5 Must Play Playstation 1 Games

Growing up in the 1990s, Playstation 1 was where it was at. It was a perfect blend of creative and pushing technology. In today’s environment, there’s a lot more segmentation. Huge studios push the boundaries of technology, and most creativity is found in the mid-level studios pushing their games on Kickstarter. Of course, there are gems nowadays, but for those growing up now who are interested in games, here are several I would recommend you dust off and download for an emulator like ePSXe.

5. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil was the originator of the horror game craze and Resident Evil 2 was the perfect installment. The game is self-contained within a single night and you choose whether to go through the night from the perspective of Leon or Claire — each going through similar major plot beats, but with a dramatically different experience, different gadgets, and different paths. The whole Resident Evil series revolves around uncovering the Umbrella Corporation’s attempts at making an army of unstoppable mutants and zombies. The control scheme is incredibly bizarre and takes some getting used to, but the story is engaging, the villains are memorable, the monsters are cool, and the storytelling is on point.

4. Xenogears

Xenogears is a shining gem of an RPG which, although partially unfinished toward the end, has one of the weirdest, deepest and most compelling stories in games to date. It features anime cutscenes, a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, and all the allegory and biblical allusions a developer could possibly want to fit into one sixty hour game. The story centers on Fei Fong Wong, an orphan with a mysterious past who we eventually discover is the current incarnation of the repeatedly reincarnating Abel, the first human. I can’t possibly explain the plot of this game in a paragraph, but I’ll attempt the broad strokes: thousands of years in the past, space-faring humans who were carrying an intergalactic biological weapon crash landed on an Earthlike planet. The AI injected into the alien created humans and became ‘God’. Cut to the modern day, there are bipedal robots, Game of Thrones style political rivalries, romance, psychological drama, espionage and religion. It’s a whopper. It’s like Tolstoy for teenagers.

3. Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 is the most famous entry to the Final Fantasy series and for good reason. Although its received its share of criticism, it’s partly because it was Kanye-big. You play as a cadre of eco-terrorists who uncover that the Earth is under attack not only by modern society but by a crazed war hero who, it turns out, is descended from an alien hellbent on destroying the planet. It covers themes of friendship, saving the planet and conquering your past, all wrapped up thick layers of cool. At the time, it was a hugely refreshing take on what works in a game — it eschewed the typical Fantasy knight-and-wizards setting for its own creative world, based loosely on modern technology and current issues, but augmented with swords, magic and dragons.

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