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FULL Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Guide

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Guide will help you find all the best experience and money farming locations in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

If you’re playing Yakuza Like a Dragon, eventually you’re going to feel the need to grind money and experience. For money, you need tons of cash to upgrade your weapons to their final form, roughly 100,000,000 yen apiece. And, you’ll be needing to grind levels for final boss fight in chapter 12 as well as the True Final Millennium Tower at the end of the game.

Luckily, for the most part, experience and money grinding go hand in hand. In Yakuza Like a Dragon farming spots are spread out across the game. These are the most important Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Locations.

Optimizing Your Money Grind – Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming

First, before we even talk about locations, let’s talk about how to get the most out of the time you’re going to spend farming.

The best way to optimize any Yakuza Like a Dragon farming spot for money is to equip each character with a Nouveau Riche Crown and stock up on Sengoku Coffees, which you can buy from most of the red vending machines that are scattered throughout each city.

yakuza like a dragon farming nouveau riche crown

You can get one Nouveau Riche Crown from the Part-time Hero Quest Takedown: Slugger. To get 3 more, you need 2 Golden Moths, 2 Golden Butterflies, 2 Golden Rhinoceros Beetles and 2 Golden Mantises each. Conveniently, those are also the optional rewards for the first 4 floors of the Sotenbori Battle Arena, so just run through that 6 times and you’ll be ready to roll.

With 4 Nouveau Riche Crowns equipped, all money you get from battle will be increased by 1.6x. If you drink a Sengoku Coffee on top of that, it becomes 2.1. It’s important to get those Crowns and Coffees, because they effectively more than double your Yakuza Like a Dragon farming speed for money.

Optimizing Your Experience Grind – Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming

Just like with money, it’s possible in Yakuza Like a Dragon to essentially double your experience. There are a couple of items that make this possible.

To increase your character level experience, you can equip either a Yakuza Training Gear or a Tranquil Tenugui, or both, or two of one of them. Each one will boost experience gain by 1.5x, or 2.0x if you have two equipped.

yakuza like a dragon farming experience accessories

However, I don’t recommend using these items, actually. The reason is that Job Experience is so much more important and accrues so much more slowly that you’re guaranteed to hit level 99 before maxing out your main job if you’re not boosting your job experience, and some time in around the middle of your way through your second job if you are.

Any experience you gain after hitting level 99 goes to waste completely, so you might as well focus on job experience since you’re going to be grinding levels long after hitting level 99 in order to tackle the True Final Millennium Tower.

For that reason, if you’re really trying to make the most of your experience farm, you’re going to want to double up on Job Experience accessories.

Each Job has an accessory that boosts their experience gain by 50% and you can equip 2 at once in order to double it. The only exception is the Hero job, which can only be boosted by the Dragonfish Tenugui, which you find in a gold safe in Kamurocho in Chapter 15 in the Mahjong Parlor (don’t get confused, there are 2 gold safes in there, and the other one has a Tranquil Tenugui. You want the Dragonfish one).

yakuza like a dragon farming dragonfish tenugui

By the way, the Dragonfish Tenugui increases Job Experience for every Job, but it can only be equipped by Kasuga.

Aside from that, the vast majority of the Job Experience Accessories can be bought from the secret shop in Southwest Ijincho in the Commerical District. Just go as far down the alley where the Part-time Hero Rep is and destroy the barricade with the Demolish skill that you learn from making Kasuga a Foreman.

yakuza like a dragon farming job exp accessories

Additionally, the Casino shop has the job EXP accessories for Musician and Clerk.

yakuza like a dragon casino job accessories

Aside from that, the remainder of the job EXP accessories are rewards for various substories, except for the Hostess accessory, which you get from the Part-time Hero quest Vegetable Delivery 4. You can also get another copy of the Hitman accessory from a Gold Safe in Kamurocho, in the building where you meet Adachi’s detective friend across the street from Lullaby Mahjong.

As you may have gathered, not every class can get 2 copies of its accessory. Only about half the jobs can be boosted to 2.0x EXP. If you’re building up one of the jobs where you can’t double the EXP, that’s when you might want to wear a Tranquil Tenugui or a Yakuza Training Gear.

Sotenbori Battle Arena – Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming

yakuza like a dragon farming sotenbori battle arena

The Sotenbori Battle arena is a great Yakuza Like a Dragon farming spot both for experience and money. When you first unlock it in Chapter 12, you should run through it from beginning to end in order to level up enough to fight the final boss of that chapter.

When you first unlock the Sotenbori Battle Arena, going through it will skyrocket your character levels into the mid to high 40s no problem, and given the amount of grinding you’ll be doing in the Sotenbori Battle Arena for money and rare materials, it’ll be a mainstay of your leveling grind for sure.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Money Sotenbori Battle Arena

Once you have all the money grinding supplies listed at the start of this guide, it’s time to start farming money. Sotenbori Battle Arena is the best source of income from when it unlocks until you complete the game.

What you want to do for money is just run through floor 26-30 over and over again, drinking a Sengoku Coffee every fight and replenishing your coffee supply in between each run.

Each fight in the first four floors will net you 480,000 yen, the final fight on floor 30 will drop 2.1 million yen, and selling the drops will get you another 1.9 million yen.

yakuza like a dragon farming battle arena level 30

Altogether, every run of the last 5 levels of the battle arena will get you about 6 million yen, making it the most lucrative Yakuza Like a Dragon farming spot for money until the Final Millennium Tower opens up after you beat the game.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Experience & Materials Sotenbori Battle Arena

The Sotenbori Battle Arena is not a location you go to in order to level, but you have to grind there so much you’re inevitably going to get most of your levels there. In Chapter 12, just running through it once should be enough to keep you ahead of the curve in terms of leveling until the end of the game, but where grinding really comes into play is when you’re trying to upgrade your weapons.

Depending on which jobs you’ve chosen for your main party members or how many members’ weapons you want to fully upgrade, you’re going to be running through floors 11-19 of the Battle Arena 40-50 times. Just the basic process of doing that is going to get you 20-30 levels, easily.

Sotenbori is the best Yakuza Like a Dragon farming location for acquiring all the rare crafting ingredients, and they’re all available between floors 11 and 19. Here’s a full list of all the Sotenbori Battle Arena rewards and fights in case you need it.

Final Millennium Tower – Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming

yakuza like a dragon farming final millennium tower

Once you’ve beaten the game, the Final Millennium Tower becomes available, which makes the Sotenbori Battle Arena completely obsolete as a source of income. Each run through of the Final Millennium Tower nets you 65 million yen, assuming you’re wearing your Nouveou Riche Crowns and using Sengoku Coffees during every fight.

Each boss fight in the Final Millennium Tower drops 10 million yen, give or take, and the final boss of the Tower drops 18 million yen, not to mention the money you get from all of the lesser encounters throughout the tower.

yakuza like a dragon farming final millennium tower money

Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Experience & Items Final Millennium Tower

As with the Sotenbori Battle Arena, even though the Final Millennium Tower isn’t your first destination when it comes to farming experience, you’re going to be running through it so many times for money that you’re almost certain to level from about 65 to ~90 here, assuming you want enough gold to upgrade 7-8 final weapons.

Additionally, even though Final Millennium Tower isn’t the best spot to farm crafting materials, you do get a fair amount of crafting materials as you go through here. Each run will get you:

2x Pearls, 1x Silver Ingot, 1x High-density Metal, 2x Raw Ruby Ore, 1x Raw Platinum Ore, 2x Gold Ingot, 2x Raw Sapphire Ore, 2x Raw Diamond Ore, an Empty Cough Drop Tin and a handful of various Golden Insects.

The Management Game – Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming

yakuza like a dragon farming money management

If you find yourself in need of money before Chapter 12 when the Sotenbori Battle Arena opens up, the Management Minigame is the best possible spot. Once you’ve completed the game by reaching #1 in the stock rankings (which will net you around 14 million yen total), every time you complete a quarterly shareholder’s meeting, you’ll walk away with an extra 3 million yen in your pocket.

yakuza like a dragon farming money rank one

It’s much slower than the Sotenbori Battle Arena, but it’s available much earlier so be sure to be aware of the option.

Kamurocho Underground – Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming

yakuza like a dragon farming kamurocho underground dungeon

Kamurocho Underground Dungeon is the place to farm experience, and the reason is because it has 4 guaranteed spawns of Invested Vagabonds.

Invested Vagabonds are like the Yakuza Like a Dragon version of Dragon Quest’s metal slimes. They only take 1 damage from all attacks, unless they’re a critical hit, and they have a tendency to run away after a few turns.

yakuza like a dragon farming infested vagabond

Each time you kill one of these enemies, you get more experience than any other encounter in the game, and they’re not even terribly difficult to kill. Not only does Yakuza Like a Dragon boast a lot more attacks with multiple hits than Dragon Quest, but your characters have a fairly decent chance of scoring a critical hit and bringing the Invested Vagabonds down in just a few blows.

Some good skills for taking down Invested Vagabonds quickly include Zhao’s Dragonfang Decimator, the Matriarch job’s Bullet of Honor and Ice Spreader from the Host job. Bullet of Honor and Dragonfang Decimator pretty much always kill an Invested Vagabond in one or two casts.

Once you’ve taken an Invested Vagabond down, you gain roughly 450,000 experience and 410,000 job experience plus whatever experience drops from the other mobs in that particular fight.

yakuza like a dragon farming infested vagabond experience

When it comes to Yakuza Like a Dragon farming Invested Vagabonds in the Kamurocho Underground Dungeon, the best thing to do is make it through the first floor and save at the payphone there. All of the Invested Vagabonds are down on the 2nd floor.

Here’s a map marking their locations:

yakuza like a dragon farming infested vagabond locations

Once you’ve cleared all the camps, instead of finishing the dungeon, return to the first floor, save, and pop back down to the second floor to respawn all the Invested Vagabonds.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Materials & Money Kamurocho Underground

Kamurocho Underground Dungeon is not a good source for materials or money. Vagabonds don’t drop much money, and neither do any of the other encounters in the dungeon.

You do get an ok amount of materials. The materials worth noting are a single Silver Ingot, a Pearl, a Raw Sapphire Ore, a Gold Ingot, a High-density Metal, a Raw Diamond Ore and a handful of Golden Insects. The Pearl, Sapphire and Gold Ingot are all right next to Invested Vagabond camps, so you’ll get those every run. Unfortunately, unlike the Invested Vagabonds themselves, they don’t respawn by running between floors, so you’ll only get them once every time you visit.

Conclusion – Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming

In conclusion, depending one what kind of Yakuza Like a Dragon farming you’re trying to do, the best place is going to be different.

Experience: Kamurocho Underground
Money: Final Millennium Tower
Materials: Sotenbori Battle Arena

If you need all three of those things, in my opinion it’s best to get the money first, the materials second and the experience last, because you’re going to get decent experience and materials while farming the Final Millennium Tower and you’re going to get decent experience while farming the Sotenbori Battle Arena, but you’re only going to get experience while farming the Kamurocho Underground.

That about covers it for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Farming Guide. Be sure to check the Yakuza Like a Dragon section for more Yakuza guides, check out the main page for more guides for a variety of games, and feel free to check out my Yakuza Like a Dragon review on YouTube.


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