Review: Anna Akana – Good Interests & Seems Nice

Anna Akana is a YouTuber and model who also dabbles in music, art and poetry. I like Anna, overall. Her videos are mostly about the importance of therapy and relatable insights that she gleaned from therapy. She seems like a very nice person. I like many of the topics that she engages in, I think she’s quite pretty, I like that she’s into art and music and all this stuff.

Where I struggle with Anna is that on paper I should like her a lot more than I do: she’s a Eurasian culture YouTuber who’s into introspection, psychology, art and music which should be right up my alley. She checks all the boxes. Basically, I like her a ton in theory but in practice I think, well, it’s still positive, but it’s just, “she’s ok/good”. Not over the moon or enthralled or enchanted or entranced. I think the disconnect comes from two things: taste and, how to put this, views on society.

On the first, I just get this feeling that when it comes to music, movies, anything, she would like everything I hated and vice versa. Not similar tastes, not even complementary tastes, complete opposite tastes. If I wanted to watch Upgrade, Nightcrawler and Eternal Sunshine, she’d want to watch Cats, Frozen 2 and Crazy Rich Asians. If I wanted to listen to Bring Me the Horizon and Grimes, she’d want to listen to Katy Perry and Usher. She is like “pop bubblegum” and I am like “edgy rebel”. It just doesn’t really mix.

On the second, she’s constantly giving very milquetoast, color-in-the-lines takes on trendy social issues. It almost feels like her views are focus-grouped, but what’s weird is I think they’re actually legitimate. So, I think she’s just susceptible to trends and just sort of oddly triangulates these views automatically. Which is very opposite me, I don’t give a shit about trends almost at all and, in fact, I think most trends are akin to brainwashing.

That said, I do like her. I guess I just think she’s super mainstream and, if you know anything about me, I’m very critical of what’s mainstream. Deplatforming, political zealotry, judgment and mockery, consumerism, blind deference to popular and wealthy people, disingenuous and self-aggrandizing concern, all very mainstream. Anna herself seems nice, but I think she’s firmly and comfortably accepted in and engaged with this mainstream apparatus that I’m outside of and view as a destructive, fake, self-absorbed entity. In the context of that, I do think she’s… how to put this in a way that makes me seem as douchey as possible… one of the good ones.

Like I said I do like her, and she seems really really nice (this isn’t a bland filler compliment, I specifically mean that she seems like a very nice person), and she is very attractive (pretty, funny and cute) and has a solid eyebrow raise, so I think hanging out with her would probably be awesome, but I’m not sure we’d ever like any of the same things. It’s very Bender/Claire from the Breakfast Club. Or Hyde/Jackie from That 70s Show (of course, Anna isn’t an airhead like Jackie).

If Anna Akana asked me out I’d probably say yes and be curious where it would go because lunchroom cliques are one of the many social conventions I want to break and burn down into a smoldering ruin, but if she didn’t I’d just assume it wouldn’t work. Something kind of melodramatic about coming from different worlds. I think she’d be a good girlfriend.

Anna Akana Yelp review… I don’t know. 3.8 stars.

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