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Top 6 GREAT Starfield Side Quests

Starfield immerses you in a vast universe with many planets, factions, and captivating stories. Starfield provides a broad variety of side tasks in addition to the main story which go far beyond being filler. This article will introduce you to the most popular Starfield side quests.

There are enough Starfield side quests to fill countless universes, let alone just one. These carefully crafted Starfield side quests are rewarding endeavors that reward players with new ships, companions, weapons, and armor.

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1. The Vaults of Elysium

Take a firsthand look at the ancient alien civilization in “The Vaults of Elysium” and play through the mysterious landscape of planet Elysium.

starfield side quests vaults of elysium

Where to find it:

You can access this one of the best Starfield side quests by going to the Forbidden Zone in the northern hemisphere of the planet Elysium.

How to start it:

Once you reach the Forbidden Zone on planet Elysium, you need to find an NPC named Dr. Alvarez. You will have to go to the edge of the Forbidden Zone where you will find her in a research station.

The quest starts with you joining Dr. Alvarez in deciphering the secrets concealed within the ruins of Elysium. Exploring the secrets of the ruins, you will venture through the dangerous terrain of the Forbidden Zone. You will assist Dr. Alvarez in dealing with dangerous creatures, ancient traps, and intricate puzzles.

Survival demands the adept utilization of your skills and resources. The search delves deep into the ruins, discovering the fascinating history of the long-lost alien society. “The Vaults of Elysium” is a challenging yet rewarding experience. It offers a deep investigation of the Starfield universe. This side quest provides tremendous incentives, making it an enticing and valuable task.

2. The Pirate Lord’s Ransom

starfield side quests the pirate lord's ransom

Make new friends with The Pirate Lord’s Ransom, one of the great Starfield side quests that places you in the heart of a battle between pirates and the United Colonies.

Where to find it:

To play this one of the Starfield side quests, you travel to the Alpha Centauri star system. You can find this quest on the space station known as the Wayfarer.

How to start it:

You will need to go to the bar in Wayfarer. There, you will find the NPC called Captain Morgan. Talk to him to start the quest.

The adventure begins when Captain Blackheart kidnaps a high-ranking officer of the United Colonies and demands a huge ransom for his release. It is your mission to rescue the captive safely. This quest will put your ingenuity and diplomacy to the test. The brutal reality of dealing with a sturdy pirate allows for the use of force if negotiations fail. “The Pirate Lord’s Ransom” is a menacing and enjoyable voyage across Starfield’s humongous realm.

3. The First Contact

The First Contact side mission allows players to diplomatically meet with an extraterrestrial race but warns them that the repercussions could be disastrous.

Where to find it:

You will travel to the Porrima star system, on planet Porrima II, to find this quest.

How to start it:

On the planet Porrima II, you need to talk to the NPC named Jiro Sugiyama to start the quest. He is at the Paradiso Security Office.

You meet Diana, the ship’s captain, and her crew if you pick to join Jiro in the inquiry. They are on an exploring expedition and are curious about human culture. Each of the choices you make throughout the quest bears consequences. You will manage the difficult journey, which will be distinguished by thoughtful interactions. Despite the lack of obvious solutions, the journey is immensely rewarding, revealing significant insights into Starfield’s complex environment.

4. The Case of the Missing Astronaut

starfield side quests case of the missing astronaut

Put on your detective boots and play through the quest The Case of the Missing Astronaut. You will need to investigate and catch the murderer on the space station.

Where to find it:

You will find this Starfield side quest on the Nova space station. You will travel to the Sirius star system to access this quest.

How to start it:

To begin the mission, speak with the NPC named Lieutenant Parker. You will find him in the Nova’s security office.

You are with the mysterious disappearance of astronauts from the Nova. You will be assisting Lieutenant Parker with the investigation. Although this pursuit is difficult, it is a rewarding adventure. To unearth the mysterious killer of astronauts, you will conduct interviews, collect critical evidence, and solve puzzles. This adventure provides an interesting mystery plot, along with an insight into the world of Starfield.

5. A Tree Grows in New Atlantis

starfield side quests a tree grows in new atlantis

The side quest “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” comes your way as a breath of fresh air in the action-packed universe of Starfield. This quest introduces a non-traditional quest to the players.

Where to find it: 

To access the quest “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis”, you will go to New Atlantis and reach the giant tree near The Lodge.

How to start it: 

Once you reach the Lodge, you will find an NPC called Kelton Frush. Talk to Kelton Frush to start this side quest based in New Atlantis.

The quest “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” introduces a new way to present missions. The seemingly amusing yet profoundly complex chore of supporting a tree is presented to players in a nonviolent quest. Players will have to deal with the enthralling web of space politics in the universe of Starfield. The mission takes you through a series of tasks such as “Late Bloomer” and “Out on a Limb”.

This uniquely designed side quest takes you through such missions that require players to think strategically but emphasize the significance of the Persuade talent. This design adds a complex depth to the gameplay. This one-of-a-kind and thought-provoking mission demonstrates Starfield’s dedication to providing diverse experiences to its player base that go beyond the typical confines of space exploration and combat.


starfield side quests run mile run

In the ever-evolving world of Starfield side quests, you will encounter “Run the Red Mile”. This quest is a hidden gem of the game that awaits players in the Porrima System.

Where to find it: 

You can access this side quest by heading to the Red Mile on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima star system.

How to start it: 

Upon arrival on the planet Porrima III, players can start the side quest by finding and speaking to an NPC called Mei in the Red Mile.

Welcome to the beautiful and colorful world of Starfield, where you are about to embark on a crazy adventure to the Red Mile village in Porrima III! This off-world sanctuary is unlike other, more regulated areas and has something special in store for you. You will have the opportunity to traverse the treacherous Red Mile with Mei’s assistance. But this is not just any run; your customers count on you to complete it!

Along the way, you will encounter extraterrestrial beasts who rely on your abilities to survive. The stakes are high, but you will be rewarded with a hefty monetary prize and the opportunity to collect crucial goods from fallen buddies. This quest is a testament to Starfield’s commitment to providing players with unique, off-world gameplay experiences, pushing them into the depths of space and adding to the story’s complexity.

Rewards on Completion:

Players may expect a rewarding experience with both in-game currency and valuable treasure. After completing side quests like the Red Mile challenge in Starfield, players will receive specific rewards that may include:

  1. Cash Reward:

Completing the side quests successfully usually results in a big financial payout. This in-game currency is fruitful for various in-game actions, including purchasing stuff, upgrading equipment, and acquiring new ships.

  1. Loot from Fallen Competitors:

As you traverse the perilous side quest routes, you will encounter other contestants who may not make it through the difficulties. Additional awards can be obtained by scavenging and claiming loot from fallen co-competitors. This loot includes valuable items, weapons, or equipment used to improve your character’s abilities.

  1. Experience Points:

Engaging in challenging quests like the Red Mile contributes to your character’s progression. Earning experience points is fundamental for leveling up, unlocking new abilities, and improving your overall proficiency in the game. Experience points are key in evaluating your skill level for others.

Conclusion – Starfield Side Quests

In conclusion, the expansive universe of Starfield side quests makes the game much more captivating and fun. These Starfield side quests allows players to immerse themselves in diverse experiences that range from thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales. These Starfield side quests not only add depth to the narrative but also provide a dynamic platform for players to engage with the richly crafted world and characters.

You can relax with casual role-playing quests or test your skills with mission-based quests. Starfield side quests cater to a wide range of play styles, ensuring that every player has a satisfying experience. Players can explore secret parts of the game’s universe through these adventures, developing a deeper connection with the Starfield experience.

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