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Starfield Factions Guide: How to Join, Benefits, and Consequences

Starfield is a science fiction RPG where you embark on thrilling space adventures and encounter a variety of factions, each with its own unique goals, beliefs, and rich histories. Some groups will welcome you with open arms, offering missions, rewards, and companionship. However, beware of the less friendly Starfield factions. They may try to hinder your progress or exploit you for their own gains.

In this Starfield Factions guide, we will delve into all the different factions you can align yourself with in Starfield. Additionally, we will also discuss the factions you won’t be able to join but still have interesting interactions with. We will provide insights on how to join each faction and outline the advantages and disadvantages associated with being part of them.

Starfield Factions You Can Join

During your journey in Starfield, you will encounter five main factions: Constellation, United Colonies, Freestar Collective, Ryujin Industries, and Crimson Fleet. It is challenging to join a faction and carry out missions with them. Each of the Starfield factions presents its own storyline and reputation system. Once you join a faction, you have to follow their quests. Similarly, after completing missions and gaining loyalty within the faction, you get unique perks that help you further in your journey.

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Starfield allows you to join every faction in the game. However, later in the game, some Starfield factions will force you to choose a side. Once you choose a side, you cannot join the rival faction. Nevertheless, before the decision-making scenario, you can enjoy your time in every faction in Starfield. The five main factions in Starfield are as follows:

  • Constellation
  • United Colonies
  • Freestar Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • Crimson Fleet

Minor Starfield Factions You Can’t Join

Going through the cosmos and searching for a group that matches your vibe, you will interact with many factions in Starfield. Some groups fall into the category of main factions, and others are minor factions. In Starfield, you cannot join a minor faction, but you get to interact with them.

The minor factions execute their storyline in parallel with your questline. However, sometimes minor groups are fruitful as they offer side quests, information, or services. But be careful around the minor factions, as they can be hostile. Some popular minor factions in Starfield are as follows:

House of the Enlightened

If you are interested in alien artifacts, you should try interacting with the House of the Enlightened faction. This group is known as a religious faction in Starfield. Constellation, a main Starfield faction, discovers different alien remains in the galaxy. The House of the Enlightened worships every alien artifact they receive from Constellation.

starfield factions house of the enlightened

You can find their secret base in the Epsilon Eridani system. You do not have to fear this faction, as the members of this group are peaceful and secretive. You can get to know more about them by completing the faction’s side missions.

Sanctum Universum

Sanctum Universum is another religious group in Starfield. They also believe in alien artifacts but follow a different interpretation. They take alien artifacts as a sign of the end times. They believe that those who worship or study alien artifacts want to bring the world to an end. The Sanctum Universum faction is out to hunt all the worshipers of alien artifacts. Therefore, if you are associated with the House of the Enlightened or the Constellation faction, be vigilant around Sanctum Universum.

The Va’ruun

The Va’ruun is the most violent faction in Starfield. They are against every faction linked to alien artifacts. The Va’ruun faction claims that they are the real descendants of an alien civilization. They assert that they are the creators of the alien artifacts that other factions are studying or worshiping. In Starfield, you will come across the Va’ruun faction in the last stages of the game.

Trade Authority

The Trade Authority is one of the calmest and most neutral Starfield factions. You can find this faction serving in the section on trade and commerce. You can visit their station in different star systems. They help you buy and sell goods, services, and information. If you follow the strict rules and regulations, they will maintain a friendly and helpful attitude towards you.

starfield factions trade authority


In Starfield, while interacting with the Trackers faction, you deal with bounty hunters and mercenaries. During your journey through the galaxy, the Trackers Faction offers you bounty-type side quests. In these quests, trackers will give you a target to hunt down or capture. They don’t care about your affiliation with any other faction until you complete their task. Trackers can be dangerous for you as well. They will go after you if your enemies pay them good money for your head.

Can you join multiple Starfield Factions?

You can join any faction in Starfield. If you find your stay difficult in one group, you can switch to another faction that suits you. However, joining multiple factions at a time is a bit risky. If you fuse with two factions that are rivals to each other, you might face some difficulty while proving your loyalty to one group.

For example, if you choose to join the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, you will have a hard time maintaining loyalty and trust with both factions. Both factions are long-time rivals and have a history of conflict and mistrust. At some point in your journey, you will leave one faction for your own survival. Although joining multiple factions unlocks more opportunities, it also forces you to take on more challenges and risks. 

How to join each Faction in Starfield

In Starfield, you earn your spot in the faction you want to join. When you select a faction, you get different missions or tasks. On the completion of these tasks, the faction questline initiates. When you become part of a faction, you get your faction’s ID card. This ID card allows you to access various services and resources within the faction. Following are the five major factions that you can join in Starfield:


If you are a player who prefers space exploration over battling opponent spaceships, Constellation is the faction for you. Constellation comprises a team of space explorers looking to unearth the mysteries of space. This team of explorers is adventurous and optimistic. They put all their efforts into finding any sign of alien existence.

starfield factions constellation

When you finish the first main mission of Starfield, you automatically become part of the Constellation faction. After completing the first mission, One Small Step, you will interact with the Constellation head, Commander Shepard. The Constellation leader will present a Constellation ID card and the Constellation Explorer perk. With the help of the Constellation Explorer perk, you can increase your exploration XP gain by 10%.

United Colonies

The United Colonies stands as a governing body within Starfield, encompassing an extensive region of the galaxy that surrounds the Sol System and other systems. It operates as a centralized republic, boasting a formidable Starfleet military to safeguard and bring together humankind. Before joining any Starfield factions, you should know their history.

starfield factions united colonies

United Colonies went to war with the Freestar Collective. Later on, both factions signed an uneasy truce. You can join the United Colonies faction by signing up with the UC Vanguard. It is a branch that enables players to fight piracy, aid colonies, and haul cargo. While joining the United Colonies, you should always be ready for a war against rivals.

Freestar Collective

starfield factions freestar collective

Freestar Collective is the second governmental organization in Starfield. If we compare it with the United Colonies, the Freestar collective is smaller. Freestar Ranger is a group of vigilantes that battle any of the Starfield factions who threaten the interests and ideals of Freestar Collective. One of the fastest ways to join Freestar Collective is to become a Freestar Ranger. You will complete a trial mission and a loyalty test to get your hands on the Freestar Ranger Initiate perk.

Ryujin Industries

starfield factions ryujin industries

When it come to Starfield factions, Ryujin Industry is the only corporation that controls a large portion of the galaxy economy and technology. Ryujin Industries recruits Ryujin agents to deal with the corporation’s dirty business and secret projects. Becoming a Ryujin agent is your way in the Ryujin Industries. You sign a contract to get your Ryujin Agent ID card and receive the Ryujin Agent Apprentice perk. However, being part of a greedy faction, you do certain tasks against your will.

Crimson Fleet

starfield factions crimson fleet

Crimson Fleet is the most infamous of the Starfield factions. In Crimson Fleet, you become one with pirates and raiders to steal from weak factions in the galaxy. You can join Crimson Fleet by becoming a Crimson Pirate at the Crimson Cove. The Crimson Captain will challenge you to complete a daring raid and a drinking contest. If you succeed in the challenges, you will get your Crimson Pirate ID card. However, watch out for bounty hunters, they will come after your head.


This concludes our guide on Starfield factions. If you follow our Starfield factions guide, you will certainly make the correct decision when it comes to your faction. Remember that every decision you make has a consequence. If you find your survival difficult in one faction, you can always leave or betray them.

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