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FULL Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Job Guide

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Job guide will teach you the class overview & review, best weapon, all skills and the unique accessory for the Idol job.

If you’re playing Yakuza Like a Dragon, one of the first jobs you’ll be able to unlock is the healing specialist, Idol. This job is the premiere healing job available in the game, so you’re going to want to know everything you can about the Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol job.

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Job Guide will give you an overview of the job itself, a review of how well the Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol job stacks up against the other jobs in the game, the locations for the unique Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol job equipment, and a list of all skills the Idol job gains access to.

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So, without further ado, here is the Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol job guide.

Overview & Review- Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Job

yakuza like a dragon idol

The Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol job is the healing job. I don’t just mean it’s the best healing job, it’s pretty much the only healing job, and it does pretty much everything you’d want a healing job to do.

In terms of classic RPG archetypes, Idol is most similar to a Priest.

Idol is able to fully restore all allies’ HP, revive party members with full health and even inflict a variety of status effects. Most of its status effect inflicting skills are pretty forgettable, but it does get a powerful skill that lowers all enemies’ Defense and also attempts to inflict Charm on all enemies. That’s one of the more potent support skills available in the game.

Perhaps the biggest issue with Idol is that unless you’re in the final challenge dungeon, True Final Millennium Tower, or playing through New Game+ on Hard Mode, there’s very little in the game that requires the full arsenal of healing skills that the Idol has access to. Even the most difficult fights can be defeated just by relying on single target heals, items and the Musician Character Skill “Endless Desire”.

All of Idol’s offensive attacks are physical, which is somewhat unexpected and also somewhat of a wasted opportunity given that there’s lack of magic-based jobs available to females even though they get higher magic bonuses, in general, than most of the men.

Idol is exceptional at what it does, but it’s largely overkill for most of the game.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Best Weapon

yakuza like a dragon idol best weapon

The best weapon for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol job is called the Celestial Microphone EX EX. Like all the best weapons, it’s obtained by upgrading a low level base weapon at the Romance Workshop in the Commercial District in Ijincho.

The base weapon you need is the Pretty Microphone, which you can buy from Dragon Kart Prize Shop for 200 points, find in the Yokohama Underground in silver safes, or earn from the Takedown quest for Chinese Mafioso.

To finish upgrading the weapon, you need a Revival Microphone, which you can win repeatedly from the 24th Floor of the Sotenbori Battle Arena.

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Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Accessory

yakuza like a dragon idol accessory dreamy signature

The Job Experience accessory for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Job is pretty easy to obtain. It’s called the Dreamy Signature. You can get one from Substory 30 or you can simply buy as many as you like from the secret shop in the Commercial District in Ijincho at the far Southwest corner of the map (Demolition skill required).

Since you can obtain multiple Dreamy Signature, Idol is able to equip two at once to boost its job experience by 2x.

Character Skills – Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Job

Every job in Yakuza Like a Dragon has two specific Character Skills, which, once learned, can be used by that character no matter which job class they’ve been assigned.

For the Idol job, the character skills are:

Magical Voice: Restore an ally’s HP with words that can heal a broken heart.

Impish Wink: Give the enemy the sweetest smile and purest air kiss imaginable, which may leave them brainwashed.

Magical Voice is a decent enough skill. It’s not the most mindblowing healing spell in the world, but it does give your character a reliable single target heal so they don’t have to rely on items. It’s also really easy to obtain, since it’s available at level 4.

Impish Wink, on the other hand, is yet another of Yakuza Like a Dragon’s useless character skills. Night Queen gives you a skill that can inflict Brainwashing in an area and it also deals damage, so why on Earth would you ever want Impish Wink? Even the Night Queen skill is not particular useful, and this skill is an objectively worse version of that.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Skills

Here are all the skills that the Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol job gains access to, as well as the levels learned and the effects:

Job LevelSkill NameDescription
1Smash StepDamage an enemy with rapid attacks from hte mic stick. May leave the enemy charmed.
1Twirling BeatHeavily damage an enemy by way of a twirling attack. May the leave the enemy silence.
2Healing +5Permanently boosts Healing by 5.
4Magical Voice(Character Skill) Restore an ally’s HP with words that can heal a broken heart.
6Magical SongRestore all allies’ HP with a magical song that mends pain.
8Defense +5Permanently boosts Defense by 5.
10Miraculous VoiceRemoves physical status ailments from all allies with miraculous, magical words.
12Lovedrunk TyphoonLowers the Defense of all enemies with a cutesy pose that weakens their grasp on reality. May leave the enemies charmed.
14Healing +5Permanently boosts Healing by 5.
16Impish Wink(Character Skill) Give the enemy the sweetest smile and purest air kiss imaginable, which may leave them brainwashed.
18Playful SplashBlast the enemy with a water gun. May leave the enemy with a cold.
20Defense +5Permanently boosts Defense by 5.
22Magical ConcertFully restore all allies’ HP with a miraculous performance that cleanses the soul of all anguish.
24Essence of Glowstick FuryA powerful skill that gathers up fans for a solo concert and deals extreme damage to an enemy. The damage is boosted based on the number of charmed enemies.
26Healing +20Permanently boosts Healing by 20.
28Essence of Idol SpiritRevive a fallen ally by infusing them with limitless positivity and enthusiasm.
30Defense +10Permanently boosts Defense by 10.
35Healing +5Permanently boosts Healing by 5.
40Defense +5Permanently boosts Defense by 5.
45Healing +5Permanently boosts Healing by 5.
50Defense +5Permanently boosts Defense by 5.
55Healing +5Permanently boosts Healing by 5.
60Defense +5Permanently boosts Defense by 5.
65Healing +5Permanently boosts Healing by 5.
70Defense +5Permanently boosts Defense by 5.
75Healing +20Permanently boosts Healing by 20.
80Defense +10Permanently boosts Defense by 10
85Healing +20Permanently boosts Healing by 20.
90Defense +10Permanently boosts Defense by 10.
95Healing +20Permanently boosts Healing by 20.
99Defense +10Permanently boosts Defense by 10.

That about covers it for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Idol Job Guide. Be sure to check the Yakuza Like a Dragon section for more Yakuza guides, check out the main page for more guides for a variety of games, and feel free to check out my Yakuza Like a Dragon review on YouTube.


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