Pewdiepie and Marzia are the Cutest Couple on the Internet

Pewdiepie released a new video today where his long-time girlfriend Marzia dresses him up.  Like most of these Pewdiepie/Marzia collaboration videos, their banter, chemistry and outright adorableness is on full display.

Not only are they cute as a couple, but their comedic timing is incredibly well-synced. Most often, Marzia plays the straight man and when Pewdiepie makes an immature joke, she stares at him. The editor cuts the music and close-ups the expression so we can all stew in the awkwardness. However, it goes back and forth, where Marzia will give Felix back as good as she gets, only for him to roll his eyes or let out a giant sigh.

Check out the role reversal in this video they did together last Valentine’s Day:

It’s very clear that Marzia, a top Youtube personality in her own right, cherishes her relationship with Felix, showing him off proudly on her channel on a regular basis. Check out how she glows in this video where she talks about their relationship in 2015:

For those who don’t know, Pewdiepie met Marzia over Youtube. They both lived in different countries. She sent him a message telling him she thought he was funny and he courted her, sending her sweet videos every day until she finally responded to him. Eventually they met up and the rest is history.

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