked his look and theme more.

Ranking for a party maybe… C. Every time I used him I found him to be relatively ineffective and I missed Alumon. He’s not one of the Battle Chasers Nightwar characters I would put in my best party.

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D Tier


best battle chasers nightwar characters knolan

Knolan is extraordinarily underwhelming among the Battle Chasers Nightwar characters until your 3rd playthrough when his 80 and 100 point talent bonuses from both trees can stack with each other. He’s a bit of a jack of all trades in that he can do damage, inflict statuses and heal.

The most useful thing he’s capable of is applying 60% chill effect to bosses and tough enemies but, then again, if you just took Garrison or Red Monika, that enemy would be dead in the 3 turns it took Knolan to apply the chill effect.

Knolan is capable of outputting some decent DPS with Ice Lance. Again, the problem is setup time. With the right equipment, max level Garrison can start the fight doing 12000 damage to all enemies. With two turns of setup, max level Knolan can do that much to one enemy. It just doesn’t compare. Knolan needs two playthroughs to be on par with Red Monika DPS-wise.

Unfortunately for Battle Chasers Nightwar characters, being a jack of all trades is just not a good spot to be in. You need a dedicated healer. Knolan will not cut it. He also doesn’t cut it as a sole DPS character.

So if you’re running Knolan you’re running a dedicated DPS, a healer and a DPS/healer. Well, you wouldn’t need that extra healing if you ran a real second DPS character or a tank.

Use Knolan for a while and then swap him out for Monika and you’ll immediately feel like you just made a massive upgrade. The impact is undeniable. Early and mid-game, Knolan’s 2 round Ice Lance combo doesn’t even keep pace with Monika just Wild Shotting twice, let alone using Execute or Ambush.

Oh, I didn’t mention it, but Knolan is also the squishiest of all the Battle Chasers Nightwar characters in the game by a mile and he will constantly die if you don’t have a tank to babysit him.

For a ranking, I’ll be generous and give Knolan a C-. He’s not unusable, it’s just that all the other Battle Chasers Nightwar characters are better than him. If his instant abilities were AoE maybe he’d have a niche.

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Conclusion & Best Party – Best Battle Chasers Nightwar Characters

Ultimately, I think the best Battle Chasers Nightwar characters for a party is undeniably Gully, Alumon and Garrison.

That party is like setting the difficulty level 1 notch easier from beginning to end. The only problem is that for a lot of the early game on your first playthrough, you don’t need that much survivability, so you can swap out Gully for Red Monika.

However, if you do use Gully, you may not finish battles as fast, but you’ll be able to tackle the harder dungeon difficulty levels earlier and get through them without dying as much.

Endgame though, there is no debate. Enemies have all sorts of BS instagib attacks and Garrison also has a whole assortment of BS instagib attacks, so you just want Gully to absorb the enemies’ nonsense in order to keep Garrison alive long enough to dish out his own nonsense.

That about does it for the best party and best Battle Chasers Nightwar characters. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more content related to Battle Chasers.


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