5 Games I’m Looking Forward To

Hey everyone, Ryan here. Games be coming out all the time. You’ve got God of War and, uh… others. Lame. Everyone loves Fortnite. Groan.

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is a jRPG coming out for the Nintendo Switch. It incorporates classic jRPG split POVs which I wrote a whole article about, and it reminds me of Live a Live. The art style is cool in an old school Wild ARMs kind of way. I don’t have a switch, though. God damn it. I’ll just start a Shawshank Redemption style letter writing campaign to get Nintendo to release it on PC. That’ll work, right?

Dragon Quest 11

Dragon Quest 11 is back, and features the greatest advancement of Dragon Quest gameplay ever: you can see your character in battle. Mindblowing. It’s doing some really cool things, where the graphics sort of scale to the system you buy it for which, let’s be real, is both a) cool as hell and b) something I’ll never experience first hand. In this game, you play as Trunks, as opposed to every other game, where you play as Goku.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

After Valkyria Chronicles 1, which was a breath of fresh air, and Valkyria Chronicles 2, which was pretty good, Sega released Valkyria Chronicles 3, which was a living abortion. Valkyria Chronicles 4 looks like a return to form, and I’m pretty excited about it. If you’re not familiar, Valkyria Chronicles takes the classic Japanese visual novel gameplay, most commonly used in dating sims (aka sex harem sims) and combines it with a really cool cel-shaded WW2 anime world and turn based strategy RPG gameplay.

Borderlands 3

Nothing has been officially announced, but youtubers are screeching on a daily basis about leaks that turn out to be completely meaningless. Did you know Walmart has a blank placeholder page for Borderlands 3? Shocking. Well worth a 10 minute video. Borderlands 3 is moving on from Pandora and Handsome Jack to a new world: Prometheus. There is some ominous Easter Egg message that Tanis, your friendly neighborhood autistic genius psychopath, is probably the villain. We can only hope Tiny Tina is playable.

Wasteland 3

Did you play Wasteland 2? No, of course you didn’t. No one did. It was good, though. Basically, it was like old school Fallout, a strategy RPG in a post-apocalyptic world. It got a little stupid at the end, because (spoiler alert) Rose betrays you and she was my best character so fuck that game. Anyway, they’re making a sequel. My only hope is that they take out some of the more tedious aspects of Wasteland 2 and then stay the course.

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