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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons Guide

If you’re playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll want to know where to get all of the weapons for Cloud and which ones are worth using. Some are balanced, some are more geared toward magic, and a few have unique abilities. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about weapons for Cloud in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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Buster Sword – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake cloud weapons buster sword


The Buster Sword is available from the start of the game. Cloud comes equipped with it from the moment you fire up the first chapter.


Focused Thrust – Cloud surges forward and strikes enemies, significantly increasing the Stagger meter.

Focused Thrust is useful throughout the game. Every time you put an enemy into pressured mode, it’s a good idea to throw out one or two Focused Thrusts in order to get it closer to Stagger. There are very few situations where this strategy doesn’t work.

You master this ability by staggering one foe, which is incredibly easy to achieve.


The Buster Sword is Cloud’s most balanced weapon by far. When it’s maxed out, it has 91 attack and magic, and it tends to have equal magic and attack power throughout the game. In addition to that, it gives you a fair amount of defense, as well as a significant amount of HP. All things considered, this is generally Cloud’s best weapon for almost any situation, though the Hardedge may be more worthwhile throughout some of the middle portion of the game where defense doesn’t make much of a difference, due to its higher attack power.

Iron Blade – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

iron blade


You get this early on in Chapter 3 after doing a required quest to increase your reputation with the shopkeeper.


Triple Slash – Strike 3 times in quick succession. May hit multiple enemies.

This is a decently powerful skill. I’m not entirely convinced that it’s more powerful than a standard attack chain, but it does take down groups of weak enemies pretty quickly.

You master this skill by striking 3 enemies with it. Just be sure to use it every time you run into a group until it’s mastered.


This weapon is focused on defense and magic attack power, except its defensive stats aren’t as good as the Buster Sword’s and its magic attack power isn’t as good as the Mythril Saber. It’s alright if you’re trying to make Cloud into a defensive mage, but that’s not a very good niche for Cloud to try to fill. This weapon has no MP or MP regeneration bonuses, and with Cloud’s natural MP he’ll run out after about 3 -aga level attack spells even at max level. Not a great choice overall.

Nail Bat – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

nail bat


You get this item in Chapter 8 after completing the Kids on Patrol sidequest, where you locate a bunch of children with wooden Buster Swords for the matron of the orphanage.


Disorder – Deal damage and immediately switch stances

I didn’t find this ability to be useful at all. It’s almost always better to spend your ATB bar on something else. Nevertheless, you’ll probably want to master it for completion’s sake.

To master this ability, attack an enemy immediately after using it. Since you’re using the Nail Bat, usually this means whacking them with the grand slam attack that’s unique to the Nail Bat’s Punisher Mode.


The Nail Bat gives the biggest overall HP bonus of any weapon, and it gives a significant boost to crit chance and crit damage, but its attack power is exceptionally low and, given how mobile enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake tend to be, its unique grand slam attack is very difficult to connect with if you don’t stagger enemies first. This is sort of a gimmick weapon and tends to be the weakest overall option in Cloud’s arsenal.

Hardedge – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake cloud weapons hardedge


You buy this from the weapon shop in Wall Market, which is nearby Corneo’s mansion.

Ability – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

Infinity’s End – After a substantial windup period, Cloud slams his sword down, dealing massive damage to staggered foes.

This is Cloud’s premiere nuke. It’s likely to be the first thing you have that you see dealing maximum damage when you use it. It does have a huge windup, so it’s not great against enemies whose Stagger gauge shrinks relatively quickly, but when you do land it, it packs a whallop.

You master this skill by using it on staggered enemies.


Hardedge has the highest attack power of all of Cloud’s weapons by a significant margin, but its other stats are lacking. I tend to think this is Cloud’s second best weapon after the Buster Sword, and his best weapon overall for any situation where the Buster Sword’s HP bonuses aren’t necessary. It not only has the highest attack power, but also a nice 5% attack boost and an additional 5% damage boost for Punisher mode. If you’re physically attacking with Cloud, which you almost certainly are, this weapon is the best for that. Later on, though, and especially in hard mode, those Buster Sword defensive bonuses really come in handy, so it’s hard to recommend passing those balanced stats up at that point for maximum all-out attack power.

Mythril Saber – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake cloud weapons mythril saber


You buy this at the Wall Market weapon shop in Chapter 14 when you return to Wall Market.


Blade Burst – Cloud winds up and shoots a long range beam out of his sword that strikes enemies.

This is an alright skill. The problem with many of Cloud’s skills is that they’re very similar. Should you use this, or Braver, or Triple Slash? Hard to say. They all cost the same ATB and do roughly the same amount of damage. Might as well just pick your favorite animation, I suppose.

You master this skill by landing the killing blow on an enemy with it.


If you’re intending to turn Cloud into a mage, this would be the weapon to do it with. It’s much better at fulfilling that role than the Iron Blade. It gets more magic power, as well as MP bonuses, a significant (50%) MP regeneration bonus and an MP cost reduction bonus for attack spells. On hard mode, where you can’t recover MP, these MP bonuses are crucial to using magic at all. It also tends to be on par with the Iron Blade in terms of physical damage because it gets an Elemental Materia damage bonus. Not a bad weapon.

Twin Stinger – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake cloud weapons twin stinger


It’s in Shinra HQ in a purple chest next to a staircase in Chapter 17. At a certain point you fall, and it’s right next to you. Very hard to miss.

Ability – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Weapons

Counterstance – Enter a defensive posture and counter-attack with a powerful series of blows if you’re attacked by the target enemy.

This is sort of a suped up version of the natural ability you have in Punisher mode. The Punisher counter is very useful throughout the game, and this comes in handy as well. It’s a nice addition to Cloud’s toolkit. It’s great for certain trash mobs who are melee range.

You master this skill by successfully counterattacking enemies with it.


This is Cloud’s last weapon, so you’d expect it to be an ultimate weapon of sorts, but it’s really not that good. It’s a balanced option, similar to the niche filled by the Buster Sword, but it’s essentially worse than the Buster Sword in every way. Offensively, it probably works out to be about the same as the Buster Sword. It has lower attack and magic power, but it also gains elemental damage bonuses and a bonus to Elemental Materia damage. Beyond that, though, the Buster Sword gives a significant amount of HP, defense and magic defense. This only gives a 5% damage reduction bonus for elemental damage. It doesn’t measure up.

Best Weapons Rankings

If I were going to rank Cloud’s best weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake from best to worst, here’s what I’d say:

  1. Buster Sword
  2. Hardedge
  3. Mythril Saber
  4. Twin Stinger
  5. Iron Blade
  6. Nail Bat

That about does it for the locations and best weapon reviews for all of the weapons for Cloud in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more articles and game guides related to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


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