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Why You SHOULDN’T Finish the Wasteland 3 Provost Quest

Wondering what the deal is with the Wasteland 3 Provost? Want to know what you get from his quest? This is the guide for you.

If you’re playing Wasteland 3, you’ve probably run into the mysterious Provost character, who follows you around all game speaking only in Latin while occasionally firing off a few pistol shots at enemies.

This Wasteland 3 Provost guide will not only tell you how to complete the Wasteland 3 Provost quest and the rewards you get from doing it, but also why you shouldn’t take the Provost to the mysterious cave.

Where to Find the Wasteland 3 Provost

In Wasteland 3 the Provost is located in The Warrens, the area beneath the Bizarre. It’s filled with clown-gang Payasos and The Provost is locked behind a door in the upper left part of the main room.

In orser to unlock the room the Wasteland 3 Provost is standing in, you need to visit a nearby terminal and activate the defrosting procedure.

Once you open the door, from that point on, the Wasteland 3 Provost will follow you around as a companion, taking pot shots at enemies with his pistol.

Completing the Wasteland 3 Provost Quest

The use of the Wasteland 3 Provost doesn’t become clear until much, much later when you reach the “Snowed Inn” Resort near the end of the game (or when you just drive over there if you’ve played the game already and feel comfortable doing content out of order).

At the “Snowed Inn” Resort, if you take the path to the right of the main door, you’ll encounter a rank 7 broken toaster with an Owl of Minerva in it.

If the Wasteland 3 Provost is with you when you acquire the Owl of Minerva, it opens up the Mysterious Cave in the far northwest of Colorado.

Once there, you’ll find some buried Spectrum Armor pieces and a bunch of other characters identical to the Provost performing some kind of mysterious ritual.

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When you approach them, they simply disappear, along with your Provost, leaving you with a new Perk (Illustratio: +1 Perception), as well as an achievement.

wasteland 3 provost illustratio

Why You SHOULDN’T Take the Wasteland 3 Provost to the Mysterious Cave

The reason you shouldn’t take the Wasteland 3 Provost to the mysterious cave is simple: having him as a companion is much more useful than the meager rewards you get from finishing the quest, and once you take him there, he’s gone forever.

The Perception perk is useless because by the time you get it you’re going to have multiple characters with maxed out Awareness and extra Perception will provide no benefit whatsoever to your party.

The Spectrum Armor pieces are great, but you’ll be swimming in Spectrum Armor by the end of the game anyway. You just get a free set a little bit early by going to the cave.

The scene involving the other Provosts does nothing to explain the identity or motivations of the Provost character, which is clearly mystery for mystery’s sake. It’s literally just a scene where they see you and disappear. You don’t even get experience.

Maybe in future installments of the Wasteland franchise, they’ll actually solve the mystery of the Wasteland 3 Provost and his mysterious Latin speaking cult, but for now it’s better to let the Provost hang out occasionally taking pot shots at enemies than to trade him for an underwhelming perk and some relatively common late game armor.

That about covers it when it comes to the why you shouldn’t finish the Wasteland 3 Provost quest. Be sure to check out the Main Page or the Game Guides section for more gaming content, or click here for more content related to Wasteland 3.


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