Kai Rockwell is the only son of a famous and wealthy business owner named Anthony Rockwell. A mixed heritage man, Hispanic and Hawaiian, Kai was adopted at a young age by Rockwell after being abandoned by poor and irresponsible parents. Unable to find true acceptance in wealthy American society as an adopted child and unable to find acceptance in the society of his heritage because of his perceived privileges, Kai chose to cultivate a sense of unconditional love and understanding, finding the good in people despite their misguided biases. At a young age, a social worker assigned to him taught him about his heritage and he discovered that he had a deep connection to the mixed emotions of love and disappointment he could feel coming from the planet to its inhabitants.

Powers: Communication with the Earth, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation

Ryan is a writer from Los Angeles, California. Follow him on Twitter here, and be sure to buy his new book, Gods of the American Wild.